king“s desire Chapter 7: bandit lair


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when Kira woke up she saw husk make a small bag from the rabbits fur. furry ran to her and started behaving like a year old puppy, wanting Kira to touch him and so she did. she rubbed his stomach. "you playful bear".

husk stood up stretching his arm wide open feeling a bit relived ." all done" he said."so husky you made a bag". "yes we are going to be needing one''.

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husk filled the bag with fruits and meat.

its time he said to kira. Kira nodded so let go then. their walked out of the forest and arrived at that same route husk met the daughters of Rodriguez Rodrigo.

don't you think this is suicide husk said to kira. kind of but it is my responsibility as a druid to.....Kira was interrupted when five men came out of a nearby bush. the men surrounded them creating no space for escape. immediately husk brought out his dagger, he was ready to fight.

the men became a bit scared when they saw furry. actually they had following them for a while and thought furry was a dog but to their greatest surprise furry was a big bear. furry roared. the sound of his roar was very thick .which made the men move back a little.

the men wore a armor made with leathers and metals scrap, there were each holding cutlasses. furry dived one of the men and gave him a fatal bite in his throat. husk attacked and stabbed one of men neck. he fell helplessly. Kira stoked the remaining men with lighting. then a man came out clapping his hand, he looked impressed. oh the northern druid. there's a great bounty on your head and you will make rich.

immediately fifteen men came out of the forest well equipped. "Kira we should run away" husk said quietly. "surround them" their leader shouted.

the men surrounded them. husk took one of the dead men cutlass, "seize them" the leader gave the command. Kira hands were bright red, she blasted fire balls at the men. they all fell dead. the leader clapped his hands twice, another set of men twenty five in number came out of the forest . "attack" the leader shouted. the men rushed down to Kira she attacked again with her magic.

this time, she only took five down. the men rushed close to her. husk tried to protect her, he swung his cutlass above one of them. immediately he dodged the attack and gave husk a drop punch. which made him to stagger then he fell down. the men grabbed Kira's arms leaving her defenseless. furry ran with rage to protect Kira, but was trapped in a net. the men tied Kira's hands and foot. then made her sit. the leader of the bandit walked close to her and touched her face. "you're so beautiful too bad am going to sell you off to Koy's grand commander".

he turned to his men" get ready we'll leave before dusk. the bandits got busy. they took the dead bodies and buried them. one of the them walked to the leader who was busy trying to impress Kira. "sir we are ready". "OK take the prisoner to the wagon" pointing at Kira. sir what about the unconscious man and bear. take the bear and leave the man to rot.

Kira and furry were taken to the wagon. while husk was abandoned.

the leader of the bandit made preparation to go back to their territory.

husk laid on the ground for a very long time. when he regain his consciousness, it was dusk already. he struggle to stand up. since he was beaten, he had bruises and cut allover. he looked around and saw his bag, it was ruined. he searched and found some rabbit meat. he took it and ate in haste. after eating, he went to look for medicinal herbs, he applied it on his wounds . then he rested, when he woke up it was morning already. he took around and found the wagon trails. that was the only chance to get Kira back.

so he followed it till he arrived at the bandit lair.

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