Kuro no Maou Chapter 410: Gladiator


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There was a notice at the guild that we would be assembling before Spada’s big main gate. The ones who had accepted the emergency quest and are publicly in Spada’s 4th military squad, ‘Gladiators’, are required to meet up here and head for Galahad fort after receiving a simple explanation.
Spada’s big main gate is also its entrance and one can reach there if they were to just follow main highway straight. It’s a path that even Nell can’t mistake.

However, the traffic this morning was quite congested. ‘The Spada main highway’s one path leads to a dead end’–such a car navigation voice reverberated in my head.

Either way, this congestion was due to all the adventurers currently in Spada all gathering up to aim for the main gate. Since getting on the road, the adventurers started advancing with horses as well as by foot. Among them, there were also larger carriages which carried an entire party of adventurers and cargo carriages carrying supplies. On top of that, Spada civilians have also gathered on both sides of the road to see off the adventurers. Although not as big as a triumph parade, the scale of it was similar to that.

And so, we also quickly entered a group of adventurers forming a line. As I thought, Merry’s big body and aura stood out, attracting attention from here and there and also sparking secret talk. They seem interested but it looks like they know that there’s no point in chasing the topic further.

“Ohh, there’s a lot assembling, huh.”

The area in front of the main gate is so huge that an entire arena could be built there. But now, that place was also filled and jammed with people. And on top of that, the adventurers advancing now are also arriving there so the density of people at that spot just keeps on increasing. Although it is winter now and even snow is piling up, the commotion there felt like the Koshien Baseball Stadium in the middle of summer.

“This is the first time I have seen this many adventurers gather up at one place.”

Fiona said beside me. In contrast to her words, she looked quite uninterested as she looked at the open space. As we were on the horses, our line of sight was higher and so we could see much better.

“That’s probably just how much danger they are feeling from this battle.”

“No, they probably just want to be a part of a winning battle.”

I feel like Fiona has been crushing my expectations all the time recently… is it just my imagination?
However, now that she mentions it, I do agree.

“I had heard that even adventurers from other countries came in to join so that’s what it was about…”

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If they had the beliefs of a patriot, they would have been promoted to the chivalric order long ago. Adventurers only act when there’s a reward. There’s not much difference between an adventurer and a mercenary. Or rather, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that there’s no difference at all.

The ones called mercenary are just called that because they belong to a mercenary organization.

“After all, this would make it the 4th time Spada has stopped Daidaros’ invasion so everyone probably thinks that they will win this time as well.”

The war between Spada and Daidaros—in other words, the war of Galahad, began with Leonhart’s grandfather. From the time of the 50th Spada king.

It is said that the first battle took place just before the senile 50th king passed his throne to his son. Although they did succeed in stopping the invasion, the 50th had died due to a wound given to him by Garvinal.

And in the 51th time, the 3rd and 4th Galahad battles took place. I also got to know about this just recently but the previous king was said to be a typical tyrant. It seems our school also went through some rough times. However, fending off Daidaros’ invasion two times in his period is nothing short of a great feat and the people also praise him for that.

Although it seems like the current king, Leonhart, had the most achievements when he participated in the 3rd war as a 13 year old prince..

And the 4th war took place about 10 years ago. It is said that the king Leonhart had a one-on-one fight with the black dragon Garvinal and drove him back—a legendary fight. On top of the diligent efforts to bring back the country on a proper road from the predecessor’s misgovernment, he also has many achievements in these defensive battles. With these two pillars to support him, the current king Leonhart is ardently loved by his citizens.

“Whether the enemy is Daidaros or the Crusaders, it doesn’t change the Spada army’s strength. Of course they would end up expecting a lot.”

On top of all these, they say that one of the incentive for participating in this battle is that their soldiers’ achievements will also be upheld.

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In return for fending off Daidaros’ invasion as the shield for the allied city-states, Spada receives a great amount of aid from the other city-states. Even if Spada were to generously reward the adventurers, it won’t hurt Spada’s pocket.

Although they can’t directly ask for military power from other countries. At most, a squad of knights can come over from the neighboring countries, Faren and Avalon.

Well, there would be a lot of confusion with command and cooperation if too many people were to assemble from different countries. Most importantly, they have been able to pull this off well till now with this structure and so they can also react to the emergency this time promptly as well. I had from Will that quite a lot of money and goods are coming to Spada as it is.

“Hey~ Kurono~, there’s a very glittery one over there, look.”

I was interrupted by Lily’s innocent voice while I was thinking of the war situation seriously.

In the direction her small index finger pointed, there was a gaudy group standing out noticeably more. They were wearing a plate armor like in ancient Rome and it was radiant with all the gold ornaments. However, even at this distance, I understood that that was actually quite practical and had quite a high magic effect hidden inside. Although weak, my 6th sense is sense various different magic from it.
Naturally, the ones who normally wear such equipment are very muscular men. No, it is actually kinda obvious for adventurers who wear those to be muscular but this group looked considerably stronger. As there were portions in the armor revealing their bodies, their muscles were visible.

