Legacy of Forgotten Times Chapter 14: The Crazy Plan 2 in 1


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When they left the office it was already 8 pm so Linri messaged his mom that he would be at home in and hour. 2 hours at most.

When they were on the subway there were some curious looks towards them but nobody came and questioned anything. This was London. Everybody just minded their own business.

Linri and Jaime left the subway at their stop and made their way to a McNugget. The place was a combination of McDonald's and KFC. Jaime purchased an extra large McChicken and a small soda. Linri just got the normal size since he was not really hungry. As soon as they sat down Jaime started to wolf down on her food. Linri guess was right she hadnt eaten anything whole day.

"Wow Spark I didn't expect you would be so unladylike." Linri joked while having a bite of his burger.

"Who cares about being ladylike. I am hungry." said Jaime and continued to wolf down her food.

After he was done with his food Linri was thinking about how to explain this situation to his parents. He knew they would help Jaime but he still needed to come up with a plausible story. While thinking about the possible scenarios Linri saw 3 punk like guys looking their way. They were looking at Jaime. They were most likely captivated with her charms. Seeing them Linri immediately thought of something and his eyes twinkled.

"Spark whatever happens do not get involved." Jaime looked at him with questioning eyes since she was not aware of Linri's thoughts.

Linri got up from his table and started to walk towards the punk looking guys. He walked up to their table and slammed his hands against the table.

"Were you bloody looking at my girl you scums!"

They were startled but they were not going to take this lying down especially in their own turf. One of them immediately got up.

"Yeah we were looking. With a nice piece of ass like that it would be a crime to not look. What are you gonna do you little rat!" The guy was twice as buff as Linri and he was a good 20 cm taller than him. Everyone thought Linri was insane to walk up to them and look for trouble.

"If you were a man you wouldn't just look like you were gonna eat her up. Come to the back alley if you have the guts!" Linri shouted at them and immediately walked out of the restaurant.

Three of them walked behind him in case this little rat tried to escape. They were just thinking that in front of his girl friend Linri was just trying to act tough. So he would most likely ran away at the first chance. They were not gonna let him escape. Since Linri looked for trouble himself they were going to teach him what it means to barking at the wrong door.

Jaime on the other hand was shocked by what Linri was doing. Was he going to use those guys to practice his power? Anyway whatever the reason was it was still dangerous so she got up from the table and left behind them.

In the back alley next to a dumpster Linri stopped and turned around.

"Okay this place will do just fine. Once I disposed of thrash like you I can just throw you into this dumpster." Linri said sarcastically while pointing at the dumpster.

The three punks were enraged. Without saying anything the one that got up hereby referred to as Punk 1 threw a punch against Linri.

Linri effortlessly dodged it thanks to his 1.5x above average agility. In the Autumnfall RP club characters had attribute points just like a normal RPG. There were a total of 15 levels but nobody managed to reach that high before the club was deleted. The highest attributed character was only 5 back then.

The reason for that was nobody wanted to play as a body practitioner as everyone wanted to create their own unique power. It was much later on that people finally noticed attributes were actually kinda op if they were used right. Just like in this case.

According to lore of the story a normal human can only possess 1x average attribute in any of their stats. It can be lesser than that but not higher. So since Linri possessed 1.5x above average speed and 1.5x above average agility even if he did not know anything about fighting. Unless Linri himself allows it they wouldn't be able to hit him no matter how hard they try.

Even if Linri was not able to tap into his ability just yet Linri was still the son of a Werewolf so it was just a matter of fact that he had 2 attributes higher than normal humans. Now that he thought about he wondered what Spark put on Jaime's background so that she also had higher attributes than normal humans.

"Oh come you little babies. You are literally twice my size. Don't tell me 3 grown men cant beat up a little rat" Linri was mocking them when he was dodging the Punk 1's punches and kicks.

"Bloody Christ! All on him boys" Punk 1 shouted at Punk 2 and Punk 3.

Now is the time Linri thought. While dodging he purposely made a slip up and one of the punches connected with his face. Linri stepped back a little. 'Damn that really hurts' that was the exact thought in his mind. Still now that it already came up to this point he was not just gonna quit halfway.

"Hahaha did you see that! He must be getting tried. Keep hitting him boys!!" shouted Punk 3.

This time Linri didnt even try to dodge as he took all their punches and kicks head on. It was really painful but he had to endure this for his 'perfect' plan.

