Legend of the Cultivation God Chapter 162: Strange Part 1


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The woods were still deserted as before, but Zhang Xiaohua was no longer the former Zhang Xiaohua. When he entered the woods, he felt quite confident. He stabilized his body for a while and took a deep breath, then started to fully practice the skill of qinggong between the spaces in the woods according to He Tianshu’s advice.

The qinggong in martial arts circle was also divided into many kinds, among which the simple one was a technique of lightening body. It could allow one’s body to move agilely and at super speed. The esoteric one then involved special breathing method and inner energy circulation method. While Piaomiao steps was based on the esoteric type and further dug one’s personal potential.

Until now, Zhang Xiaohua had already been familiar with the skills of Piaomiao steps and could practice them perfectly. But unfortunately, he had not studied qinggong before, so not to mention a matched esoteric martial arts technique, he even had not experienced the simple technique of lightening body. What he was practicing now were some skills to lighten his body and precautions that He Tianshu simply told him last time. He Tianshu’s qinggong was the secret of the Piaomiao sect, naturally, he couldn’t teach it to Zhang Xiaohua. Besides, he didn’t teach Zhang Xiaohua other techniques of lightening body as he didn’t know whether ZXH knew them or not.

However, with this little bit of comprehension of qinggong, now Zhang Xiaohua was free to shuttle in the woods like a butterfly flying in the flowers. His body was dimly discernible, even looked like a celestial being, but his rough clothes pulled the audience into reality.

After a while of practicing, Zhang Xiaohua felt a little upset. He could only shift between the spaces of the woods quickly but couldn’t lift himself up from the ground, then his practice was essentially different from qinggong. How could he keep interested in it?

Then Zhang Xiaohua practiced the second layer footwork the Piaomiao sect a little and then stopped. This footwork was abstruse, but after all, He Tianshu had just comprehended a little of it, Zhang Xiaohua didn’t continue with his practice after warming up. He was reluctant to stop practicing. After thinking for a while, he walked out of the woods and went to the courtyard.

He wondered how much squad leader He had comprehended beyond what he already knew while walking towards the yard.

He Tianshu left the door of his room ajar. Looking through the crack of the door, Zhang Xiaohua found his asleep at the desk with the paper in his hand as usual. The room was filled with the smell of oil lamp, which showed that squad leader He must have stayed up late and strived to understand Piaomiao steps last night.

Zhang Xiaohua rolled his eyes before he crept to the desk and drew out the papers carefully from He Tianshu’s hand.

However, while Zhang Xiaohua was trying to pull out the paper, He Tianshu roared, “Who’s that?”

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Then He Tianshu tried to punch Zhang Xiaohua on his face with his left fist without opening his eyes. Zhang Xiaohua had crept in the room to avoid waking him up, but he was startled by his roar. It was too late for him to explain and a fist with a strong wind was coming towards him. Without hesitation, Zhang Xiaohua hastened to relax his grip on the paper and back away. However, the fist was approaching his face, Zhang Xiaohua could do nothing but stepped aside and moved nimbly to dodge He Tianshu’s fist. At that time, he shouted, “Squad leader He, it’s me.”

Failed to punch Zhang Xiaohua on his face, He Tianshu crooked his arm and was ready to attack with his elbow. Hearing that familiar voice, he stopped in a hurry and opened his eyes, asking hazily, “Zhang Xiaohua? Why are you here?”

Standing far away from He Tianshu, Zhang Xiaohua replied in embarrassment, “Of course, it’s me, squad leader He.”

He Tianshu rubbed his eyes and yawned, saying, “When did you come here? I didn’t hear any footsteps.”

Zhang Xiaohua walked up and said with a smile, “It was because you slept soundly just then.”

He Tianshu frowned, saying, “How is it possible? Do you think all inner martial arts practitioner sleep like a log as you do? As long as someone approaches me within three feet, I can feel it even when I’m sleeping.”

He Tianshu smacked his lips, saying with embarrassment, “But I read all night until this morning. I may be too tired.”

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Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, and asked in amazement, “Zhang Xiaohua, you just avoided my fist! Did you use Piaomiao steps?”

Zhang Xiaohua just realized that. He said with joy, “Yes, squad leader He, I think so. When you hit me, I was shocked and then avoided your fist without thinking too much. Now it appears that I used Piaomiao steps!”

He Tianshu smiled, his eyes curving into crescent moon-like shape. He said with great interest, “Piaomiao steps deserves its name. Just with your level, you can avoid my fist. No one will believe that! Hahaha, I must try my best to understand Piaomiao steps totally.”

Zhang Xiaohua was very happy to hear it. He asked excitedly, “Squad leader He, how much more have you understood? Please teach me.”

Hearing that, He Tianshu stopped smiling. He said angrily, “Zhang Xiaohua, do you think it is the Rohan fist? Piaomiao steps is one of the three greatest martial arts techniques of the Piaomiao sect. I have understood much enough in the past few days. It is impossible to understand it totally in such a short time and then teach you. You only want to take advantage of others. Why don’t you learn it all yourself? Piaomiao steps is so difficult to learn that I haven’t understood much, though I’ve been reading the book since yesterday.”

Then he was going to hand over the pages in his hand to Zhang Xiaohua. However, he handed it back halfway and said to himself, “I have only just read half of these. I will not give them to you.”

Then he pointed to a page on the sleeping platform and said, “You can read that page.”

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