Legend of the Planar Dragon Emperor Chapter 19: Separation


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In the underground training room countless marks from arrows and blades were left in the battlefield from the intense battle that Sora and Elanor had.

Currently Elanor is lying down in the ground with countless wounds from their match. She was currently being healed by Celeste.

During their match Sora still held back a bit, not enough to seriously injure Elanor. Although that was the case Elanor still had countless wounds but they were not fatal and could easily be healed by Celeste.

On the other hand Sora still looks fine with just a couple of scratches on his clothes from when Elanor started to fire invisible arrows with her technique, [Vanishing Shot].

After a few moments Elanor was fully healed by Celeste, but although she was healed she was still exhausted from the match between her and Sora.

"Damn, Brother Sora is really powerful." Said Elanor with an exhausted look on her face.

Elanor then thought about the match and grinned as she hasn't had a match like this in a while except when she fought Celeste. But it was also different from her fights with Celeste as this time she was being overwhelmed during the whole match and she didnt have a chance of turning back the match the whole time.

"I really want to try fighting you with the equipment I used against the demon king." Said Elanor with a smile on her face as she thought back to the match.

"Well maybe next time." Said Sora towards her. Its been a while since Sora fought a strong opponent like her and plus she was a friend of his sister so he plans to go along with it.

Although thats the case he still has to continue his date with Celeste and he would leave in the afternoon so the rematch would have to wait.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After bidding farewell to Elanor. Sora and Celeste continued their date and went to buy things that Sora would need for traveling towards academy city.

They have just finished getting the items such as food and magic barriers, that is used for camping at night.

Currently seeing as there is still time before Sora leaves they decide to go browse some shops for clothes as Sora wanted to buy a few attires as well as buy some dresses and other clothes for Celeste.

As for the things they bought earlier. Sora has put them into his [Spacial Storage]. An independent space where he stores his items. It is similar to those [Space Rings] that magic craftsmen sell.

Space Rings are commonly used by high ranking adventurers and nobles to store items for convenience. As to why they are only used by high ranking and nobles. Its because of the how expensive those [Space Rings] costs. As such only those of who have the money will buy them.

In fact there were a few merchants who have them due to how convenient they are for transporting items.

As Sora and Celeste entered the clothing store they were greeted by the employee.

"Lady Astraea! And Sir welcome to Borealis Clothing Store."

The Store clerk seeing Celeste at first was startled as she recognized Celeste due to how famous she is, but she quickly regained her composure and greeted them.

Although Celeste was wearing clothes for incognito so that she wont be recognized but if one looks carefully at her they will be able to recognize her like the store clerk.

After being greeted by the store clerk Celeste nodded in response.

"Lady Astraea is there anything I could help you with?" Asked the clerk offering her help towards Celeste in choosing clothes.

"No its fine. We are just looking around." Replied Celeste towards the clerk. The clerk hearing this nodded and went back towards her post seeing as Celeste does not need assistance with anything.

Throughout this exchange she was occasionally throwing curious glances towards Sora as she does not recognize him. Furthermore it was known that Celeste does not have any close male friends nor lovers. So she speculates if this was Celeste's lover similar to the people at the restaurant earlier.

Celeste and Sora then goes towards a fashionable section of the shop.

"Its a shame Aura is not here otherwise I could have introduced you." Said Celeste as she browse towards the clothes.

"Aura? Whose that?" Asked Sora.

"Ah shes a friend of mine. She is also one of the 7 Luminaries like me and Elanor. After slaying the Demon King, like me and Elanor she also retired and became a merchant. This store is one of her stores that she managed.

She mostly stays here as she established her company's headquarters here to be close to me and Elanor."

This store belonged to one of Celeste's friends,Aurora Borealis one of the 7 Luminaries. Currently that friend of hers is not here as she was out of town due to work related business.

"Whenever shes here she occasionally replaces me in sparring against Elanor." Added Celeste.

The two of them then tried out some clothes. With Celeste asking for Sora's opinion and the other way around.

"Big brother how does this look? " asked Celeste while blushing a bit.

"Yeah it looks nice on you it shows your figure well as well as..." Sora then compliments how well it looks on Celeste.

Hearing how Sora overly praises her, Celeste blushes.

"Mou~ Brother thats embarassing your overly praising me..." said Celeste with her face red.

"Ah sorry you just looked really beautiful."

Hearing this Celeste blushed even more.

The two of them continued their shopping and went towards many other stores besides the clothing store.

In the end the two of them had a lot of fun and bought quite alot of things.

But everything eventually came to an end, it was now time for Sora to leave as it was afternoon now.

At the gate the two of them were facing each other. Celeste was quite sad as she is finally separating from her brother after finally meeting after a few years.

"Brother do you really have to go...?"

Seeing this Sora hugged her and patted her head.

"Silly little girl, we'll meet again soon. This isn't like before, As I will be staying at Academy City I will be sure to visit you frequently so cheer up will you?" Said Sora with a gentle smile as he pats her head.

Truthfully Sora himself was also sad as he hasn't met her in a few years as well. He had also missed her quite a bit so he was happy in meeting her again.

After a few moments Celeste then let go of Sora and smiled as Sora pat her head.

"Promise me you will visit me okay?" Said Celeste trying her hardest not to cry.

"I promise, Little Celes." Replied Sora using her old nickname from back then when she was little.

It was finally time for Sora to leave.

"Well its time for me to go. See you." Said Sora as he pats her head for the nth time.

"Goodbye brother."
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