“I see, so they are the pro gladiators.”

It is my first time seeing one but there’s probably no mistaking that they are gladiators. Their splendor equipment was befitting of their reputation and the way they walked majestically gave off no weak spots, showing how they were experts in battles. Above all, even the adventurers moved to give way to them, parting the crowd of people to create a line. I experienced this when I was in the victory celebration.

“It feels like one of them is kinda coming our way, doesn’t it…?”

Just as Fiona said, someone was coming straight towards us after separating with the gladiators. Even before I could think why or who is that, the crowd split, creating a line towards us.

“Yo, good morning. You guys are the Element Masters, right?”

He stated imposingly with a refreshing smile.

“…Yes, why do you ask?”

He had an incredibly beautiful face.

He had wavy blonde hair reaching his shoulders and mild blue eyes with a striking mole under the eye. Even though he is a guy, his platinum blonde hair looked as charming as Lily’s and his sapphire eyes were as radiant as Nell’s.

I could declare that he had this charm. Even I was captivated for a moment there.
On top of that beautiful face, he also had a trained body with armor on. He didn’t have a single mark on his white skin, let alone any scars. It was clean to the point that it was creepy—as if he was a moving sculpture. With that gold plate mail and crimson mantle, he looked like a work of art.

“Nice to meet you, I am Farkius. I am the principal of the Gladiators squad ‘Starlight Spada’ but—judging from your expressions, it seems like you guys never heard of me, huh?”

Even his awkward ‘ahaha’ laugh looked like a picture. He even had a tenor voice. If he were to ask someone out with that face and voice, any Spada woman will surely fall in love.

“No, I have heard the name. But if I am not wrong, you’re supposed to be the most popular gladiator in Spada, right?”

If one lives in Spada, they will naturally hear topics about sword fights. Sword battles in Spada is like a fusion of idols, soccer and baseball in Japan.

And so naturally, even I heard the name of the person who reigns over the sword fighting world. Of course, I didn’t know how he looked but I can guess he is the one now that he is in front of me.

Either way, I don’t feel any hostility from this Farkius dude. I guess I will get off the horse and greet him for now.

“I am the Element Master Kurono. Well, what would a star athlete like you have to do with us?”

“Fufu, I would like it if you didn’t get so stiff. Aren’t you more famous now, Iskia’s hero-san?”

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Farkius-san put his hand on my shoulder and said with a refreshing smile which could even stop a sobbing child from crying.

His touch was so gentle that one would doubt that his wrists really handle swords.

“Rank 5 adventurer and the principal, there’s no need to put one on top of another. There’s no need for formal language either, please refer to freely as Far.”

No, that’s a bit… I guess I will compromise a little here.

“Thank you, Farkius.”

“Fufu, I guess that’s fine for now. Well then, I will be calling you as Kurono-kun.”

Farkius looked straight into my eyes wearing a smile without any worries. I could relax knowing that I was straight as I didn’t get startled by him.

“Ah, well, the reason I came by like this today was really just to greet you. As a gladiator who will be fighting alongside you.”

I see, I guess he doesn’t have anything up his sleeve.

And just when I was convinced of that, he slid his hand from my shoulder to my other shoulder and joined shoulders naturally. This guy is smooth.

“But, you see, you have such a terrifying 2nd name—’Nightmare Berserker’, so I was curious before. I had heard in rumors that you were a demon-like man but—”

Our bodies were basically glued to each other. And since he was only a few centimeters shorter than me, our faces were close too. On top of that, he gave off this flowery scent too. The scent of a high-class perfume.

“I was surprised, seeing you’re such a beautiful person. Especially this black hair. It’s even darker and more black than the Avalon royalty’s and it’s very charming as well, to the point that it makes me kinda jealous.”

Farkius’ other hand gently stroked my hair ends.

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I jumped back in reflex.

“Could you, move away a bit?”

“Innocent too, huh? That’s cute too.”

I felt a chill down my spine. Quite seriously too.

And what passed my mind was the scene of my elder sister being hit on by a flashy guy in the city. My sister’s expression left an impression on me as she gave a scornful look towards the gaudy guy who frivolously said some flowery words.

Well, we were able to get through that situation without any problems as the guy made a run for it after giving his wallet and saying ‘please, this is all I have now, please let me’ when I talked to him.

To think me, the guy who made the playboy run away, would be hit upon… Was this world such a scary place?

“Hahaha, I am just kidding. But, I was acting a bit too familiar, sorry about that.”

He took a step back and apologized with a relaxed expression. But is it just me or do those blue eyes look quite serious? I would like to believe otherwise.
“By the way, why is the adorable fairy miss over there glowing while glaring at me?”

