Kuro no Maou Chapter 381: Uninvited Partner


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Chapter 381 Uninvited Partner

When one thinks back on it, Simon had never really formed a party. When he had first registered as an adventurer to earn his tution fees, he naturally tried forming one but in the end it didn’t work out. Nobody really wanted a helpless alchemist who couldn’t even use a sword or magic.

And naturally, he went solo. He wasn’t really aiming to rank up either and so he just went on doing the rank 1 quest of collecting medicinal plants over and over. But to Simon, this wasn’t unfavourable.

If my memory serves me right, he probably also met Kurono from the Alsace village’s adventurer guild when returning from the plant collecting quest. After that, started the hellish Alsace battle. And then the recent ,nightmarish battle of Iskia. In both of these battles, there were allies in the surrounding lands but they didn’t really form parties. They only moved in a group temporarily.

And then, after the fight had ended, he was supposed to go back to his casual solo quests but—before he knew it, he had made a partner.

“Yaa, the weather is good. Ideal for questing.”

In the deep green forest, bright sunlight filtered through the trees and among all that, a cheerful, light voice reached Simon’s elf ears.


Replying with difficulty, he looked at the owner of that voice.

Even though the bottom half of her face was covered by a veil, just seeing her eyes makes you think she has a beautiful face.

This Dark Elf, who only introduced herself as Sofie, is Simon’s partner for now.

(….How did it come to this….)

He thought back to exactly a month ago. It was when he had finally returned to his usual worn-out hostel from his elder sister’s mansion.

“Welcome back, Simon. This person will be your partner from today. Her name is Sofie.”

And this was how the mysterious dark elf Sofie was forced onto him by Lily, when she greeted him with a bright smile.

“Simon, you will be trying out the guns you develop in real battles yourself from now on, won’t you? But it’s kinda worrying to let you go alone into a jungle and we will be busy with our quests so we can’t look after you. And so, I decided on having someone I can trust be your bodyguard.”

I understand the logic behind it. But this is way too sudden.

As if it was already assumed that this person will be appointed on me and the guarding and so on are just an excuse for it.

“And that’s how it is, so, I look forward to it, Simon.”
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