Legend of Swordsman Chapter 452: The Gold-armored Puppet


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A booming sound reached Jian Wushuang from behind. He gave up chasing Blackhill Lord and turned around to face the Gold-armored Puppet. He thrust at the puppet with his Triple-kill Sword.


Another booming sound and Jian Wushuang was thrown back and smashed against the wall.

"How terrifying his power is!" Terror escaped Jian Wushuang eyes.

He had used all his power and even his Double Sword Souls, but still, he was defeated.

After knocking Jian Wushuang away, the Puppet Fighter dived at him again and struck him with his fist, which had the strength of billions of pounds behind it.

Jian Wushuang dodged to the side quickly and the fist finally fell on the wall, leaving a large hole in it.

Shocked, Jian Wushuang stared at the hole.

From what he had seen, he could tell that the puppet was indeed powerful because an ordinary lord was able to do no more than crack the wall, which had been specially reinforced and