After being brutally beaten Linri finally gave in fall down. The punks kicked him a little and left. At the end of the day they were trying to teach him a lesson not kill him. They also had a new found respect for this little guy. They all knew that they wouldn't be able to hang under the assault of 3 guys as much as he did.

"This should be a lesson to you kid. Don't bark to the wrong tree when you are trying to show off in front of your girlfriend" said Punk 1 and they left just like that.

Linri got up and spat a mouthful of blood to the ground. His plan worked 'perfectly'.

"Kasaix are you out of your fucking mind? Why did you provoke them. I didn't even notice them so this was excessive. And to top it off you didn't even use your ability. Are you trying to die!" Jaime was scolding Linri while helping him sit down. She was wiping the blood off of his face with some napkins she had taken out of her backpack.

Jaime had watched the whole ordeal from the start to finish. At first she really thought Linri was going to beat them up seeing him dodging left and right but suddenly he started to stop fighting back. He didn't even use his ability. He could have just encased them in ice if he wanted. So if he was not going to use it what was even the point of having abilities.

Seeing her question Linri couldn't help but snicker.

"Ability? Spark don't tell me you didn't even read my background" said Linri sarcastically.

"Of course I did! You were just a normal person till you were 15 and you met with some gods- Ah!" a sudden realization suddenly hit Jaime.

"You - You haven't met them yet!" Jaime couldn't help but raising her voice again. She became even more confused. She also remembered now that he didn't use his fire when she attacked him with her sword. Back then she didn't thought about it much and just thought that Linri didn't want to hurt her with his fire.

"Ding Ding Ding we have a winner *cough* currently I am just your normal everyday teenager." Linri couldn't help but answer sarcastically again. He was in pain right now so he wasn't really thinking about what he was saying or if it might hurt the person before him. Thankfully currently Jaime was occupied with tending to his wounds.

"Wait why did you even provoke them in the first place then?" Jaime asked the question that was eating her mind right now. This half dead guy sitting in front of him was definitely crazy. That was the only thought she had.

"For you of course!" Linri gave a smirk to Jaime

"Didn't you hear! I wasn't even bothered with them and I especially hate people who try to show off" said Jaime angrily. What was he even thinking. Did he really think that if he were to stand up to some perverts he was magically going to win her heart? Just what the hell!

"Wow wow wow. Slow down cowboy it was not because of that. Just help me up and I will tell you about my 'perfect' plan on the way." said Linri and stretched his arm towards her.

Jaime helped him got up and let him lean against her while they were walking to Linri's house. If he could not give a reasonable explanation she was going to beat him herself. Just who did this guy think he is!

"You see I told you that you can stay in my house right. For that we needed a reasonable explanation. We could have made something up but my parents are too smart for that. So we needed a 'perfect' cover up plan for that. Because if they search your background they would see that there was no way we could have met naturally and me asking you to stay at my house. When I saw the punks looking at you immediately the 'perfect' plan formed inside my head. You are the damsel in distress hit on by some thugs and I am the knight in shining armor who came to save you. Considering I have never fought before they would obviously beat me up. So after they left I would ask you about your situation and afterwards would invite you to stay with us for some time. Since I was also beaten by the thugs this would also give me a reason to ask my father for self defence lessons. You being the headstrong girl you are, also want to learn since you dont want to implicate people. Also the reason for you not being able to go back your place is some Mafia guy took interest in you and want to take you as his concubine. That's why you left your place with only your necessities and your family heirloom sword. See isn't that the perfect plan?" said Linri while giving Jaime a smug look.

Jaime stopped walking in the middle of the explanation. This guy had just let himself beaten up just to provide a home for her. If she said she wasn't moved a little that would be a lie a very huge lie. Suddenly the beat up guy in front of her didn't look so bad any more. It could even be said that he looked handsome a little. She was also amazed by his thought process. Not a normal guy would be able to think that far ahead in that instant. There were literally no loopholes in his plan. If the fight had become dangerous he could have also dodged again with his attributes. Still there was something wrong with his head that she couldn't just figure out. At that point she pressed her hand against his forehead.

"Weird. Temperature looks normal. You also dont seem to be suffering from a head concussion. Now tell me in which world you are living that's a 'perfect' plan? That's a through and through 'crazy' plan. Hmpf! I am not going to waste my time talking to you. Now lead the way." said Jaime.

"As you command my lady. Ouch. Watch it, watch it I am still wounded remember"

On the way back to Linri's home there was a question constantly ringing through Jaime's mind. 'Just who are you Kasaix?'

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