When I looked back, I found Lily taking an intimidating stance on Merry, glaring down at Farkius.

“Kurono, this person is also dangerous! Don’t get close!”

I completely agree.

However, he’s a big name so I can’t really look at him with a bad light either. I want to more or less act friendly with him. Of course, after keeping an appropriate distance between us. I am scared of going too close.

“Sorry, I am just a bit cautious.”

“I don’t mind, I am the one at fault here, after all.”

As always, wearing his refreshing smile, Farkius walked up to Merry and extended his hand over to Lily, who was glaring at him.

“Sorry about that, cute fairy-san. I am Farkius, nice to meet you.”

“I am Lily. No touching Kurono, you got it?!”

While giving a warning, Lily shook his hand.
“There’s nothing as scary as a female fairy after all, I hear you loud and clear.”

After somehow having a proper introduction with Lily, his gaze shifted to Fiona.

“Please don’t mind me.”

Fiona said, indicating a ‘no’ with her hand. Even with such a handsome man in front of her, she shows not a fragment of interest.

“The witch miss is cool, huh?”

Or rather, she’s just a natural airhead.

“Even still, what interesting members for a party. I am pure gladiator but I do interact with adventurers quite a bit. This combination is a first for me.”

After all, we are a combination of a cursed weapon black magic user, a fairy and a witch. Even I didn’t see a party of this combination before. Well, there are only a few people who use cursed weapons and anyone can look the part of a witch. However, you can’t really find a fairy like Lily.

“It would be interesting to fight with you guys but I won’t force you to the stage.”

It seems he isn’t a battle maniac like a certain blonde swordsman. That’s a relief.

“Ah, but that reminds me, you went up there once, didn’t you, Kurono-kun? The Grand Colosseum, that is.”

“You knew?”

“I heard it was an amazing fight. Thanks to you, my fan base has decreased a bit.”

He said with a smile which gave off no hint of ill will. He probably isn’t bothered.

“I know, I will invite you as an athlete next time. You went up there once so surely you must feel—”

“No, I will have to decline.”

I just wanted a cursed weapon. And to be honest, it’s not like I want to fight with someone strong or gain fame. It would be too dangerous to go up to that stage.

“That’s unfortunate, I really wanted to par with you. I am sure it would have been a good fight.”

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And before I realized, Farkius’ was standing closer than before. Eeii, don’t look at me with those beautiful eyes.

“I am sorry but I absolutely don’t have any intention of doing that.”

“Fufu, I am aware. But at the very least, I would like it if you came to see my stage once. I will invite you once this war is over.”

“I would gladly accept that.”

I took a step back casually and regained my personal space of comfort. I would feel bad for Farkius if he’s just trying to be friendly but I can’t let my guard down yet.

“Well, I guess it’s more important to think of this battle now than of what comes after it. Aik should begin the briefing soon.”

Ohh, at last. When I glanced around a bit, I spotted red armored Spada knights assembling in front of the main gate.

“Is this Aik person the leader of the Gladiators?”

“My bad, Aik is just a nickname. His real name is Aizenhart, Spada’s first prince.”

First Prince Aizenhart—I just know of his name. I did see his portrait during the awarding ceremony for what it matters.

It looked as if his majesty Leonhart was young again—just what you would call a junior. He is a burly strong young man, so much that it makes me doubt if Will and him are actually related by blood.

“Since you call him by a nickname, you guys are close?”

“I guess you could say our relationship is like yours and Willhart prince.”

Your sworn friend, eh? I understand. They look about the same age from their appearance so the chances of them being in the same grade when in theological school is quite high. One can become friends with royalty there so it isn’t weird.

“Well then, I will be taking my leave with this. I have others I want to meet as well, you see.”

“I see, then I will see you later. I wish you good luck in the war.”

“Same to you. I will be displaying the real strength of the gladiators in battle so as to not humiliate the gladiators.”

And then, the crowd split again and Farkius left gallantly. Seeing his back, with his red mantle flying in the wind, was kind of reassuring.

He seemed very friendly upfront but I am also kinda worried that he is that.

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“Haa, I just experienced a bad feeling of tension…”

“He called you pretty. Are you not happy?”

“It’s scary when a guy says that. I wouldn’t like that even as a joke.”

Or rather, don’t remind me of it, Fiona.

Well, it isn’t like I will be forming a party with Farkius so I guess it’s fine. ‘Pretty’ and ‘invitations’ and what not—that’s probably just his way of being polite.

“More importantly, it seems like the briefing will begin soon. Wouldn’t it be better if you get off the horse?”

“I guess that’s true.”


And like that, we stood by in the crowd for a while. Of course, no one else came talking to us after Farkius.

That was kinda lonely in itself, though.
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