Kuro no Maou Chapter 231: Come, The Forest of Tentacles


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Chapter 231 – Come, The Forest of Tentacles

Great Forest Latifundia is a standard dungeon called as Forest of Lati in a friendly manner by the adventurers of Spada.

But, in the deepest part are a variety of rank 4 monsters lurking, if a low ranked adventurer carelessly wandered in there, well confirm the death notice.

No, even if not going into deepest part, the places where skilled adventurers have to face dangers; those monsters may appear out of blue.

For instance, a place with innumerable ivy wriggling in a zigzag form, it’s exactly that place.

A sweet bad smell is floating in the air, which is enough to make one choke, if a person breathes it in, regardless of gender, their lower body would heat up.

This smell promoting sexual desires apparently is emitted from the mucus secreted by these wriggling ivy.

Every ivy, upon touching hands, seems bewildered, they are all covered in mucus shining like greasy oil, after experiencing the effect of this thing which can be called as natural aphrodisiac, even the scene of getting entangled by trees would seen obscene.

No, it’s not like these ivy acquired the power to produce mucus with such lewd effect by pure coincidence.

This ivy, officially called as Morjura, got this type of evolution for implementing a more efficient and effective way to breed.

The original body of Morjura is a ball shaped by the ivy clumped together; its approx size is of 1 meter.

These long ivy that protrude from there, properly called as organ like ‘tentacles’, perform movements and attacks, even capturing the prey.

If it’s just one of them then its body also is small, the power in tentacles too is not too strong, if one has even a little of reasoning power to hold back this horny sexual desire, these aren’t monsters that people cannot defeat.

However, maybe it’s as expected, they move in crowds.

It’s not just advantageous in numbers, but also the smell of emitted mucus is denser, showing the intensive effect of changing a person into beast within less than a few seconds.

With the scene of Morjura covering the forest with slippery stuff, even a rank 3 adventurers would hesitate to attack if they haven’t downed a detoxification potion beforehand.

On top of tormenting the opponent with this intense aphrodisiac, Morjura breeds.

As to what it exactly is, is something that is about to be performed that it had captured a new prey.

The pitiful prey was a pure white Pegasus, seeing two wings growing on the back resembling that of swans’ specifying that this was a female Pegasus.

The pure-blooded maiden is used mostly as the symbol of purity, but there is no guarantee whether this Pegasus is a virgin or not.

Just, she can be a pure lovely virgin, or a mother of a child, or a whore that opens her legs for anyone, no, more precisely, to Morjura, the differences of men and women of all ages doesn’t matter.

Even if it’s a monster or a person, the thing Morjura does is always the same, hence, even capturing this beautiful Pegasus, it won’t feel anything other than getting a new prey, well that only works if they have emotions.

With the effect of Morjuras’ aphrodisiac stuff, the Pegasus lost the power to either fly in air, stand on ground, and falls on the ground.

The short-tempered tentacles have started to wrap around the white body, finally seeing the Pegasus stopped moving, the surrounding Morjura, simultaneously, extended their tentacles.

The tentacles covered with transparent mucus head towards that ‘hole’ which any animal would have.

Those are the mouth for eating, nose for sniffing smell, anus for excretion, of course, also the sexual organ for producing children.

In a hole of that sort of hole, the tentacles of Morjura enter as if competing with other tentacles, without any restraint, gentleness or even leniency.

The mucus covering the tentacles worked as a lube, the tentacles entered the hole without any resistance while making slippery sounds.

Feeling her whole body being pierced the Pegasus raised a shrill cry, but, was made silent by the tentacles even entering from the mouth.

The tentacles, after entering somewhat into the body, released the seed they had been holding.

The children of Morjura use the body of other living being as nourishment for growth; hence by laying the seeds inside the body, they nurse it.

Like that the being having the seed planted inside, has the nourishment absorbed from the interior of body, and soon after dies from weakness.

Around this time, the grown-up Morjura bites and tears apart the stomach to get out, so even if they don’t die from weakness, their death is inevitable.

And this continues for until one side dies, in other words, just like now the being would have tentacles stuffed inside forever, and seed would be planting inside it forever.

Getting captured by Morjura means, the body is raped just like now for several days.

That’s why Morjura, while being a rank 2 monster, is a monster which adventurers would never want to lose to, it easily enters the top 5 category of most unpopular monsters.

If one is completely captured by Morjura then they can’t even suicide if they want to.

That is the same for this Pegasus too, till the time her life lasts the seeds of Morjura would keep on filling her womb that is her fate.

But, that fate is toppled over at an unexpected turn.

Having the Death Reaper come to her before she went, she was given the relief of death in this current moment.

「Shitty smell and what a cruel scene」

The one who appeared abruptly was a man clad in Apprentice Mage Robe, the guild card hanging from the neck was bronze representation Rank 2.

In his right hand was a machete with a hue of deep crimson as if it was burning.

With just one light of it, the raging flames surge out vigorously.

But, those weren’t any normal flames, but black burning flames that don’t exist in natural world, the Darkness Flames.

Those black flames reduced the lying down Pegasus, and the Morjura squirming around like hoodlums, into ashes.

Morjura having a body structure near vegetables, having this much of flames poured upon, would only die with no room for survival.

「You’re right, most of the monsters with tentacles have a habit of doing this thing」

With a calm voice without any intonations, a witch in black clothes appeared from behind the man.

She waved the red wand in her hands, while looking at the man; several tens of fireballs are fired off rapidly, blasting away the remaining Morjura trying to extend their tentacles.

「Ugh, it smeels funny here!」

The one who appeared this time was a small girl clad in a sphere-shaped light green barrier.

Seems like she didn’t like the smell emitted by Morjura and was showing a sullen expression by knitting her thin brows on her lovely face.

And, that sullenness is not only represented by her expression but also by her behavior.

She flickers her two pairs of wing, which is the special characteristic of fairies, and several orbs and beams scatter all over the place.

「Ah, I finally thought of trying out the new blade made of『Wrath-Pun’s right arm』, but Morjura’s count just seems to decrease by each second……」

The man says that with disappointment while shifting his vision to the young girl and the small girl, who are scattering the fire and light here and there respectively.

The moment he turns back, the Morjura attacking him from behind, didn’t even enter the man’s vision, but end up getting burned and bisected from the machete, which he called『Wrath-Pun’s right arm』.

「Sorry Kurono-san, it was just too gross and disgusting」

「Uh, the smell, I hate it!」

To the non-timid witch, and angry fairy, the man nodded while smiling wrly.

「Well, certainly it was gross and stinking, not someone I would fight for a long period」

The man once again revert his vision to the front, only to see several corpses of Mojura burnt black, or in pieces.

In this place, even with a glance, it was clear the Morjura neared hundred, but after seeing such a one-sided attack, more than half ran towards the center of forest.

「Anyhow we were able to defeat the prescribed number, with this the quest is accomplished」

Furthermore, this Morjura Subjugation just happened to be the last quest needed for『Element Master』to reach Rank 3.


Kurono acquired『Wrath-Pun’s right arm』finally!

『Element Master』reached Adventurer Rank 3!

Kurono learned the correct ways to use tentacles!
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