Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear Chapter 293: Bear-san, Arrives in Town.


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Several giant hornets appeared from behind the King Giant Hornet.

I jumped from Hugging Bear.

[Hugging Bear, protect the Uncle!] Yuna

Since there are some giant hornets, I will leave the Uncle’s safety to Hugging Bear.

[Young Lady?!] Uncle

[Uncle, don’t move from there!] Yuna

After I advise the Uncle, I confronted the King Giant Hornet in front of me. When the King Giant Hornet sticks out its bottom towards me, it reveals a huge needle.

If you got stabbed with such a huge needle, you will definitely die. I didn’t even have [Trypanophobia] but I’m still terrified.

The King Giant Hornet suddenly descends with its needle pointing at me. I avoid it sideways and strike a Bear Punch into the torso, the moment we pass each other.

You can feel the soft touch like . (TN squishy soft sfx)

The impact from the Bear Punch, vibrated throughout its body. King Giant Hornet is rolling on the ground.

But it doesn’t seem to be fatal though.

Compared to beasts and crustaceans, it seems to be softer. But there is no way I cannot defeat an opponent like that.

However, I don’t want to touch it that much.

Moreover, I don’t want to see the face of that King Giant Hornet so close.

I don’t like insects and I’m even more disgusted of its face. I felt trembling when I think that I would be bitten by that mouth.

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be your opponent any longer than this, so I’ll settle it quickly.

The grounded King Giant Hornet ticks its mouth and tries to jump up when its wings vibrate at high speed.

To avoid the Wind Magic, the King Giant Hornet jumped faster and quickly evaded.

My reaction was delayed when I was thinking about various unpleasant things.

When I was about to attack the flying King Giant Hornet, a scream came out from behind.

[Awawa wa wa wa. Don’t come over here. ] Uncle

Looking at the source of the voice, there is a giant hornet attacking the uncle. However, there is a figure of Hugging Bear protecting the Uncle, just as I told him.

A giant hornet attacks the uncle. But Hugging Bear made a real Bear Punch with perfect timing and knocked the giant hornet down. And then, followed an attack on the giant hornet that fell to the ground.

Oh, Hugging Bear, you’re so cool.

I’ll leave the Uncle to Hugging Bear, because he looked at me with a look.

The King Giant Hornet can easily dodge the Wind Blade while airborne. It can nimbly turn despite of the large frame.

This time, I continuously cast Wind Blade, so that it could not be avoided. I can’t hesitate right now.

But when I thought that it hit, the Wind Blade disappeared.


Is it vibration?

Or the wind generated by the wings?

The King Giant Hornet blocked my attack, then moves up and down.

Well then, how about this?!

I created a lump of soil.

If it’s like this, it cannot be blocked by vibration or wind.

However, the King Giant Hornet evaded it by rotating its huge body. And again, it stick out its butt and point the needle down at me.

It’s movement is quick despite of the large frame.

In fact, if the opponent is an insect-type monster, flame magic would’ve been good. However you can’t use it in the forest, because the trees might get burned.

I made an Earth Bear in front of the King Giant Hornet. Moreover, the strength is increased by pouring magical power.

King Giant Hornet’s splendid needle couldn’t pierce the Earth Bear and it broke. And the King Giant Hornet fell to the ground while ticking its mouth.

U u~u, I knew it, I don’t want to look at it’s face now that it got closer.

But now its my chance to defeat it, I cut off the head of the fallen King Giant Hornet with the blades of Wind Magic.

And then, the subjugation of the King Giant Hornet ended safely.

I immediately remember the Uncle and look at Hugging Bear.

There were several giant hornets on the ground, while the Uncle and Hugging Bear were getting along.

What does that mean?

[Oh.. Have you defeated it?] Uncle

[Yup.] Yuna

The Uncle and Hugging Bear were walking together.

[Young Lady is really amazing.] Uncle

Looking at the dead King Giant Hornet, an honest impression comes out of this Uncle’s mouth.

Even so, it is huge.

I thought that such a bee monster only exist in the game world.

Well, it’s a different world.

[Uncle, what is this big thing?] Yuna

[I don’t know, I haven’t seen this before. However, it was terrifying to think that this big giant hornet was near the village. I really appreciate this, Young Lady. Thank you very much.] Uncle

Well, I got there by chance and just killed it. This is also called an event.

Moreover, insect-type monsters should only be subjugated.

[By the way, Young Lady, what is the name of this bear? ] Uncle

[Hugging Bear.] Yuna

[Did you say Hugging Bear? It’s a cute name. Hugging Bear, thank you for protecting me. ] Uncle

The Uncle gently strokes Hugging Bear’s head and thank him.

Hugging Bear cried, so cute.

He was very scared when he saw Hugging Bear a little while ago.

But now, he seemed to be impressed when Hugging Bear protected him from the giant hornet.

[I never knew a bear would be so cute.] Uncle

[My bear is special. So don’t make a mistake and approach a wild bear. ] Yuna

It is dangerous if you approach a wild bear and get attacked. Such a mistake, can get you killed.

[I know, and if I knew that there is such a bear, I’m still gonna get petrified.] Uncle

The Uncle pet Hugging Bear’s head many times.

