Let him love you first Chapter 84: Mental Breakdown 2


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It's already deep that night but two souls cannot sleep even for a wink. Zoey lay on her bed sideways because whenever her bruise was in touch of anything and endearing pain will follow. Although her burn thigh is now okay her back is now a big problem.

Nickel, whose already try all the sleeping position possible cannot rest his soul from what had happened earlier that night.

He was also thinking about Zoey's bruise. Worrying about the inflicting pain she's experiencing and its size, he sat down on his bed and pulled his laptop then search of the treatment of a muscle contusion and the effects it will cause for a body, especially of it is located in the back area of the chest.

Good thing that according to his research that there is no serious damage for a back contusion except that it might cause for a swelling and extreme pain.

1. Rest

2. Apply ice.

3. Compression

4. Elevation

Muscle contusion will heal on its own but Nickel will not have a peace of mind until he does something. Among the four given treatment, only the applying of ice is the only thing he could do, so he went to his kitchen and wrap his cold compress to a towel and trued to hive it to Zoey.

But before he open his door, he saw that it was already three in the morning. "I might disturb her sleep if I tried to call her. Maybe this can wait for tomorrow."

Instead of executing his initial plan; Nickel just sent her a message informing her of what he had learned from the internet.

Message: I'm sorry for sending this, but I'm very much worried of your bruise. It says that it will heal on its own but you have to rest, apply ice or cold compress to your back, compression if it starts swelling and elevate the area.

I hope this will help. Goodnight.

Zoey received it right away but decided not to send a reply. She was worried that Nickel might think that she was very affected with that kiss. They are bout adults for crying sake. She doesn't want him to know that it was her first kiss because he might use it as one of his topics to bully her.

To: Shane, Sweet, Lisa

Message: Are you all free tomorrow?

Zoey knew that it was already late that night that the three of them where all be sleeping at this time but miraculously, Sweet, who is an early sleeper reply to her after five minutes.

Sweet: Yes I am. Why? Is there a problem??

Lisa: What the hell Sweet! How come you're still awake. It's already 3 am. Are you sick??

Sweet: Very funny. And you?? Still clubbing?

Lisa: Is that even new to you? Anyway, Zoey I'm free but please make it in the afternoon. Like three-ish?

Shane: God! I should have muted this conversation from the very start. It's 3am people. Don't you guys know how to sleep?

Lisa: What kind of notification sound do you have that this conversation can really wake you up? Hahaha!

Shane: Whatever. Zoey is there a problem?

Zoey: Yes! I have! And it's huge as what I expected.

Sweet: Oh my God! What happen? Did someone rob you? Or kidnapped you? What? Is your life a stake?

Lisa: Geez Sweet. Stop watching documentaries about serial killers and psychopaths. Do you actually believe that those things real could happen again in this lifetime??

Shane: Both of you shut up. Zoey are you fine?

Shane didn't receive an answer after a few minutes, so she decided that video calls might help get an answer.

Shane was on her matrimonial house, in their study room. Lisa, in a VIP room in a high end bar. Sweet, in her condo unit five blocks away from Zoey. And, Zoey, in her bed sitting idle.

"Zoey, wahahahaha! Until now, you still love sailor moon don't you?" the first thing Lisa notice was her sleepwear with Chibi-usa and Luna as character designs. It is no doubt that this four girl really know each other, from what they like and want from childhood and probably until now.

"Keep my outfit out of it." Zoey replied.

"What is this emergency all about?" Shane asked. Ever since she got married, she started exhibiting this mother figure to her three childish friends. Her position as the big sister turned to a mother figure now because this three still sometimes create problems that she needs to listen when everything is already out of control and gibe advises as much as she could.

"Aren't we going to talk about it tomorrow? Are you all guys free tomorrow?"

"Yes we are! But I need first some insight of the possible headache I get tomorrow." Shane already embraced her new role.

Sweet, who was listening and observing that there is a red spot on Zoey's shoulder. "Zoey what is that?" using her pointed mouth, Sweet tried to point out her shoulder.

"What that?" "That red thing on your shoulder." Zoey's sleep wear is a spaghetti strap blooming blouse and pajamas. Of course her bruise will make its appearance due to her attire.

"Oh! This? It is just a bruise I got earlier this night."

It's now Lisa time to ask. "What kind of clumsiness is that? How come you got a bruise on your back. Did you topple somewhere? I told you before that you need to take of yourself because your stupid."

"Actually it is not my fault. That is the reason I want to meet you guys tomorrow. I want to tell you this story of mine."

"Share some parts of it." Sweet encourage her to spill some beans to them.

"Michael. Michael did this to me."

The three chorally say, "WHAT?"

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