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As Hugging Bear saw the flying giant hornet, he tried to look around, but there is nothing he could do.

[What’s wrong? ] Yuna

In addition to Hugging Bear’s cry , he is pushing my back.

[What’s wrong? You want me to follow you? ] Yuna

Hugging Bear respond to my words with , in such a cute voice.

Maybe there’s something about the giant hornet that’s flying?

When I use detection skills, I found a human reaction.

[Hu-Hugging Bear! If you noticed some people, don’t just cry with such a cute voice, charge! ] Yuna

When I jumped on Hugging Bear’s back, he started chasing the giant hornet that is flying towards the reaction.

You can hear someone screaming.

[Uwa ā ā ā ā, a giant hornet! ] Man

I see them.

Several giant hornets are attacking a man.

While screaming, the man tries to fend it off by swinging his knife randomly.

However, the giant hornets were only circling around the man and doesn’t want to leave.

I shot a Wind Blade towards a giant hornet and split the body of the giant hornet into two.

The man doesn’t seem to notice me and still swinging his knife.

I will also defeat the remaining giant hornet with magic, and then there should be no giant hornets buzzing around.

Is he okay?

After I defeated the giant hornets, I went to the man who is sitting down.

[Are you okay? ] Yuna

[Uwa ā ā ā ā, a bear ~~~~~~] Man

The timid voice came from a man in his 30’s.

The man screamed when he saw Hugging Bear.

Then, while trying pull up his weight, he is swinging his knife randomly.

[Don’t come near me!] Man

Quite a noisy person he is.

[If you don’t shut up, I’ll feed you to my bear.] Yuna

Hugging Bear slowly approaches as to match with my voice.

[U ā ā ā ā ā, don’t eat me.] Man

[That’s why I telling you to shut up, so you won’t get eaten.] Yuna

[Don’t eat me, I’m not delicious!] Man

He’s still swinging the knife randomly without looking at me.

Yeah, it’s useless.

He’s not listening to me at all.

I created water using Water Magic and pour it on the top of the man’s head, who is still sitting down.

[Uwa ā ā ā ā ] Man

[Are you willing to listen now?] Yuna

[A little girl?] Man

He looked at me, then he looked at his surroundings, while his neck is making a sound.

Apparently, he seems to have returned to sanity.

He then looked at me accordingly.

[You should be grateful because I saved you.] Yuna

When I look at the two giant hornets, the man also look at the giant hornets on the ground.

Alternating his gaze between me and the dead giant hornets.

Then finally, his gaze stops at me.

And he’s staring at me blankly.

[Do you understand the words that are comin’ out of my mouth?] Yuna (TN sorry can’t help it, just let this one go.)

[..Ah …Are you the one who defeated them Young Lady?] Man

[Yes, I am.] Yuna

Well, I’m also the reason why the giant hornets fled and came over here in the first place.

However, I’m also the one who defeated them.

The man stood up, but somehow it felt like he’s a little stiff.

[Uh.. The bear is…] Man

Apparently, Hugging Bear is a bit cautious. It’s so cute.

[If you don’t attack me with that knife, then he won’t do anything. So, are you okay Uncle? ] Yuna

[Oh.. Yes, thank you for the help, I was so frightened when a giant hornet suddenly appeared.] Uncle

While thanking me, he’s looking at my appearance.

But I’m not going to say anything, I’m not going to say anything, I’m not!

[So, why is Uncle alone in such a forest?] Yuna

[There is a village not far from here, but the giant hornets appeared in the village recently, so I came to investigate where it came from. ] Uncle

Maybe it’s the same hornet’s nest that I just burned?

According to the Uncle, it seems that the villagers opinions are divided on whether or not asking the Adventurer’s Guild to subdue the giant hornets.

So, if the nest seems to be small, the villagers will handle it by themselves.

But if the nest is large, they will turn to Adventurer’s Guild instead.

That’s why this Uncle came to check the giant hornet’s nest.

Even though he might get attacked by a few animals, even though he is panicking, he still insisted to find the nest alone.

However, according to his story, it seems that the some villagers are spreading out to search for it as well.

This uncle was just unlucky, he got attacked by the giant hornets.

[Well about the nest, I think I burned it together with the giant hornets. I may look like this, but I’m an adventurer, you know. ] Yuna

[…..The Young Lady is an adventurer?] Uncle

Again, he’s staring at my appearance.

Well, it’s because of the Bear Costume right?

That’s why he can’t believe it, right? RIGHT?

[Yeah, as I was on the process of eradicating the giant hornet’s nest, a few of them managed to escape, so I chased after them, that’s when I found Uncle being attacked.] Yuna

[Well, if the Young Lady didn’t come to help, I would be in danger. I was saved, thank you.] Uncle

Well to begin with, it was my fault for letting it escape.

But it was all thanks to Hugging Bear.

It might have been dangerous if Hugging Bear didn’t tell me.

If he died because of me, I might not be able to sleep.

Thanks to Hugging Bear, for telling me.

[Young Lady, is it true that the giant hornet’s nest was already burned down? Along with the other giant hornets?] Uncle

[Yeah, I burned it down with Fire Magic and cut the rest with Wind Magic.] Yuna

It’s okay because I already destroyed it.

[I’m sorry, but can you guide me to the nest? I want to see it for myself. ] Uncle

I took the Uncle to the giant hornet’s nest.

[But then again, I’ve never seen a white bear before.] Uncle

The Uncle is looking at Hugging Bear, walking next to me.

Well, white bears do seem unusual.

But, is it just a white bear?

I don’t know where is this world’s Arctic is, but it might be the same white bear that goes to the Arctic and the snowy mountains.

It may be a good idea to search for it next time.

