Legend of the One-Eyed Sword God Chapter 6: Way of the Sword


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Michael woke up looking around his room and once more saw his phone, one of the very few belongings he has from his previous world. Not knowing what he should do, he stood up, looking for a sword. Reminiscing yesterday's events, he felt the fury within him swell.
"I need strength, enough that no one will be able to hold sway over me.", he said as he looked at a new sword near his beddings.
He picked up the sword and looked at it seriously, analyzing its structure and sensing the spiritual energy within it. He pondered this matter continuously, not even sparing the time to move around.
"How can a sword like this hold spiritual energy despite not having spiritual vessels and a cultivation base? Is it really necessary to have spiritual vessels in cultivation? If I can't use this path that the others walk, then I must make myself my own path. My body will be my sword and the path that I take is one I will slash open with my entirety. My sword will rend the Heavens and rupture the Worlds that stand in my path.", he said as he looked at the sword seriously, enlightenment filling his mind.
Unbeknownst to Michael, outside of the hall, dark clouds were forming. This surprised the cultivators of the Sword Sect, not only did it appear out of nowhere, the aura it emitted caused their scalp to numb. As the outside was having a chaotic situation, Michael continued his deep reverie.
"This shall be my Dao, my way of the sword. Henceforth, I am not Michael, conforming to my path, I will be known as Sword Child.", he said with decisiveness.
As soon as he said those words, lightning fell down and thunders bellowed. Fresh Wood that was practicing cultivation looked at the clouds and smiled. He turned around and stared at the altar inside his room. Enshrined in the altar was a sword that seemed ancient. The sword stayed still in that altar for almost 4000 years, being passed down from one generation after another of the Sword Clan. This time however, the sword emitted a crimson light and from what Fresh Wood can sense, he could feel the desire of the sword to go meet that which was summoning its presence.
Fresh Wood laughed and flew towards the clouds, intending to block the lightning and disperse the clouds.
"The ancestor's sword found a new master! It is time for the Sword Clan to rise once more!", he shouted as he laughed mightily.
A sword appeared in his hands and he swung it towards the cloud. Sword light flashed and advanced forward, slashing the clouds apart. As the sky brightened once more, Fresh Wood's laughter grew louder and louder. The Elders of the Sword Sect became silent and looked upwards. Some had their expressions grow grim while others smiled a sinister smile.
The event wherein the ancestor's sword chose a master was a major occurrence for the clan. Legends tell that this sword was something the founding Patriarch forged, it also tells of its might that is said to be capable of splitting worlds in two.
For almost 4000 years, the sword did not heed any existence that tried to command it. Even the Sea God Sect's Patriarch, Azure Sea was not able to control the sword. The only way to command it was for the sword to choose a master or a member of the Sword Clan to defeat the sword's master.
Not knowing the ripples he made, Michael, who was now Sword Child, ended his reverie. He lifted the sword he held in his hand and pushed it down his throat. Instead of wounding his throat, the sword began to break away and melt, the spiritual energy inside it being absorbed by his cells.
"Little Tiger, would you mind fetching me a glass of water?", he asked in a gentle tone.
Little Tiger who was standing in front of his door this whole time smiled.
"Gladly. All that aside, stepping into the world of cultivation means having a Daoist name of your own, well, that is if you want to. Tell me, Elder Brother, what is your name?", she said and asked in a playful tone.
Sword Child smiled wryly, he could not associate the Little Tiger who trained him devilishly with the tone of voice he heard. If he did not know her before this, Sword Child would have believed her to be an innocent and playful maiden.
"My name is Sword Child.", he replied.
Little Tiger heard this and began to walk towards the kitchen to fetch water, but, before leaving completely, she laughed and said, "Well then, Little Tiger will fetch water for you, Elder Brother Sword Child."
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