Legend Of The Sword Magician Chapter 1: The Sword in the Sky


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In the balcony of the top floor of the astrology tower of Rivendale Empire, an old man seemingly in his 80's was observing the eastern sky with astonishment written all over his face.

In his sixty years of observing stars, it was the first time he was confused about what he was watching tonight. He has been a part of the astrology tower of Rivendale for last 35 years. He has also garnered an immense reputation in the Rivendale Empire due to his achievements in Astrology.

But today, he found an interesting development in the stars. In the eastern sky of the Traeus Continent, there was a special phenomenon of the Gods taking place currently.

A bunch of stars were aligning themselves to form a Sword tonight. A phenomenon, which has never been observed, in the centuries-long history of Traeus.

He was really confused what this alignment signifies. Is it a warning by the gods about an Impending War or is it the Birth of some Great Sword Master or is it totally something else.

Suddenly he notices a red hue surrounding the Sword-like shape created due to the alignment of the stars.

He gets alarmed and moves from the balcony and enters a hall filled with Books in Bookshelves and various other instruments used for Astrology. He then goes to the table near the window of the hall and starts scribbling something in a piece of Parchment. After finishing his writing he rolls the parchment, seals it in a cylindrical case and then rings a small bell kept on the table.

Ting-Ting Ting-Ting

Suddenly the doorway to the top floor of the Astrology tower is opened. And a man in his Thirties enters the observation floor.

"Master Porax, did you call for me?" asked Barn the man who entered.

"Yes Barn, I need you to deliver this Letter to 'His Majesty' at the earliest" spoke Porax.

"Yes, Master" replied Barn.

Barn then took the letter from Master Porax and left the floor while closing the door.

Master Porax then turns towards the window. Gazing towards the sword in the Eastern Sky, the look in his eyes were concealing a lot of emotions such as 'excitement', 'fear', 'longing' and a lot of other emotions.

After some time he moves his eyes from the sky and sighs.

"Will I live to witness what kind of impact this Sword in the Sky will bring to Traeus?" Master Porax asks himself while immersing in his own thoughts.


"Please state your Name and Business in the Palace?" asks a Guard while stopping a Man in front of the Palace Gate.

"I am Barn, the first disciple of Master Porax, the Chief Astrologer of Rivendale. I come under his order to deliver an important Letter to His Majesty the Emperor." replied Barn to the Guard.

"Ok, please wait while I check with the Captain." spoke the Guard in reply.
After which the Guard tells the other guard to stay, and himself moves towards the office near the Gate. Even though this is called the Palace Gate, but it is in no way inferior to a grand Castle exuding luxury and strength of the Kingdom.

After speaking with the Captain, the Guard returns and escorts Barn towards the palace.


Inside a large and warm room of the palace well decorated with luxurious chairs and tables which is also known as the royal study, there sits a man in his 50's in the most luxurious chair while playing chess with a very handsome young man of age, not more than 16.

The man in his 50's, looks very simple at first glance, but if observed carefully there seems to be a very powerful aura radiating off him. This seemingly simple man is the current Emperor of Rivendale Empire and also the grandfather of the young man sitting in front of him.

"Grandpa, this is not fair, you know that you are too good at chess for me to play with" spoke the young man.

"Ha ha ha, every day you say the same 'Matthew'; you know what I am teaching you with chess. Don't you?" asked the Emperor.

"Yes yes, I know, in a war we should always observe the whole situation while thinking of countermeasures for the minimum of 3 next steps of the enemy, while the optimal being the next 10 steps" replied Prince Matthew the firstborn of John Rivendale the Crown Prince of Rivendale Empire and the second son of the current Emperor.

Knock Knock.

There is a sudden knock in the door.

"My Lord, I bring with me Barn the disciple of Master Porax, who brings with him a Letter from his master to Your Majesty. May he enter?" asked the guard from outside without opening the door of the study.

"He may enter" instructed the Emperor.

The guard opens the door and lets Barn enter the study. Barn enters while closing the door behind, and walks towards the Emperor's chair. He gets on his knees to greet the Emperor.

"This citizen greets Your Majesty the Emperor and Prince Matthew."
Barn then takes out the sealed cylindrical letter case out and presents to the Emperor.

"Your Majesty, my Master Porax has sent me with this letter to be delivered to you."

The Emperor takes the Letter case from Barn's hands in a slightly rushed way.

"You may leave" spoke the Emperor in a voice which is different from before.

"This citizen takes his leave then, Your Majesty" spoke Barn before going out of the study while closing the door.

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