Legend of Swordsman Chapter 460: Palace


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The lords from both camps traced the aura to its source, which was not a far distance away. It turned out to be a lofty and massive palace.

"A palace?"

"There's actually such a huge palace within this cave mansion?"

"The aura originated from this palace?"

The lords arrived in front of the palace and raised their heads to examine the palace's exterior.

The palace was completely covered in black and was incomparably massive. Within it was contained the unique and widespread aura.

"While this cave mansion is divided into an inner and outer layer, its real core is this palace, perhaps." Jian Wushuang mused.

He was not the only person who thought so. The lords from both camps could tell that this palace was special and that there was a high chance it was the real core of the cave mansion.

More importantly, if a Dao Weapon could even be found in the inner layer, what could there be in the palace, as the absolute core of the cave mansion?