[So, why is the Young Lady in such a place? Did you come to do a subjugation on the giant hornets? ] Uncle

[No, but I came across the giant hornets by chance, so I thought it would be better to just subjugate it. ] Yuna

The Uncle was amazed by my words.

[Young Lady is a remarkable adventurer, despite being small.] Uncle

[I just used a little magic.] Yuna

[Even so, you’re still amazing. I can never be an adventurer, because I am scared of monsters. ] Uncle

In reality, I only had my MMORPG experiences.

(TN for those who didn’t know .)

At first, I even thought this world was the game world.

If I didn’t have those experiences, I don’t know if I can defeat those monsters.

[So, the Young Lady has never been here, where are you from?] Uncle

[The Royal Capital. From there, I was going to go to the desert in the south, but I tried to take a shortcut and got lost when I went into the forest.] Yuna

[Trying to take a shortcut by entering the forest you say?!] Uncle

He’s looking at me with amazement.

I get what you’re trying to say.

Normally, you can’t enter the forest just because you want take a shortcut.

It just increases the chance of getting lost.

I won’t do anything so reckless if I don’t have the Map Skill.

I didn’t expect getting lost because I could see my location by looking at the map.

I was expecting that I could join the road but…

There is no road in the direction I was going.

[So it seems like there is a town in front of the desert, do you know about it?] Yuna

[Maybe, it’s the town of Callus (Karusu).] Uncle

Oh, town information, GET!

Apparently, he knows the town.

[Where is that town?] Yuna

[Umm, I don’t know where it is from here. But if you go near the village, you can see it. ] Uncle

[Really?] Yuna

Certainly, in the forest, it may be difficult to know where you are and where you are going.

However, if you go to the village, just knowing it’s location will help a lot.

It seems that I can escape from being lost safely.

[Is the village near by?] Yuna

[Yes, not too far from here.] Uncle

It seems that the village is near, I will ask him to guide me later.

I came across a giant hornet. And thanks to that, I met someone and taught me the direction of the town.

Well then let’s take the Uncle to the giant hornet’s nest.

The giant hornets that I defeated with Wind Magic were scattered on the ground.

[They really are defeated.] Uncle

[It seems that the cave was the nest of the giant hornets.] Yuna

[Hmm? A Bear?] Uncle

When I pointed the Bear Puppet to the nest cave, the cave was blocked by a Bear Statue.

[Don’t worry about it.] Yuna

I check the inside of the cave with my detection skill before removing the Bear Statue.

There is no reaction from the giant hornets.

It seems that the giant hornets was isolated in the cave.

After removing the Bear Statue, the hot air comes out.

It is the effect of the Fire Bear.

[Oh, hot! hot!] Uncle

I’m fine, but the Uncle can’t take it and stepped away from the cave.

[Young Lady, what is this?] Uncle

[I just annihilated the giant hornets by throwing a huge Fire Magic and closed it with the Bear Statue. If you want to confirm it, you’ll have to wait for a little while. ] Yuna

It’s still very hot inside the cave.

Its normal, that you don’t want to go in.

You have wait a little longer.

You have to cool it down with water first.

The Uncle tried to peek at the cave’s entrance, but immediately gave up.

He then move to the dead giant hornets outside.

[Young Lady, can I have one of these giant hornets? I want to bring it back to the village and show it to everyone.] Uncle

[You can bring as many as you like.] Yuna

[Do you not need it?] Uncle

Are giant hornets edible?

I’ve seen someone eating a bee on TV, but I don’t think I can eat it. So even if you say you can eat it, I won’t.

But I think Fina was studying about dismantling. She was also working at the Adventurer’s Guild to learn dismantling.

And in order to hone her dismantling skill, she’s dismantling various kinds of monsters and animals in large quantities.

I don’t need it, so I’ll get a few giant hornets for Fina to practice her dismantling skill.

[Then, I’ll take some.] Yuna

[You’re an adventurer aren’t you Young Lady? Didn’t you need to sell the materials? I think if you sell the needles and the wings, as well as the magic stones, you’ll make a lot of money. ] Uncle

[Is that so?] Yuna

[Didn’t you know about it? Is the Young Lady really an adventurer?] Uncle

[I’m not familiar with it because, I’ve become an adventurer just a few months ago.] Yuna

It wasn’t a lie.

The first year of adventuring, is treated as a rookie.

So, I am a newbie adventurer.

[It seems true for the Young Lady’s age. So, what do you want to do? Are you going to take it back with you?] Uncle

[As I have said a while ago, I’ll just take some with me. In return, Uncle will do me a favor.] Yuna

[I see, very well, thank you very much.] Uncle

After choosing several beautiful giant hornets, I put it into the Bear Box.

When the Uncle picked one, he put it into the bag he had.

At that time, Hugging Bear cried .

At the same time, you can hear a buzzing sound.

[What’s is it?] Yuna

I saw the wings of a big giant hornet, flying towards us.

It’s way bigger than the other giant hornets that I defeated. That one is about the size of Hugging Bear.

[Awawa wa wa wa wa wa.] Uncle

The Uncle fell on his back.

I used detection skills.

The display said it’s a giant hornet.

But isn’t that the Queen Bee or rather the King Giant Hornet?

It will be different from the ordinary giant hornets that I’ve defeated so far.

[Uncle, is that?] Yuna

[Awawa wa wa wa wa wa.] Uncle

It’s useless.

He was so frightened that he fell on his back.

For the time being, it may be a Queen Bee, but to make a distinction, I shall call it King Giant Hornet.

When the King Giant Hornet saw a dead giant hornet, it makes its mouth tickle and vibrates its wings.

It seems that the King Giant Hornet, recognized us as the enemy.

Yeah.. It’s disgusting.. Let’s kill it.
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