Let him love you first Chapter 83: Mental Breakdown 1


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Zoey went full shut after their lips had touched. "Why? Why is he kissing me?" She blankly asked herself. "Why am I not pushing him away?" "Wait! Did he just peeked on my shirt? What? He is a pervert? Nickel is a perv?"

Although, Zoey cannot think straight that time her mind was drowning with question of what was happening at that moment.

"God! It's my first kiss! My fucking first kiss. Am I really giving it to him? Five seconds has passed, is it the tome for me to push him?"

"Wait! Why is my heart acting weird? Am I really excited with this? OMG! Am I having a heart attack? God help me!"

"Ten seconds. He should stop now. It's been ten seconds now."

"Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourt--.. Wait! He's moving, is he going to end this?"

"-teen." Nickel slightly moved his head lower but Zoey unknowingly bitten his lower lip.

"What an actual fuck!? Why did I bite him? You moron! You're being to easy going!"

"This bastard is getting on my nerves. Who gave him the fucking permission to hurt her? Not only that he forced her to go with him, he even had the audacity to try to steal one kiss? Is he nuts?" Nickel was so agitated first when he saw Michael raising his arm and aiming Zoey's face. He promised to her dad that he will take care of her and now this thing is happening under in care? He will not allow it.

Aside from the arm raising, he even saw him forcing himself to kiss Zoey. If purge is legal in this country, he would probably slaughter this bastard and let him face his fate in Ramsey Snow style. (AN: Who among here are GOT fans? Good for you!)

"You cannot take Zoey away, we're still talking!"

"Okay I'm done." He said to himself. Nickel momentarily lowered his level with Zoey's and slowly approached her lips.

"Shit! Hey! Nicanor! Are nuts?" Nickel was shocked from he is doing right now. It wasn't his plan on kissing her directly in her lips, it was supposed to by her cheeks! "Shit brain! You lost control! It was really just a peck on her cheeks!" Nickel was trying to convince himself that this kiss is unintentional. It wasn't included in his plan.

"I'm going to kill you, brain and heart! Why are you taking control now, heart? And you still have the audacity to beat crazy like that! If, Zoey slap me anytime soon. You're dead!"

It was indeed his plan to tease and provoke Michael. It is his plan to make him see that there is no "us" between him and Zoey but it was also unexpected that her sub conscious took charge of executing is plans.

"I think Zoey will push me within five seconds." "Why isn't she pushing me? The fuck! We just ate Kare-kare with bagoong but why is her breath smells so good."

"Snap it! Nickel!" He slowly opened his eyes and looked at her while their lips are still together.

"Fucking shit! I cannot read her mind! Didn't she closed her eyes? The hell! Did I just really savored the first ten seconds of this kiss? Did she really watched me like that while my eyes are closed? For Leonardo DiCaprio's sake please open the ground and swallow me wholly."

"Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Shit my neck hurts! This isn't a right position. If I'm lucky after this and can still steal another kiss to Zoey, Maybe next time I should carry her. Being tall isn't good all the time."

"I really need to move as soon as possible." Nickel slightly moved his head when suddenly he felt that her lower lip has bitten.

From his shocked that unplanned kissed ended after fifteen seconds. That was probably the longest fifteen seconds of Nickel's life. Also, the happiest seconds in Zoey's won't smash him later on.

Even though, Nickel was surprised from Zoey's sudden bite, he still managed to act cool in front of their audience. He removed his coat and placed it to Zoey's shoulder. On the heat of March summer breeze, it was still the manliest thing he could even think to escape from reality and Michael's preying eyes.

The two lifted the elevator together silence and awkwardness. Nickel wanted to say something but his tongue was abruptly sliced out from his mouth. He even cannot think straight at that time. "What should I do?" He tried to ask himself.

Zoey, on the other hand, was the same with what Nickel is experiencing. "What did I do wrong? Nickel now had my first precious kiss. It was supposed to be for my future partner and for someone I'm not in a relation with."

The silence went further until they reached their unit floor. Zoey excused herself and went straight to her door, leaving the poor Nickel behind.

"Damn! I'm so stupid for kissing her!"

Zoey closed her door and tried to contemplate what had really happened and why did they both end up into that situation.

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