Legacy of Forgotten Times Chapter 46: Inside the Temple


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While having small talk Linri and Jaime slowly made their way inside the temple. Before going inside Linri had recreated the mental link he had with the deities but he refrained from saying anything. Because this time he did not want to talk with them, he wanted to them to 'watch'.

He was betting on the possibility that they would help him inside the temple if he lost his way or get trapped. Even if they would not help him in saving his parents they would at least help him stay alive. After all, they still needed him to fight Udcek's avatar so until then they would keep him alive and help when necessary. That was what he hoped anyway.

The empty corridor he was walking was dark. There wasn't any source of natural light and the torches on the walls were not lit for centuries. Almost all of the bowls were dry, there wasn't even a speck of oil left in them.

Linri was following the footsteps on the dusty ground. For now, everything seemed normal as there were only footsteps but not any sign of fights or struggles. Walking to the end of the corridor Linri and Jaime arrived at steps going down inside the temple.

Even though Linri pointed his headlight into the stairs he could not see the end of it. They slowly and carefully went down. The deities were silent and Linri still did not encounter any sort of traps yet which was extremely odd. This should be a temple, in other words, a religious place where they worshipped the Gods. So shouldn't there be any kind of traps protecting this sacred place against intruders?

"Don't you find it weird?" Jaime was startled by Linri suddenly speaking.

"N-no... Weird what?"

"Weird that there are not any traps?"

"Isn't that normal? I mean this is a temple, right? Something like a church, so it is a public place. There should be a lot of normal people coming here to worship. If there were traps a lot of people could have died accidentally. At least there shouldn't any traps till we find somewhere important, like where they keep their gold or something. Right?" Linri halted his steps and looked at Jaime carefully.

"I guess you are right. Though I am surprised you could think that far, shouldn't you be more tense and nervous?"

"Are you implicating that I am dumb?"

"Never said you weren't but that's beside the point. Normally you are jumpy not this calm, a jumpy person would not think as you do. They would think that there would be traps in any corners like I do." Linri kept looking at Jaime's almond green eyes under the light of torch's flames. He had an idea about what might be going on but he decided it would be best if he kept it for himself.

"You are over thinking it. Isn't it more like you are a scaredy-cat?"

"I hope so" Linri turned back and kept on descending the stairs. Eventually, they made it to the end and arrived at an opening.

The place was empty save for the 4 pillars in the middle of the room. Linri looked at the steps and saw that they were heading in 2 different directions. One was to his left and the other was to his right. At the end of each one, he could see some stairs. The one to his left was going upwards while the other one was going downwards.

"Coin Flip?" Jaime asked while looking at them. There wasn't any kind of signs so it was up to their luck.

"No need we are going right," Linri answered and started to walk towards the right one.

"Why though?"

"Simple, we came from above and if the stairs are heading upwards either its another entrance or somewhere unimportant. The deeper it is the more valuable the stuff there is. Same as banks they always lock their money in the basement vault. Why should here be any different?"

"And how is it that you know that? Don't tell me you were a robber before?" Jaime faked being scared while making fun of Linri.

"Laura Crowe Tomb Raider." She was dumbfounded by the answer. The guy before him was literally making a choice based on a superficial knowledge from a game. But on the second thought, she noticed it was not really that important, this was at least better than going with a coin flip.

They kept on descending the stairs on alert, luckily they did not encounter any traps. At the end of the stairs, they were greeted by a large open place. There were numerous rooms left and right. Linri had no intention to check them as he noticed a light source up ahead.

They were underground who knows how many meters but there was still light coming from somewhere. Linri and Jaime looked at each other and they both nodded their heads. They made their way to the Light. As they kept getting closer they could see some shapes. The shapes get more clear the closer they got.

The light was coming from a large room. Inside they could see 9 tall giant statues. The light was coming from the space on the roof. The whole temple was built around these statues and most likely this was the place where the people paid their respect to the gods and prayed.
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