Lazy Bed Time Stories Of My Life Chapter 4: Story #4 PSP Maniac


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Heya it's me again and yes. I was a PSP maniac back in the day.
I bought like 24 PSP - (Playstation portable)
I loved PSP and i bought every single one that came out literally about 20 psp all in different color.
I had every single game that came out and if i didn't have money for it, i just told my dad about it and he cracked some of them and downloaded it for free.
Now, if you have seen anime called : The world god only knows then you could practically say that i was like the main protagonist. I always brought at least 2 psp to school.
I usually played the games in class since I've pretty much topped most of the exams.
You know, the school is easy really.. The only problem was chemistry, and even math was alright.
Now.. Many teachers knew about me, playing psp in class.
Most of them didn't care as long as i had good marks but some of them were really angry about it.

My English teacher and P. E. . Teacher for example , were always angry at me.
English teacher always said that i will never be able to pronounce these words properly because i am not paying attention.. She was wrong about that , since English isn't my main language and i am pretty sure i am good at it. Anyways back to the P. E. teacher.
That guy was annoying. Especially to me since i never gave a fuck in his class.
It was my fault of course but i didn´t really need exercising.
I was always on the bench playing with my psp and didn't care about him at all.
He took my psp once in a while when he got mad, but he had to return it after school because those were the school rules.

It was 1th of April the fools day!
And i brought everything to my school. Every single psp i could carry just to prank this P. E. teacher that annoyed me so much.
Now, our teacher was absent and our P.E. teacher had to be with us for an hour, so i told my plan to others and they agreed that i will be fun.
Just before his class i put 4 of my psp on the table just to shock him first .
The class started.
After a while P. E. Teacher entered our classoom and the first thing he did was look at me , then he looked at my table and saw all 4 psp and was like "Boy , You´ve got to be kidding me."
He told students to sit down and then walked up to me , put his arm on my shoulder and said.
"You are so lucky that the headmaster favors you or else these toys would be gone forever and you would be gone from this school." In my mind i was laughing that a teacher was threatening me
and i told him
"Oh for sure, and i wouldn´t mind them being taken away ." as i said that,
i pulled all 20 psp from the bag , put it on the table and said
"Try me and you won´t have your job anymore."
Students were gasping at me saying this to a teacher , but this guy truly annoyed me and it´s true that headmaster was my relative and he may have helped me with all the problems regarding psp playing.
Hearing me he grunted and went to his desk . After that he gave us free time so we could do what we wanted.
Don´t worry, even if he was an annoying teacher i didn´t do anything like telling on him to my relative, and he still works there till this day. it´s been what?
7 years and he is living pretty well. I even visited him during his class and he didn´t recognise me at first but then i pulled out 2 psp from my bag and he was like
"Oh god it´s you, how could i forget haha" and we started laughing.
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