Legacy of Forgotten Times Chapter 104: What kind of a research facility is this?


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Linri stood before the now headless body. His left hand was holding a sword made of ice and blood was dripping from its tip. The Silver Serpent bracelet on his right hand, under his black clothes, was giving off red lights again but Linri did not notice it this time. Linri manipulated the Ice sword and made it coil around his left thigh. He might need it again and at that time he would not have to waste his prana.

Linri grabbed the guns and the magazine from the now-dead guards. They did not have much it will have to do. Now everyone should have ARs. When Linri was walking past his now blood red Ice wall he manipulated parts of it to close down his bullet wounds. And made an ice gauntlet from it for his wounded left arm. He hadn't even taken 10% of the wall but this was the limit of what he could do. Anymore and his movement would be restricted and if he tried to bring it together with him he would have to constantly use Ice Manipulation on it to make it move. That would need too much mental energy and he did not think that he could afford it.

"So you guys done yet?" Linri asked Hayato who was standing there with his arms closed.

"Yes and I can see that you are done as well." Hayato sounded annoyed for some reason but for now, Linri did not have enough to delve into his psychology. He handed the ARs and magazines to Leslie and Hayato.

Right now Leslie had an unreadable expression on her face. When she got the AR she could not help but ask a question.

"Do you need any first aid? How are your wounds?"

"I should not bleed out any time soon. I sealed off the wounds with ice." Linri answered her blandly and supported Gendor.

"But that is no solution, you should still be in so much pain?" What Leslie said sounded more like a question than a statement. I guess she was not really sure whether Linri was in pain or not from the way he moved his body.

"Yes, so?"

"So? How can you even walk with those bullet wounds let alone help me carry him?" The group was done with looting the corpses and they started to move swiftly towards the residential area.

"My does not have any kind of self-preservation instincts. So to me, pain is just a feeling like happiness or sadness. The only annoying thing is because of the wounds my movement is a little hindered." Leslie looked towards him like looking at a freak.

"Are you an elemental?" Linri was confused by her question.

"What do you mean by elemental?"

"Someone who can manipulate natural elements of the world. Like what you did back there. I only saw you cast magic twice." Leslie asked him this question but she knew that it was most likely not true. After all, elementals were quite rare in this world. Most people can cast elemental magic but meeting with an elemental was as rare as winning the lottery.

"Yeah? So what?" Linri answered her like it was nothing leaving Leslie dumbfounded.

"You are not messing with me are you?" Leslie asked to make sure again.

"Why would I do that?" Linri answered with calmness again. They took a left turn and the residential area is supposed to be up ahead of them. Linri checked the time it had been 14 minutes since the alarms sounded. They only had 16 minutes before reinforcements arrive.

"Then if you are an elemental why are you covering behind us instead of leading the fight?" Leslie had an accusatory tone in her voice.

"If I was going to storm this place alone why would I hire you?" Linri did not feel any guilt towards her accusations. From the start, he could not use powers if he wanted to live longer. Secondly, he was not useless completely. He also helped with planning and coming with strategies and when the situation called for it he fought against the enemies. There was also another more cruel truth inside his heart. And that was that they were expendable game characters in his eyes. Their lives would never be more worthy than his or Gendor's.

They finally arrived at the residential area. Currently, there was not a single soul in their sight. There were rooms to both their left and right and up ahead there seemed to be something like a recreational room.

"Check all the rooms." Linri gave his order and they started to kick down the doors one by one. They were all empty. There were about 20 rooms but not a single person inside them. This made Linri's conjecture more believable.

Linri felt like he heard a boom. With all of these alarm sounds it was hard to make out anything so he tried to concentrate. When he felt like he heard it again Linri gestured everyone to keep quiet. He tried to listen to it more carefully this time to make out what it is.


The wall to their burst apart and a monstrosity appeared before them. Linri jumped inside one of the rooms together with Leslie and Gendor. A second hadn't even past when all of them heard the voice of a machine gun shooting everyone. Linri had only seen that monster from the corner of his eyes but he had some idea about how it looked. It was a 4 meters tall giant with a Gatling gun for an arm. It looked a giant piece of fleshy monster. It didn't have any lips covering its sharp fangs. Just the look of it was enough to traumatise a person for life. What's worse someone had replaced its arm with a Gatling gun. A GATLING GUN!!!!!

What kind of a fucking research facility was this? It is more like an armoury with all this shit. First, there were cyborgs and now... this?

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