king“s desire Chapter 6: journey to the wes


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husk were did you get this cloak kira asked.

it was given to me by a lady but actually their were two who offered help, the order offered me a pink cloak, and my instinct was telling to take the black one, cause i have not seen a druid wearing a pink fancy cloak.

that's so thoughtful of you. so what are their names Kira asked. their names are Daniella and silver Rodriguez. oh daughters of Rodriguez Rodrigo. how do you know their father.

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well I'm the northern druid and Rodriguez Rodrigo is one of the noble men of the north Karen. the ladies said that the north Karen was invade by koy so their are heading south.

but come to think of it , is east Karen a safe place to go. nowhere is safe we just have to take the risk and find the one with the royal blood.

I'll go get some fruits. OK try to stay safe. I will. husk went to search for fruit, on his way he spotted a cave. the cave looks more like a ruin. so he decided to take a look. but when he got closer, he heard a wild roar in the dark cave. it was a bear, the bear had noticed that someone was trespassing its territory so it came out with fortitude.

seen this husk ran with full speed known that bear are slow when it comes to running. he ran as fast as he could, he was not equipped with any powerful weapon. he only had his hunter dagger.

attacking with his dagger will make him vulnerable. but when he looked behind he notice that the bear was gone so he decided to rest in an oak tree. feeling so exhausted he slept.

back in the camp Kira was worried so she went to look for husk. Kira walked deep into the forest looking around searching for him

Kira was tired of walking so she shouted "husky were are you ". the sound of her voice woke husk up. not only husk but it also attracted the wild bear. immediately the wild bear spotted her and chased her roaring.

when she heard the roared sound, she shouted and quickly began to run. husk hearing the noise also ran to rescue her .he was run behind them. then he noticed that Kira had stopped facing the bear. he shouted "Kira run". "le mar goe so mi ker ra" Kira said this word. her eyes and hands became bright pink . then she struck the wild bear. husk stopped and became observant. he notice that the bear was not attacking. but before he could conclude the bear jumped at her. husk ran towards the bear he had his dagger ready to strike.

but when he approach the bear he saw the bear licking Kira's face. what have you done to the bear husk asked. oh cast a permanent spell on it. oh !! you tamed it. yea kind of. husk kept looking at Kira who was busy playing with the bear. when she noticed that husk was staring at her. she asked "what ! why the weird look".

we have got an extra mouth to feed. that's no problem husk. you won't understand cause you are not the one who provides the food. fine what do you want me to do. simple reverse the spell. if i reverse the spell it will attack and kill us.

you know what lets just keep it, it might be useful. useful ! bears are lazy. so should i take that ask a yes. yea . great so what do will call it. ahem i don't know maybe man eater. husk what a primitive name i don't like it. or furry cause its covered with fur. OK i think that's better.

husk tried to pat furry's head but he roared aggressively. which made him moved backwards and fell down . how did you tamed this creature it is still wild. yes wild only to strangers.

furry immediately realized that realize that husk wasn't a threat so it went close to husk and licked his face. that's enough wild boy.

so I'll get some fruit you can wait here.

OK I'll. husk went to search for food , and then he noticed something was close to him, when he turned to check its was furry. go and stay with kira. instead of listening furry ran forward.

husk went after him. then to his greatest surprise furry caught a rabbit. so you are not useless after all. husk went and took the meat gently from furry. lets hunt some more. furry roared loudly. no no no be quiet you will chase our prey away. acknowledging it mistake furry kept quiet.

OK you will hide in that bush and i will chase what ever prey i see to and make sure you catch it. but furry didn't understand a word. so husk started to demonstrate but to no avail. husk got tired of demonstrating so he pushed furry into the bush. ah that bear is heavy.

furry who had no ideas of husk plan waited patiently immediately he spotted a rabbit being chased by husk, immediately furry gave a sneak attack and caught it. nice one husk praised furry. with the same method their caught the total of four rabbits.

let's go husk patted furry who was enjoying the fun. they arrived at dusk.

husk made fire and roasted the rabbits.

Kira was pleased with the game. we should move tomorrow , its dangerous to walk at night husk said why giving Kira some fruits and meat to eat.

they all ate and slept soundly.

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