Legacy of Forgotten Times Chapter 102: What to do?


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Linri and the gang left the laboratory through the way Selim cleared. The 2 dead bodies were still there. Counting the number of the guards in here there were 10 more that they should be mindful of. After all the document Sarah gave them indicated that there 15 armed guards inside the facility. Counting the 2 dead ones and the 3 they left behind there are 10 of them coming their way right now.

So now they had to deal with 13 mechanically enhanced guards. Or if you want to be more literal about it 13 cyborgs were chasing after them right now. Linri had already used up 20 prana so he only had left about 80, meaning 16 icicles strikes or 8 ice weapons. Damn when he thought about it that way he really has an inefficient power. Look at all the other ones inside his group. Ever since they came here Selim had been using his ability but he doesn't seem tired. Same can also be said about Hayato. Inside the club, their powers were not based on Prana and because they were deemed ineffective in combat they only needed to put some restrictions.

Don't just think that Selim could pass through bullets its over-powered. Even if he can fire can still burn him or lightning can still paralyse him. So in Autumnfall power spectrum, he was quite on the low side while Linri was higher but when he put it in this situation he was next to useless while Selim seemed godly. All the powers in Autumnfall were based on short 1 v 1 fights so I guess it was reasonable that they would be different if they were judged based on real-world practicality.

"So where do we go from here?" Leslie asked the group.

"We can't take the elevator. They must be guarding it to trap us." Luke answered Leslie.

"If we can't take the elevator how are we getting outside?" Selim also chimed in.

"Hayato how important do you think this research facility is?" Linri asked a question Hayato out of nowhere seemingly unimportant in their situation.

"Hmm, from the data I saw it doesn't seem to be that important. If I were to grade it between 1 to 10 I would say this place is like 5 maybe 6." Hayato found the question weird and answered nonetheless.

"Then would the government try to protect the scientists if something were to happen?" Selim's eyes shined when he heard the question.

"Haha great! We should take hostage a couple of scientists and demand that they let us go!" When he heard that Linri shook his head.

"No, that would be idiotic. They would shoot the scientists first and then shoot us."

"Then what?"

"If the facility is important they might have made a secret escape tunnel or elevator to safely evacuate the resident scientists. In that situation, we might use that to escape."

"Is it really worth the try? If you are wrong we would basically be cornering ourselves." Luke voiced his disapproval.

"If we go to an elevator we would be walking into a trap, right now we are invisible to them. Hayato already took down the cameras and deleted every footage. So if we go there we would gain time. Even if they call for reinforcements they need a good half an hour before they get ready and reach here. So it doesn't matter even if there isn't an escape tunnel. We can still go back and try to take control of the elevator." What Linri said convinced the others. It hasn't even been 10 minutes since the alarms started to go off. So if the reinforcements left the moment they rang the group still had a good 20 minutes.

When they turned around to head for the residence they encountered a group of guards. There were 4 of them so they instantly hid behind the corner.

"Luke can you only make weapons or can you make shields too?" Linri asked Luke through the comms.

"Yes, I can." Luke answered Linri after killing one of the guards with a headshot.

"Only old style? Or can you make new ones? Like for example, a police riot shield?" Luke looked towards him and a riot shield materialised behind him. Linri took the shield and gave it to Selim.

"Phase your hand through the shield and start shooting them with your pistol while pushing forward." Selim thought it was a good idea so he followed Linri's instructions and started to push towards the remaining guards slowly.

That was when another shot came behind them. Hayato shot back at them. It was another group of guards. Probably the group that they have left behind when they escaped the laboratory. They were surrounded.

Linri didn't think long to cast another Ice wall covering the whole corridor. The corridor was 5 meters long in diameter so Linri had to reduce its thickness to only 5 cm. It still had 2x exceptional endurance but it should not take them long to break it. That was when a bullet pierced through the wall. It seems like bullets also can pass through it when it's just 5 cm thick, he had better take note of that for future reference.

Now what to do to escape this sticky situation?

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