Kuro no Maou Chapter 319: The White Wings' Prologue


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I have realized that Kurono-kun is no good unless I am by his side.

I know that Kurono-kun is a strong, handsome, kind, wonderful man.

At the Academy, everyone speaks badly of him, but I know the true Kurono-kun. Only I know. It is fine that others don’t know; in fact, it is better off that way.

But Kurono-kun is no good, after all –

「Sorry about this Nell, I hurt myself pretty badly...」

He pushes himself incredibly hard.

You can’t do that, please stop, it’s dangerous, please don’t fight dangerous opponents like someone who possesses the Hydra family’s Demon Eyes.

That’s why, I mean, because I didn’t stop him, Kurono-kun’s right arm is – I’m scared, what if it happens again?

If Kurono pushes himself again, somewhere out of my sight, somewhere my hands won’t reach, then next time for sure...

I was anxious, just so anxious, that’s why I couldn’t separate my hands, my arms, my body, from the right arm that I healed.

Even though I finished treating him long ago, I even told the lie that he still needed more healing.

I can’t bear it, this anxiousness, this fear of Kurono throwing himself into a dangerous fight again all by himself.

He will never stop fighting. It’s not because he’s an adventurer.

「There are some guys that I need to kill, no matter what.」

There is a concrete purpose that he cannot give up, though he wouldn’t tell me what it was.

He definitely has determination and won’t change his mind no matter what I say – no matter what anyone says.

Therefore, I have come to this decision.

If Kurono-kun continues to push himself, I just have to be there to help him.

「... Kurono-kun.」

We’re sitting on a bed in the Grand Coliseum’s infirmary, with our bodies close together.

If I want to say it, there’s no other time to say it but now.

「You know, I –」

I will become your partner, Kurono-kun.

Not your party member, but your partner. That is what pairs of adventurers who work together call each other.

It seems you belong to a party known as the『Element Masters』, but party members who would abandon Kurono-kun to conduct their own activities do not amount to much.

I’m sure they only trust each other as much as a temporary party, anyway.

That’s why I’ll become your partner.

I’ll quit Wing Road.

I don’t have any regrets. That is not where I belong; it is merely somewhere I was “allowed to be”.

Onii-sama protected me; Sharl was worried for me; Kai-san and Safi-san took care of me.

That’s why I’ll be fine now.

From now on, I’ll fight for the person that truly needs me.

I’ll devote myself to Kurono-kun.

I’m Kurono-kun’s number one.
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