Legacy of Forgotten Times Chapter 103: I don't want to fight but if I do I go all in!


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Hayato also joined in the fray firing towards the remaining 3 guards.

Linri was trying to think of a solution about how to get out of this hell hole. He might no be good with planning tactics and stuff but he was at least when it comes to fighting. For now, it would be alright as long as he can get rid of the 3 ahead of them.

Even if bullets can pass through them, the Ice wall should hold them from passing for now. After all, even if it was thin, the ice wall still had 2x Exceptional endurance. That was when Linri heard a thud noise coming behind and saw that his ice wall getting cracked.


Just what kind of augmentations did they do to these guards? It should be noted that according to the system of the RP Club 1x Average was the most a normal being can achieve without any kind of abilities.

So does that mean the guards all had at least 2x Exceptional Strength?

Linri heard another thud and the wall cracked more.

I guess he needed to take care of them himself. Others were already busy with the 3 upfront and Linri was not sure that Leslie could handle them.

"Take care of him. I need to take care of them real quick." Then Linri stopped supporting Gendor and started to walk towards the wall. Another thud was heard.

"Hey! Are you crazy? You don't even know how to use a gun! Come back here!" Leslie shouted after him. When he heard the commotion Hayato gave a look towards Linri but didn't say anything. Just continued to shoot.

Linri started to formulate a battle plan inside his mind. He had already used 40 prana so he should only have 60 left. Since they had 2x Exceptional strength their other attributes might higher than average too. They also had advantage in numbers and firepower. Though there was one thing that they can never top Linri at; experience! He has been fighting death battles against a god more than a month now. He had honed his usage of Ice abilities to the maximum he could. Probably after today, his lifespan was going to shorten again but who cares! If he had a choice he wouldn't use his powers at all and let others take the fights but now that he had no choice he was going all in!

When he heard another thud Linri used Ice manipulation to condense the wall in front of to be 1 meter and 50 cm thick. Because of Linri's superhuman reaction, the guard who was hitting the wall with the back of his weapon couldn't keep his balance and was about to fall forward. Linri did not even look at him and just manipulated the ice wall in front of to form 3 spikes and stab the guy from his neck chest and foot.

The impaled guard spurted blood his mouth. He did not even know what happened. He looked towards Linri and saw his cold face. There wasn't even any kind of change. He was looking at him like he was looking at a bug. The guard felt furious and with the last of his willpower aimed at Linri and shot towards him before giving his last breath.

This act surprised Linri. Before the guy could even aim and shoot towards him Linri used the spike inside his chest to move him slightly. This way he was saved from being shot to death but that was too scary. If he was not that quick, if he had not trained his ice powers to the peak he would be shot to death then and there.

Linri pulled back the ice spikes that were now covered in blood. The other 2 guards were still in shock about what happened. Now that the spikes were pulled back they finally regained their sense and started to shoot at the ice wall. However this time the bullets were stuck inside the wall. Seeing that it had no effect one of the guards stopped shooting and started to rush towards the wall.

Hearing that one of the guns stopped Linri used another one of the new tricks he learnt from his fights against Udcek. He forced the wall to change its shape to 1.5 meters and 40 cm thick. When the wall was reforming it shot back all the foreign stuff inside it to outside. Basically shooting back all the bullets inside it. The only problem was they were not as fast as the bullets shot from a gun but who cares. It was still enough to hurt his enemies.

The guard who was shooting the wall in order to keep Linri pinned down was suddenly shot all over his body. The bullets were not enough to pass through his bulletproof vest but some of them still managed to penetrate his arms and legs.

While he did that the other guard slid on the floor and started to fire preemptively where he calculated Linri to be. He managed to wound Linri on his left arm but that was all. The moment Linri heard the gunshot he didn't even move but manipulated the wall to cover his head. Because of his mistake, the guard was now in front of a monster that he could not fight against. Once his magazine was empty Linri manipulated wall to impale his head.

The guard might not have Killed Linri but he managed to wound him. There 2 bullets on his left leg while 3 managed to hit his left arm. There was still no change in Linri's expression. He didn't even flinch. Linri pulled back the ice spike once more and made the wall whole again. This time it was his turn to be aggressive.

Linri dashed from the right side of the wall with his 1.5x Above-average Speed and rushed to the last remaining guard. The guard was trying to aim towards Linri but his wounds were slowing him down. There were countless bullet holes in his arms and legs. It was even a wonder that he was still standing. Linri, however, ran in the shape of a Z with his 1.5x Above-average Agility making it impossible for the guard to aim at him directly. When the guard finally pulled the trigger his head was separated from his shoulders. The body fell backwards while the gunshot towards the roof and stopped.

All 3 Guards were now dead.

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