Stop that~. Because it’s really dangerous.

After that, I put the King Giant Hornet into the Bear Box, so Fina can practice dismantling.

I was wondering about something, while I was storing it.

Uncle is glad that Hugging Bear protected him from the giant hornet, and then he thanked me many times.. Yes, me and not Hugging Bear.

Surely I was the one who killed the King Giant Hornet and the other giant hornets, but Hugging Bear is the one who protected the Uncle.

Well, it’s better than being scared of Hugging Bear, but there are some things that I don’t understand.

After that, I decided to go near the Uncle’s village and asked him to teach me the way to the desert.

[But I can’t believe it with my eyes. A cute girl like you is an adventurer and can defeat a giant hornet. And also being followed by such a bear.] Uncle

[Well, yeah.」Yuna

[So, I want you to come to the village, I would like to thank you.] Uncle

[As I have said a while ago, you don’t have to thank me. I didn’t kill it for the sake of the village. Also I’m in a hurry, so if you’re thankful, just tell me the way. ] Yuna

I lost my way and wasted a lot of time on the monsters. I want to make haste even just a little.

It would be a problem if the situation in the city was too late, because I got lost on my way.

[Also, can I really have the giant hornet?] Uncle

[It’s fine. But if a monster appears next time, its better to leave the monster subjugation to an expert, you have to ask the adventurers. ] Yuna

I decided to give the giant hornet that I killed in front of the cave to the villagers.

I don’t need it. And if Fina said she doesn’t need it as well, I’ll get rid of those things as soon as possible.

Also, I don’t think the villagers are just people who rely on those things like this Uncle. Just imagine the Uncle fighting against a monster.

A monster cannot be defeated just by pulling up your waist and swinging your knife randomly.

On that occasion, it would’ve been better to have funds for future subjugation.

[That’s right, I’ll let you do that. I can’t fight that kind of monster after all.] Uncle

Oh.. That’s good to hear.

After walking for a while, the village can be seen.

[That is my village. If you follow this road, you will reach a bigger road. If you turn left, it will take you back to the Royal Capital, but if you turn right, you will reach the town of Callus (Karusu), which is what you’re aiming for.] Uncle

So the road was this way?! I was brilliantly misdirected!

If I kept going as I did, I’ll end up to a different place.

Thanks to the giant hornets and this Uncle. If either one of you didn’t show up, my journey would’ve gotten pointless.

Without a giant hornet, I would never have the chance to met the Uncle in the woods. If the Uncle is not in the woods, I would’ve just defeated the giant hornets and kept moving aimlessly.

I was able to know the way because the two events overlapped.

[Well then, if you find yourself near the village, please stop by. My village will always welcome you. Of course, Hugging Bear is welcome as well. ] Uncle

[Thank you. I will take you on your offer next time.] Yuna

Hugging Bear cried happily and I promise to go if I come near the village.

Riding on the back of Hugging Bear, we head on the road that the Uncle told me.

Speaking of which, I forgot to ask the Uncle’s name. I didn’t even told him my name and only Hugging Bear was introduced.

Well, if I eventually go to that village, I’ll just ask him.

[Hugging Bear, faster.] Yuna

Hugging Bear speeds up after answering. This time, we will follow the road to avoid getting lost.

We took breaks several times and each time, I switch between Hugging Bear and Swaying Bear.

[Thank you Hugging Bear, take a rest. ] Yuna

I thank Hugging Bear for running and send him back to my Bear Puppet.

Then, I quickly summon Swaying Bear.

[Swaying Bear, let’s go.] Yuna

Swaying Bear ran with insane speed. As we continued, the dried terrain have begun to increase.

It gradually becomes a feeling of approaching the desert.

So it seems. Is it even raining here?

After running overnight, I can finally see the town, on the afternoon of the following day. The only visible area is the surrounding rocky surface.

It’s the town of Callus where the King and the Uncle who taught me the way called it.

If you go beyond this town, it’s going to be the desert.

Riding on the back of Swaying Bear we approached the town.

I can’t get into the town as it is, so I’ll return Swaying Bear to the Bear Puppets where people can’t see it and walk the rest of the way to the town entrance.

When the Guard standing at the entrance saw me, he looks at me like he’s seeing something strange.

Oh well, its just the usual.

[Young Miss, where are you from?] Guard

He’s looking at me with a terribly suspicious look.

Should I obediently say the Royal Capital or should I lie and say a nearby village?

In the first place, it seems suspicious that a girl is walking all alone and dressed as a bear.

At least it would be different if I was riding a carriage or a horse.

[Is that, Yuna-chan?] Woman

While being worried, I heard a voice calling me.

[Oh, it really is Yuna-chan, after all.] Woman

A woman who is familiar to me came happily.

[Rosa-san? Why are you here?] Yuna

The person who spoke to me was Rosa-san whom I met in the town of Mireera.

She is one of the member of the Harem Adventurers’ party, where a man named Blitz had three beautiful girls and a cute girl. (TN: Remember the Kraken?)

But right now, Rosa-san seems to be the only one present.

Perhaps they already disbanded and went on their own ways?

Well then, thanks to Rosa-san, I was able to enter the town without making excuses.

And that, is how I arrived at the town next to the desert.
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