king“s desire Chapter 8: liberation


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husk followed the trail till he got to the bandit lair. it was a ruined castle. the castle was surrounded by walls. it was guarded heavily by the bandit.

it was not impossible to get in. immediately husk spotted some bandit leaving the castle.

there were three in number. they went into the forest to get supplies.

husk hid quiet in the Forest, the men came to fetch woods. they talked loud while cutting down the tree. but unfortunately one of the men saw husk.

"i think i saw someone" he said. husk quickly hid by a tree. "are you certain". "yes i am" he answered quietly.

"ha you think am so stupid, do you think I'll fall for your foolish prank"." this is not a prank" . " that was what you said earlier". " i know but...'' . but what ?.

"i really saw a man". " liar you didn't". seeing them arguing husk took the opportunity to quietly quietly climb the tree. "hey will you guys stop shouting, you two love to argue all the time what's your problem".

"am sick of his prank". "fine while not try to prank him too".

"i have tried but am not good at it"

"then you need to practice hard, practice makes perfect".

"but then nobody is perfect so what's the point of practicing".

"enough if you are not coming I'll go alone".

"i think he is serious". "OK if you say so".

the men went to search for husk but he wasn't there. "what did i said, look am getting out of here". "wait ! but seriously i saw someone". when the coast was clear husk jumped down.

"what did i say". hearing this words husk turned and saw the three bandit, he was tricked.

each was equipped with a weapon. one with a crossbow and the remaining two with axes.

"who are you" the one with crossbow shouted. at this point husk was nervous, he didn't understand the words that the bandit was saying . but when he came back to his sense, there was a bolt on his left arm close to his heart.. the bandit was reloading another bolt. see this husk began to run deep into the forest. the bandit chased him. he ran as fast as he could.

when he looked back he saw that one was closer to him while others were far behind. husk ran faster. but the bandit was faster than him . the bandit ran closer to him and shouted then he swing his axe to his neck. but husk bent his head but he sustain a little scratch on the back of his head. the bandit used a lot of his energy for the attack, failure to hit husk made him loose his balance he rowed continuously, in the process he threw his axe.

when he got his balance. he saw husk looking at the axe. immediately he ran for it. husk picked a big hard stone and also ran for the axe . seeing that the bandit was close to the axe, he threw the stone at his chest. the bandit fell down and cried bitterly holding his chest. husk picked the axe and ended his misery. he chopped of his head.

then he began to run again.

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when he turned his head back he found out that the other bandit were closed. he tried to run fast but lost his balance and stumbled . immediately he heard a sharp sound close to his ears it was a bolt fired by one of the bandit. but he missed his shot due to husk clumsy movement. husk turned and threw him the ask and it landed on his head.

then he charged towards the last one who was also holding an axe, the last bandit was prepared he stroked husk but he caught his hand and gave him several punches on the face.

the bandit nodded him , which made him took three step backwards. the bandit swing his axe again but husked dogged. then he picked a log and hit his head several times. the bandit fell but didn't stop he hit his head continuously till he broke it. after he finished killing the last bandit. he fell down flat like a log of wood.

his heart was beating fast. he took a deep breath then he reached for the bolt in his left arm and pulled it out. he tore some part of his cloth and wrapped the wound. then he stood up and went closed to the dead man, he took his armor and his axe. he went to a near by pond. he dipped his hand in the water, the water wasn't clean but it will server as a cleaning agent. he removed the blood from the armor and then he wore it.

he was trying to disguised himself as a bandit.

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