Kuro no Maou Chapter 284: Nameless (3)


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Chapter 284 – Nameless (3)

Eight Cursed Weapon-users appeared in front of my eyes after passing through the blue Summon Magic light.

I brandished『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』, and at the same time they all attacked at me.

The spectators looking from the side might not be able to tell who was possessed by the curse, either me or them.


After all, I’m even shouting out loud to fire myself up.

The eight perceived me as their prey and attacked on me, but they didn’t have any teamwork at all.

As a result, they ignored the ironclad rule of party play, and they chose the stupid idea of reaching me fast, so they would reach me in turns with the fastest being the first.



Two females, one Goblin, one human, were the ones nearing me first.

The former was armed with a somewhat larger dagger that Thief Class uses, while the latter was armed with a Short Lance that the Law Guardians of Spada use normally.

Well if it were a newbie or a Low Rank Adventurer, they might be able to kill him or her with just a single strike, thanks to their Berserk State, however,


I’m not that easy an opponent.

I deploy my most used side sweep Martial Skill. I slashed the torso of the approaching two while the blade was gushing out Aura as though thunderously roaring.

『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』is endowed with a sword blade reaching the size of a bastard sword, which can easily cut from outside the range of dagger, albeit it being somewhat big.

As expected of getting the name Short, the reach didn’t even reach that of a normal lance.

For the time being, I was able to evade the spearhead that was aimed at my heart without getting my『Diabolos Embrace』any scratch, so no problem there.

Both of them already have their upper and lower bodies split apart in two, so neither a lance will come at me, nor a dagger.

Before the upper bodies of the two fell on the ground with the innards and intestines and blood and gore splattered on ground, I shook my blade and took evasive measures.


The Orc reached towards me 3 steps later than the first two, holding the standard Battle Axe for warriors above his head.

On the left edge of my vision, the Lamia went around me and brandished her scimitar, so although insane she is still a sly snake.

And even more sly would be the male Elf standing behind the Orc whilst pointing the rapier at me.

He isn’t as handsome as the one I shot to death before, but he sure has a face of a sly person. Maybe his original personality is still in effect even after going insane.

While thinking that nonchalant thing, I evaded the attack from all three by taking a large step back.

The blades that seemed to move to cut my afterimage, naturally, only passed through air.

I do have confidence to block against them easily, but the battle axe the Orc swung happened to even cut the upper body of the Goblin from before and created a rain of blood in the area, and I surely don’t want to get wet in that.

While shuddering from something different than fear, I landed on the ground from jumping back and at the same time kicked off the ground to cover the distance covered.

The aim being the Lamia.

In this melee battle it won’t be good to leave a Lamia remain till end, as she can different movements compared to others walking on two legs. She might even aim for my blind spots from now on.



As expected it is much faster to parry off her Scimitar than me covering the whole distance by moving my body.

Lamia took on the stance to strike me down, in other words, she was again going to swing her sword.

But, a Namless and my two-times evolved hatchet are on different levels. Also, my strength has left the human realm, and opponent is a girl with weak arms, so the power difference is also big, so big it can’t be filled with some low-levelled Berserk.

Compared to the giant hatchet, that Scimitar seemed truly shitty, and as expected it broke as soon as they collided.

She put up with it without letting go of the sword, but her stance is not messed, and I can aim anywhere, her slim neck, bountiful boobs, her slender waist.

In that case, without any hesitation, just as its name suggests, I’m going to sever her neck. (TN: Kubidan: Neck-cutting, neck bisection, etc etc)


The moment Lamia’s neck was cut and flew in the air with an resentful expression, three big blades attacked at me.

One was, the Orc who again swung the battle axe that had sunk before in the earth surface.

The other two are, the quite slow-footed Dwarf and Cyclops.

The dwarf is also holding an axe. Compared to battle axes that have a pair of blades joined together seeming like a butterfly opening her wings, this dwarf’s axe is one-sided. I should called it tomahawk probably.

The other is Cyclops, ah, I haven’t seen them after those experiments, it’s size is big, and seems bigger when standing beside the small-sized dwarf.

In truth it’s size would be around 2 metres half, and it didn’t have a body builder-type body as Orcs do, but it had a sumo wrestler-type body, so it seemed even more bigger.

That fatty was holding on a halberd even bigger than him.

The blade was made with mixing the spearhead of a lance, and both sides of an axe’s blades, although it can dish out various attacks, but is becomes as difficult to use it respectively.

Well then will an insane Cyclops be able to use that, I thought, but then if a Cyclops was to use all its strength then even a wooden stick be enough to kill someone, the size of blades is a small problem therefore.

Orc, Dwarf, Cyclops, all three have physical strength surpassing humans.

The three attacks deployed by the three came with an earth-splitting force.

I again choose evasion, but this time moving to front.

「Double KuroNagi」(TN: Kinda forgot what name I used before, I will be grateful if someone told me in comments.)

I jumped in front of the bosom of the fattest among the three, basically the Cyclops.

Just like how I passed through the strong arm of Wrath-Pun and cut it, I jumped forward for evasion and attack while passing through, even the Martial Skill is the same one.

The first KuroNagi headed right and deeply cut the right flank of Cyclops that had ashen-coloured body seeming like a rock.

Although it was also wearing a black leather pants just like me, but it’s upper body is naked. No matter if it has muscles and fat as an armour, but it isn’t enough to stop the blade of a Cursed Weapon.

