Legend of the Planar Dragon Emperor Chapter 17: Elanor


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The elf seeing Sora sitting there was bewildered. She didnt know that Celeste was here with another person.

This elf was one of Celeste's friends. She knew that Celeste tends to dine here sometimes and sometimes she would accompany her.  This restaurant also belongs to her and Celeste would often come here to eat.

Celeste uses the VIP room most of the time to avoid being disturbed as she in extremely popular with the people due to her status and achievements as a Hero.

"Hey Elanor long time no see." Said Celeste towards her friend that came in.

"Hey Celeste. Havent seen you for a bit." Replied Elanor as she sits beside Celeste as she throws some curious glances at Sora.

"This mister here, good day." Said Elanor as she greets Sora.

Towards this Sora nods in response with a slight smile.

Seeing the akward situation Celeste then introduced the two of them to each other.

"Elanor this is my brother, Sora. Big brother this is one of my close friends here , Elanor."

After being introduced by Celeste to each other. The two shook hands.

"I didn't know you have a brother, Celeste. Seeing as he is your brother he should be strong." (Elanor)

"Yes my brother is really strong. He is stronger compared to me and teacher." Said Celeste, she didn't hide that much information towards Elanor as she was one of her trusted friends.

Hearing this Elanor was in disbelief she knew how strong both Celeste and her teacher Noire is as she was also one of the 7 Luminaries of the 10th Great Calamity. She traveled with Elanor and met Noire herself and saw how she repelled the demons who attacked the academy back then.

"Your joking right...?" Asked Elanor in disbelief but looking at Celeste's face she knows that his not lying.

She then looks towards Sora and made a smile that gave Sora chills.

"Brother Sora, how about a battle." Asked Elanor excitedly, having found a strong opponent.

Elanor is normally a calm and collected person, but there are times when her personality changes. Her personality becomes that of a battle junkie when she is faced with a strong opponent.

She would often would challenge Celeste in a spar during their journey to fight the demon king of that generation. During these times she would sometimes charge into the demon legions alone as she massacres countless enemies.

"Eh...?" Towards this sudden question Sora was surprised a bit with her sudden change of personality.

At the side Celeste smiled a bit and said, "Thats a good idea, brother I haven't seen you fight in a long time. If you have time later, why not spar with Elanor?"

"But..." Sora wanted refuse as he didn't really like showing off nor fighting that much but before he could refuse Celeste cut him off.

"You see Elanor won't stop asking you till you agree. So its pointless Brother. She may even follow you later if you refuse." (Celeste)

"Haa...fine, but where are we gonna fight we can't exactly fight in a normal area. We would destroy most areas." Asked Sora, If the two of them do fight they would destroy a whole area even if its in a forest they would be able to destroy it.

As such they cant really fight in a normal place. As they are both at the levels where they could destroy a country single handedly.

"Ah don't worry, I have a place where we could fight. I'll show you later after you finish eating your food." (Elanor)

Elanor then called a waitress to order some food and ate with the two of them. The trio would chat as they were eating.

During these talks Sora grew closer to Elanor and got to know her better.

As the trip were talking, Sora then heard Ciel's voice that he hasnt heard for a while.

[Hey I'm back.]

Sora then replied using telepathy.

[Welcome back, So whats the situation?]

At the table Sora excused himself for a bit and headed to the rest rooms.

"Im gonna go to the rest room for a bit." (Sora)

The two then nodded to him.

Arriving at the rest room Sora then focused on the conversation with Ciel.

[Its as we feared... they came.]

[So they really did come...] replied Sora with a serious expression.

These past few days Sora had Ciel check something out when he felt some strange fluctuations in the world barrier that separates worlds.

He had sent Ciel, as Ciel has the ability to transverse space like Sora. Ciel sent a part of his spirit to check on the situation there.

[There are 5 High Gods and 1 God King that came this time...]

High Gods were a rank of Gods in the Divine Realm, A World that is the only one ranked higher than the 13 Grand Worlds.

They are comparable to Emperor Class in this world. As well as Emperors and Overlord Class in the 13 Grand Worlds.

A God King on the other hand were those who ascended to the Divine Throne. Their rank is recorded in the throne based on their strength. These existences were the strongest of the God race.

The only ones who could rival them were Grand Emperors like Sora and Supreme Overlords another existence that can rival Grand Emperors

(Note : these will be explained in a later chapter)

[So which God King came?] (Sora)

[An old acquaintance of yours, Tempest.] (Ciel)

[He's still alive huh... back then Storm King dealt a severe wound to him, he still managed to survive.] (Sora)

[What are you gonna do? If you were at your prime there would be no problem even if you take on all of them, but that injury from back then still has not fully healed. You wont be able to use your full power.] (Ciel)

[I have no choice do I? I can't exactly let them be, but Its not that bad. Theres still several strong people left in this world who can stand up to them like Noire and Celeste] (Sora)

Sora was not that worried as even though he is not at his best he could still defeat the Tempest God King. The High Gods can be left to other people.

As long as Sora is not against all of them at the same time it should be fine.

[Oh right, I almost forgot they are not the only ones who came. Some of your old friends also came, I recognized some of their energies. Im just not sure who.]
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