land of dreams Chapter 6: Golden Fruit


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It wasn't that I was dazed because of a hit to the brain,definitely not! I was fine as far as mental damage was concerned.Even though I was disappointed at first on seeing only a single object,but it was very difficult to compose myself after using lvl 0 identification and getting its information.It was a sword with a golden sheen.

[Lvl 1(rare) Failed Conqueror's Sword:A sword wielded by a king who wished to conquer the whole world during his youth.His strength was at the top of the world but he failed due to unexpected betrayal.It embodies his will to dominate and conquer as well as his ambition.A worthy weapon for a dominator

Equip effects:
Blood Thirst:Induces a state of Blood Thirst in the user which intimidates the target if it contains the same level of fire of existence.

effect:5% stats of target decreased]

It was a huge boost to my strength and it also had a skill which acted as a debuff and reduced the stats of the target.It was the best weapon I had ever seen(well,I had seen only two weapons with this being the better of the two).It also increased Strength and Endurance by 1.

The injuries received from the tarantula were very severe and I had to recuperate for a long period of time,well about 2 days to fully recover even after using the Balzaroga and other plants with therapeutic properties.I moved my body which was sore from lying down on the ground from lying down and started my journey again.I wanted to have a corporeal body given by Form recognition as it preserved my sense of self but I also hated it for giving such a real disguise that I had to suffer from its boundsI hated the pain it inflicted on me.You cannot have your cake and eat it too.I only understood the meaning of this phrase by being in such situations.I walked fast but I also paid attention to my surroundings.I soon came across a giant tree.On the tree hung a single fruit.I sneakily observed that two spirits were fighting over the ownership of the small fruit.I used lvl 0 Identification on one of the spirits.

[Your skill level is too low to assess capabilities of other spirits.]

The small fruit was golden in colour and round in shape.It also released a tantalizing aroma.I became curious about such a large tree and used lvl 0 identification on it.I also felt a vague sense of danger which I wanted to verify.

[Lvl 1(leader)Tree of sorrows:A tree which harnesses pains suffered by spirits and mystic beasts.It is formed from pain and sorrows and regrets of others is its best panacea.It gets stronger by absorbing the pain of others.A terrifying tree which tortures its prey before killing it.BEWARE of its sneak attacks using roots.
HP :150
MP :90
Strength :14
Endurance :15
Agility :4
Sense :5
Vine whip:
Smashes the target with its vines causing large amount of damage depending on the strength used by it.

Sneak Attack:
Sneakily attacks the target with its underground roots causing large amount of damage.
Fruit of misery:
Sprouts a fruit of misery using discarded fragments of pain and sorrow which affects the status condition of the one that eats it causing him to become confused and stupid leading to becoming easy prey. ]

I felt scared at the thought of going against the tree of sorrows,its imposingness damaging my will to fight.But somehow one of the two battling silhouettes seemed familiar to me and I knew that with my sense stat being at a high 7,I shouldn't be wrong and I was more than willing to gamble on it as losing big sis Catherine was not something I could afford.She was the only person I knew and was familiar with in this foreign land.She was like a spiritual to me.
So I initiated a spirit burn and aimed it at the unfamiliar fellow.
[You have initiated Spirit Burn on lvl1 Spirit.10 MP has been consumed.]

As soon as my sneak attack succeeded I yelled at big sis Catherine,asking her to get away from the tree of sorrows.Even though she was startled and hesitated,she decisively retreated when she recognised me.She ran towards me while keeping tab on her opponent and just as she had moved the position she was previously in was pierced by thick roots released by the tree of sorrows.It seemed that my interference caused it to takes actions to avoid the escape of its prey.The enemy spirit got pierced by the roots and was absoequippThe event appeared very frightening and even the usually calm big sis Catherine appeared scared as she had just escaped death.My first thought was to escape from the tree of sorrows but upon a bit of thought I realised that it was massive and had a very large reach as its roots and vines were very long.On this realisation I vanquished any thoughts of escaping as the chances of escaping from the tree of sorrows was as small as defeating it.Besides I didn't know the skills of big sis Catherine so she might be able to give me a surprise.I equipped the lvl 1(rare) Failed Conqueror's Sword.Its intimidate effect started working and I could feel more strength flowing through my body.I knew that it was going to be a tough fight and initiated Spirit combust.
[You have initiated Spirit combust.All stats will be doubled.Your current time limit is 3 minutes.]

I charged at the trunk of the tree of sorrows while avoiding its vines and roots and waiting for Spirit Burn to come off cool down. Big Sis Catherine also took out a wand and fired a ray of light at the tree of sorrows.The tree shook and its attack became fiercer.I knew that Big sis Catherine must have done a whole lot of damage for it to react so hysterically.As if to deal insult to its injury my spirit burn also came off cool down.I used Spirit Burn on it.
[You have initiated Spirit Burn on lvl 1(leader) Tree of sorrows.10 MP has been consumed.]
[You have dealt 20 HP damage to lvl 1(leader) Tree of sorrows.]
Even though I was able to cause it massive damage,I got brushed by a vine of the tree and fell down.
[You have suffered 26 HP points of damage.]
My agility was much higher than the lvl 1(leader) Tree of sorrows in spirit combust state but due to my focus being on aiming spirit burn and my lacking concentation I got hit by it.I couldn't move but I still tried my hardest to stand up and continue the assault.Suddenly I saw a massive whip falling down and felt my approaching death
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