The point of hatchet ripped the abdominal muscles, smashes the ribs, and passed through the body while stirring up the entrails.

The next moment, the cut-section would start gushing with the bloody-shower, but the second KuroNagi has already been deployed.

The cursed aura gushing up heading towards the left side is clad on the blade aiming for the head of Dwarf that can’t follow my movements with his eyes.

The long beard of dwarf race is heroic seeming like the mane of a lion, and it might also help in protecting the neck.

But『Absolute Grudge Hatchet「Kubidan」』can’t be stopped with that lousy defense.

As though the hatchet was showing delight, the buzzing sound seemed to reach my ear as it cut apart the wind.

Let me cut more, let me cut more necks, kill the enemy, kill in one attack――the cursed blade never stops wanting for decapitation, it won’t stop, it can’t stop, and I don’t want to stop it.

The beard growing like trees were deforested, and the fat neck like that of a stump too was lopped off much more easily than breaking the firewood.

And thus, the consecutive attack of KuroNagi killed the Cyclops and Dwarf.

I have passed by both of them, and right now they both have turned into corpses lying behind me while bleeding greatly.

Turning around, as expected the two corpses were sinking in the pool of their own blood.

However, I didn’t turn around to check that.

It is to intercept this guy attacking at me from behind without hiding the bloodlust.

It is the Elf male who is sly even after being cursed.

It followed the same route being a second slower than me, his body was covered in the blood of Cyclops and Dwarf.

He must’ve tried to attack me the moment I deployed the Martial Skill, it is the most ideal time for dealing a decisive blow.

In truth, I can’t block the approaching rapier with the hatchet. Moreover, I don’t have composure enough to run the shortest distance at a fast speed to evade that pierce attack.

Then should I take this attack――no, I still have a hand, to speak more precisely, it is my empty left hand.

That pierce attack is without any feint, and is aimed at my heart.

That’s why it’s easy to read it’s trajectory.


I grab the sword blade of the approaching rapier with my left hand.

If my hand was bare it might have cut off, but my hands are being protected by an annoying black haired maid.

Even now that I have grabbed the blade, I can hear her pleasant voice shouting in my head, 「I will protect the hands of master~」

The glove worked hard and my hand is completely unharmed, moreover numerous『Anchor Hand』of hair breadth covered the sword blade in an instant, stopping the attack.

Once I stop it, the Elf being low on physical strength can’t overpower me.

I pushed aside the rapier with my left hand, and swing the hatchet in my right hand.

I don’t need Martial Skill to cut down the neck of an Elf.

With just a light slash, I was able to cut his head down like a sickle cutting down weed.

「Now the Orc――no, the Gargoyle comes first」

The Gargoyle are a devil race that have wings on back, and the wings are not showpieces but actually have the ability to fly through air.

The Gargoyle can’t fly for long times and high speeds, or so is the common sense among people here, but it’s my first time fighting a flying Gargoyle.

I do have fought monsters that fly during those experiments but, well what to say, it’s all difficult to fight.


Anyhow, preceding the Orc, the Gargoyle invaded with a trident in hand, it seemed just like how a common person would imagine a devil holding a trident.

The devil seeming like a stone statue moved and swung down that trident as though wanting to skewer my head.

Although it was attacking from a blind spot, such as overhead, but with that much bloodlust, and


That strange shrill voice, I can easily sense it coming to attack me and can evade it without problems.

I stepped aside, evading the trident barely.

I was alarmed that the trident might pierce the ends of the fluttering coat, but the coat will regenerate if it is torn a little.

Maybe because I was thinking something so boring that I was a little late in dishing out the counterattack.

The time I swung my hatchet, the Gargoyle soared up the sky.

「Oh no you don’t」

Even the maid seems to be fired up, how about letting her work a little bit more――「Leave it to me Master!!」

I held my hand towards the sky, and with a feeling as though my hand extended out, the『Anchor Hand』flew out aiming for the Gargoyle.

The three wires made by knitting up cursed black hairs, all coiled around the body of Gargoyle as though they were tentacle monster having their own will.


Just like how a criminal that escaped to heaven is beaten down to hell, no wait, in truth, this Gargoyle will really fall to the hell.

But before that, there is the ground.

The『Anchor Hand』forcibly dragged the Gargoyle down with quite a lot of power and bashed him against the ground heavily.

He must’ve taken quite the injury, but it’s amazing that he didn’t let go of the Cursed Weapon.

However it seems that it is his limit, and it can’t cure himself from the damage to again start attacking me.

After all I can’t see Gargoyle move even a bit when I have the hatchet right above its neck.

Although its outer appearance is of stone statue, but the inside of Gargoyle also has flesh, apparently.

In fact the skin itself is made of stone, so compared to human it is truly hard, but it doesn’t mean much difference to this hatchet when it comes to cutting necks.

Well then, the last one left is the Orc, well, although the Warrior Class arms with heavy axe equipments, but given this much time it must be enough to give him the chance for another attack.

In short, the Orc was already raising overhead the battle axe as I had just decapitated the Gargoyle.

As expected it will be difficult to cut an opponent right behind me and the hatchet is in the position after I have swung it.

Hmm, in that case, this might be good place to finish the work of hatchet. My anger also has subsided, or rather, my spirit is refreshed now.

If I need to kill the Orc at close-range, one additional sword would work just fine.

It’s the opportunity, how about using the one I just grabbed before.

「Pierce, Sword Arts」
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