Legend of Swordsman Chapter 941: Master of the Ancient Sect!


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A gigantic foot, dark gold in color, fell on Xia Mang and crushed him to death.

"Young Master Mang!"


Xia Tao, who was fighting furiously against the Lord of Cercis Island, with numerous elites from the Xia Clan, witnessed the whole tragedy. Fury took them immediately.

In the happened next, however, left the entire crowd stunned.

A massive and startlingly wide black hole emerged in the sky near the edges of the battlefield like a huge portal wide open.

It was from this black hole that the gigantic golden foot had emerged; yet that was merely the precursor of what was to come. From the darkness of the vortex, the gigantic foot lowered and revealed the complete figure of an towering giant, blushing dark golden, at a height of over a thousand feet that lorded over the entire expanse of the battlefield.

With a girth extremely wide and huge, the behemoth's mere presence sent fear and awe into everyone witnessing its advent. His eyes shone with a dark golden glimmer, where none could miss the unmistakable air of conceit and contempt.

His gigantic form stood firmly, proud and erect like a pillar that held up the strata of the skies, which even the continuum of Time and Space were faintly warped by his sheer presence alone.

Despite his majestic indifference, the most unmistakable, were the several dark golden four-pointed star patterns etched on his forehead, between his eyebrows.

The Gu King, upon recognizing the presence of the hulking figure, felt a quiver to his heart and howled sternly: "It's an Ancient God, an Ancient God of Imperial Lineage!"

That was true!

The giant's dark golden physique and the four-pointed star patterns between his eyebrows were clear signs of an Ancient God of Imperial Lineage.

Most Copper-armored, Silver-armored and even Gold-armored Ancient Gods of the Ancient God Clan have their iconic four-pointed star patterns, which symbolized their strength and powers, etched upon their chests. Only a pure-blooded Ancient God of Imperial Lineage would have these symbolic patterns etched between their eyebrows.

Moreover, this colossal Ancient God has a whole of seven four pointed star patterns between his eyebrows.

A total of seven four-pointed stars which would mean that he was a Seven-Star Ancient God of Imperial Lineage!

He was just one class below below King Luo Zhen, the former master of the Gu King, who has eight stars!

"I am Gu Tong, the Master of the Ancient Sect!"

A deep, thick voice came out of the mouth of the Ancient God, reverberating loudly, sending a tremor through the entire Imperial Palace.

Everyone at the front lines, including the numerous Dao Masters at the battelfield, were stunned at the appearance of Gu Tong.

Yet their amazement was hardly surprising for Gu Tong's huge body was unimaginably massive!

With a height of over a thousand feet, Gu Tong dominated even the large hilly mountains and his mere presence humbled all that witnessed him appear.

"The Ancient God Clan? And yet a Seven-star Ancient God of Imperial Lineage?"

The old soothsayer frowned quietly with dreading apprehension. His position as the National Master of the Tang Kingdom of the Eastern Lands would hardly amount to anything before an entity of such indomitable strength and greatness.

The tale of the renowned Ancient God Clan was hardly unheard of to him. An ordinary Three-star Ancient God alone would have the strength equivalent to that of a normal Dao Master. Four-star Ancient Gods would be equal to extremely powerful, if not one of the best, Dao Masters. Those beyond the class of Four-Stars would wield even greater and unfathomable powers.

Gu Tong, however, was an Ancient God of Seven Stars; one who also bore the bloodline of Imperial Lineage.

"My lord."

A gentle call had sounded abruptly. It was, naturally, Xue Lingtian who had spoken.

"You are a disciple of Xuan Yi. My avatar had met you before, years ago." Gu Tong recognized him as he spoke slowly, "Xuan Yi has bade me to come to his disciples' aid."

"Who shall I strike down?" Gu Tong's dark golden eyes surveyed his surroundings.

"It is him, Master." Xue Lingtian's finger pointed straight at the soothsayer.

This made the old soothsayer felt a shudder as his face darkened immediately.

"You?" Malice flickered instantly in his eyes as Gu Tong's gaze transfixed upon the soothsayer.


With a huge battle cry, Gu Tong struck forth mercilessly.

Surrounded by the many Dao Masters and other warriors outside the Imperial Palace, Gu Tong threw a strong blow at his quarry.

What seemed to be an any ordinary punch tore apart the fabric of Space, creating a huge black hole that was hemmed with crackling thunderclaps snapping angrily. The rolling mass of energy thundered furiously, reaching before the soothsayer in the blink of an eye.

"Rumble!" The force of the blow ripped at the winds, the billowing currents howling savagely.

No one watching this spectacle was without fear and panic.

Their sights could hardly be removed from the impending blow heading straight for its target. To rest of the warriors at the front lines, this is was hardly a mere blow from a punch; but a destructive supernova threatening to explode heading swooping down on its prey.

The huge mass of energies sped straight with blinding speed. It was amazing that with Gu Tong's huge girth, he could move with such quickness and agility.

Watching as the huge 'supernova' threatening to smash facefirst into him, the soothsayer could hardly suppress his fearfulness no more. He raised his old and gnarly palm, channeling energies at accumulated upon his opened palms in the form of black, eerie swirling tendrils of fumes. His palm grew larger and larger in an instance.

Never had he employed his full strength even when he was fighting against Emperor Xiao, Emperor Yun or Leng Rushuang.

But now, with his own life at stake against one so powerful as a Seven-star Ancient God, the old soothsayer would hardly dare keep anymore reservations.

"The Magic Cloud Palm!"

With a low growl, the soothsayer thrusted his palm forth, sending tendrils of jet-black fumes churning around him with a stench of foul-smelling odor.

With steeled resolve, he unleashed the greatest destructive force he could muster.


The two bodies of energies smashed directly into each other, emitting a fierce, blood-curdling roar, followed by terrifying waves of surging air.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Buffeted by the angry, rolling winds, the resultant force of the meeting blows ruptured whatever strength left of the fabric of Space, sending huge sickening groans of something being ripped to shreds and pieces.

The shockwaves rippled from the center of their clash swept across the entire breadth of the huge battlefield, the front lines of the skirmish taking place at the imperial city. The Dao Masters watching from the outskirts shuddered when the waves of tremor hit them, their blood swirled and simmered uncontrollably. Some collapsed, screaming in agony and pain; whereas some felt the taste of blood in their mouth from the internal damage incurred by the blast.

The unforgiving blasts of air tore into what remained of the the imperial city, pummeling the still-standing structures, trees and flora into rubbles and ruins that nothing was left thereafter.

With one single blow, the remains of the imperial city – the shadows of its former glory – had been reduced into nothing but a mere memory.

Craters and filth littered across the entire expanse of the imperial city, with no traces of flora and vegetation nor any remnants of buildings and structures visible.

Just where the two destructive mights clash...

The old soothsayer suddenly spat a mouthful of blood, warm and fresh. His face turned pale and frail from the ordeal. He had suffered a huge blow that had threw him off his feet.

Standing earlier at the center of the battlefield of the imperial city, he had been thrown so far that he smashed into a mountain outside of the imperial city, reducing the mountain into no more than a pile of debris and boulders.

Silence rose over the entire surroundings like an apparition.

At its very center, stood the dark golden form of Gu Tong who then cast his gaze afar into the outskirts of the imperial city, his dark golden eyes looking intently at the fallen piles of rubbles.

From the pile of rubbles a figure leaped into the air... "Whoosh!"

The soothsayer had risen and has returned!