Legacy of Forgotten Times Chapter 67: Principal of Autumnfall


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Linri was lost for words and Jaime was looking at her unaware of the person at the other end of the phone.

"Hello?" Richard's voice sounded from the other end of the phone again. Linri calmed himself down and answered him. Now that he thought about it meeting Richard ahead of time might not be such a bad thing after all.

"Ugh, hello there. Am I talking to the Principal of Autumnfall High school?" Upon hearing that it was Richard Jaime's eyes popped out. She finally understood Linri's reaction and thought it really was a good idea to let him talk because of their past... or rather their future?

"Principal huh? I really hate being called that so just call me Richard. Anyway, why did you call me again? I have some pretty ladies awaiting my presence so keep it short." Richard talked with a tired and irritated tone. His tone sounded brighter when mentioning the ladies. He really was the pervert Linri remembered.

"Okay then 'Principal' Richard, I will keep this short. There were 2 students that wanted to apply your high school but they do not have any legal guardians. Is there any way you can handle it? Before you refuse to say that it's troublesome I should mention that they are pretty ladies." Linri knew that he was a pervert so he immediately mentioned that they were girls.

"Really? I will get right on it but I need their pictures in order to run through the legal procedures from here." Richard immediately sounded more enthusiastic upon the mention of girls just like he expected. He was not even irritated from being called Principal. He really had a one track mind. When talking to him it was really hard to imagine he was an old man who was more than 300 years old. Him only looking in his twenties did not really help his case either.

"Come on! We both know that you just want to frame their pictures and keep them in your private collection. If you really needed them for the legal procedures you would have asked for their names first."

"How? ... Don't tell me you are also a 'gentlemen'" Richard sounded surprised that his plan was foiled.

"Well, it's not like a private photo cannot be arranged" Since Linri needed to contact someone from Autumnfall he thought it should be alright to get it from him. This surprising coincidence saved him from several steps.

"Really?! I knew it you are also a man of 'culture' from now on you are my comrade in arms. NO! You are my little brother. Tell me what do you want I will get it done immediately!" He really was a man driven by his desires. He did not know if Linri could be trusted or if the girls were pretty but he was ready to do anything to get a slightly indecent picture.

"First of all I need you to hand the transfer process of 3 people into your high school, one of them is me while the other two are pretty girls so this should be easy."

"Little brother also wanted to get in my school? You did not even have to ask, I will get it done today. We 'gentlemen' should stick together! What's the second condition?" For some reason, Richard sounded extremely excited. Linri could not help but doubt if he really was this gullible but then he remembered Richard was TBB's creation so it must be so.

Speaking of TBB he should also be in this world, wonder if he is fine?

"I need the contact information of Vice Principal Annabell Snow." This was the person he needed to contact with. It really was hard to find her direct contact info from the internet as she was the leading scientist in the world so the best he could find was the info of her secretary.

"Huh? Little brother don't tell me you are chasing her? Let me tell you there is no way that you could conquer that evil-hearted person. It's best to just give up." Richard tried to act his best as a big brother and gave a piece of advice to Linri.

It really was annoying how he kept calling her little brother but he needed to stay quiet for now. He guessed that this was karma in some way. Back when he was on Earth he had made a bet with TBB which he won and made him call Linri big brother from then on. TBB was younger than him and they really were as close as real brothers so even though he was salty he had eventually complied.

"That doesn't matter, just give me her contact."

"I guess I can do that but don't say that I did not warn you. Also, don't tell her that it was me that give you her number. I still want to live you know. I have to hang up now email me the documents I will text you." Richard was about to end the call when he noticed he never asked the name of this new little brother of his.

"Before I hang up little brother what was your name again?"

"Oh? I thought I had already introduced myself but I might have forgotten. My name is Linri Harclaw nice to meet you, Principal." Before Richard could say anything Linri hanged up the phone.

On the other side of the world, Richard was looking at his phone dumbfounded. He was Lyra's son? Upon this realization he felt like he had made a big mistake, he should have asked his name beforehand. If Lyra learnt how he and Linri made a deal for pictures she would kill him. Then again it was no use to cry over spilt milk so he should take the pictures from him first and think about the consequences later. So he texted Linri the necessary documents for the transfer along with his e-mail.
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