Legend of Swordsman Chapter 250: The Fierce Battle Begins!


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His cold words reverberated thoughout the sky over the Heartless Island, catching the experts on the Heartless Island by surprise.

Today was the day Blood Feather Tower would be destroyed!

"With such a small group? How dare you say that! It's ridiculous." Qi Luosheng sneered, followed by several whoosh sounds. A large number of figures suddenly glided close and then landed near the center of the island.

These figures all wore a black robe and a purple mask. It was a group headed by the Left and Right Messengers from Blood Feather Tower. At a glance, the number was roughly 100.

"So many people?"

"They are all purple-masked assassins. They are all experts in the Yin-Yang Void Realm!"

"Is this the true strength of Blood Feather Tower?"

Seeing such a battle formation, the experts from the various sects were all shocked.

Anyone in the Yin-Yang Void Realm could definitely be considered a top expert in the Tianzong Dynasty. Some top sects of