Legend of the One-Eyed Sword God Chapter 7: The Ancestor’s Sword, Immortal Slayer


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Sword Child was currently looking at a sword in front of him. He removed it from its scabbard and a sword with chipped edges, there even was rust on it.
Earlier he asked Little Tiger to fetch him a glass of water, but, instead of the expected water, a sword was delivered to him.
"Little Tiger, would you mind telling me how did it come to this?", he asked with a wry smile.
"Well, I figured it would be better to deliver this than water, besides, Grandfather Fresh Wood asked me to bring this immediately before he went outside.", she replied.
Sword Child nodded and looked at the sword once more. He really felt something was off about it, though he can't figure out yet. Determined to find out, he went outside with the sword in hand, Little Tiger following him with a grin. He noticed this grin and felt the desire of battle stirring inside her. As he stepped outside into the front yard, he sighed deeply, wishing deep in his heart that what he was expecting would not occur.
"Elder Brother Sword Child, let's fight!", Little Tiger shouted as he dashed towards him.
Sword Child gritted his teeth, he could not avoid, or, more accurately, he did not want to avoid. He knew that he grew more powerful through his senses but he still does not know how to use it. He tried to control the spiritual energy in his cells to create a Fireball, a basic magic that can be used even by Body Purification Stage cultivators according to the scroll he read before.
The Fireball magic was very easy, it only required channeling spiritual energy into one's hands and causing it to heat up, changing the spiritual energy into strands of fire that rotate continuously around each other, thus forming a Fireball. Sword Child tried this but contrary to his expectations, he could not channel any spiritual energy via his qi passageways and spirit vessels. His way of cultivation differed from the normal. Instead of holding the spiritual energy in his cultivation base like other cultivators, the spiritual energy was stored in every cell in his body.
Knowing that he cannot channel any spiritual energy into his hands. He tried to heat up the spiritual energy contained in the cells of his left hand. This caused hand to burn, not even forming a ball of fire that can be thrown forward to an enemy.
"Looks like you can't use magic properly Elder Brother.", she said as she created a sphere of ice that slammed towards Sword Child, blowing him away.
Sword Child felt his consciousness lapsing. His insides hurt, in fact, he felt that several of his ribs were broken.
"Again.", he said as he stood up slowly.
This caused Little Tiger to smile and once more create a spherical ball of ice, another basic magic like the Fireball, this was called the Ice Sphere. This time however, the Ice Sphere was 10 times larger than the first one. She pointed her hands towards Sword Child and the Ice Sphere went flying towards him.
Sword Child knew that this was a lot stronger than before. He once more tried to use his left hand to create a Fireball but realized that there was no more spiritual energy in the cells there. Feeling the pressure of the Ice Sphere that was ever nearer and about to hit him, he hastily tried creating a Fireball with his right hand that was carrying the sword. This time, something happened, something that he did not expect.
The sword grew ablaze, emitting scorching heat. Sword Child slashed with his sword at the Ice Sphere that was now directly in front of him. The ball of ice melted instantly and in the direction of the slash, scorched land could be seen ranging up to two meters.
Sword Child smiled, he was proud that he succeeded in his magic. On the other hand, Little Tiger had a serious look on his face. She was utterly shocked, what she felt from Sword Child was the aura of someone at the early Body Purification Stage, but, that last attack was enough to fatally injure someone at the Soul Purification Stage.
Sword Child did not notice this as he was totally preoccupied by his achievement. Little Tiger began to smile, she was astonished but this matter was a joyous thing, something that was she was very happy of. Grandfather Fresh Wood was growing old, and she knew that she cannot be the successor of her grandfather's sword art, thus, Sword Child's appearance was a good thing for Fresh Wood.
"Congratulations Elder Brother Sword Child!", she shouted with a smile on her face.
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