king of the god system Chapter 2: 2[new skills]


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Nicolas screamed for almost 5 minutes until he calmed down and checked the description of the items he got, which were ?.
[olympus sword-sss] nv-1 (0/100): is the legendary sword created by zeus to win the war against the titans.
when evolved to the maximum level, can throw lightning along with the attacks, and also drain life from all nearby enemies, and a growing weapon grows with the owner mutations can occur in the weapon, unfortunately this weapon is partially sealed requested level: 15 or

never he thought of getting a weapon from a game even more of the famous kratos of god of war the game was old more liked to play even more that will relaunch it in virtual reality everyone is anxious for it, only this gun even sealed was worth a lot
penalty after a while he continued his earnings check
[instant domination] automatically learns any skill or technique visualized and the host wants to learn, plus it has limits as the host can not use very high abilities because your body can explode lineage skills also can not be mastered unless
You have the same blood.

Nicolas laughed a little and said: "Two great gains I want to see what will be the last item will be and it's a divine ability just to think about it, I'm already crazy hahahahahhaahh." More everything changed when he saw the last item, he shouted much more
no more happiness than the most unfortunate luck in the world, laugh and cry no matter it was just blood coming out of his eyes, soon he was pale from the loss of blood he sat on the bed and calmed down and continued to look at his item of chance

[twig] nv-0 (0/50) does not even need description, it exists everywhere only that one in your hand is a little tougher than normal.

Nicolas calmed down and stored in the inventory all the items and I look for a photo of a simple woman, white hairs thin eyebrows, black eyes as if nothing could escape them, a cheerful smile as he looked at the young man next to him who had white hair and
simple face full of scars the only thing that caught the attention was her honey-colored eyes slim body smiling looking at tired woman, it was a normal portrait more for nicolas was all of importance.

then lay down and slept a peaceful sleep with tears on his face, slept until the sun was in the middle of the sky lifted and changed his clothes washed his face and looked at the street that was simple and very hectic at that time looked and saw that it was 12:
20 the street was like a fair had everything from pans to guns nothing different from a normal favela, away from the main city here everything can happen murder or ****, robberies and all kinds of illegal things, he turned in and looked in
mirror and saw a face full of scars from both catching his father and sighed deeply and turned to bed.

Nicolas: "{status}" he spoke in his mind.
Nicolas Sarkozy
title: none
active-skills: [mechanical-ss (nv-1)]

passive: [instantaneous]
nv: 0> exp- (0/100)
inventory weapons: [sword of Olympus-sss (nv-1)] [twig (nv-0)]

p.deus: [10,000]

Nicolas: "Until that is a good start, arthur open shop looking body and face".
he said tired of the scars on his body.

arthur: "here are all the items that correspond to your folks, it took much longer than I expected you to look for these items," he said in a playful way with Nicolas.
to the contrary of what he expects nicolas agreed with him, more can not be said that he did not get a little annoyed looked at the items had thousands of them or millions no one knows and the worst and they are only a part that match their points.

[p.deus]: 10,000

- [beauty potion (beginner)]: 4,000

- [random charm increase letter]: 5,500

- [pheromone perfume]: 6,250

- [cultivating the sun]: 9,400

- [cultivation of the moon]: 9,100

- [metamorphosis]: 10: 000

- [water from the fountain of youth] 9,900

he listed the best ones at the beginning because he knew he would never make it to the bottom of the list and looked at the description of the items why two names piqued his curiosity.
[water from the source of youth] :( gives an increase of 6 of charm, and removes all stains, scars among others, could only use one more time this will have no effect. (notice how the potion will recover all of your
body the pain will be how to be skinned alive).
only the description already gave fear in normal people more to nicolas was not much since he almost died several times of so much catching, so he was not so scared, even if it would hurt a lot he will do anyway.

[metamorphosis]: (the body of the host will be reborn with a lineage of a random monster with one of his abilities (warning: extreme pain, danger of death in the reason process will not only be reborn as your whole being will be recreated from scratch turning né a
half human and half monster).

he hesitated a little more confirm that he wanted to be stronger not only handsome he chose to buy.

> [yes] - [no]
arthur: ("better host if you prepare will start at 1 ... 2..3 now")
before it all started little headaches came as if the brain was melting the pain was infernal blood coming out from the nose into the ear gasping cries out of the small room, lucky that the arthur created a sound barrier.

his eyes bursting out you could see the brain melting and dripping, through the hole in his eyes he looked like a demon bones roaring until all his skin melted only stayed heart throbbing stomach was horrid looking guts flowing out running like water on the floor,
the bones turned to dust took too long until there was nothing left on the floor.

after a while all the organs recovered again at a much slower speed, the bones shining in different colors, the blood was golden, after the reconstruction of the bones a second layer of bones that looked like smaller jadesimperials created a dome around them
vital organs soon after the heart is rebuilt.

a second appeared that it had a beat like a war drum when the skin returned to cover the bones and organ it was tanned, the white hair is gone now there is only a red hair that extended to his shoulders and made him look like a king in
his rest in his place of highest power.

the other day when Nicolas opened his eyes an arrogant aura aroused from his body he got up a little sore was still the worst pain he ever felt he looked at the system notifications.

arthur: "Congratulations to the host for unlocking the" bloodline "marker in status.
[the black phoenix] (unlike her sister she was born of the flames of the underworld by the wickedness of all beings giving her consciousness, the most arrogant being in the lower world hates everything pure in humanity)
[new acquired skills]
"The black phoenix is ​​a bird, from the flames of hell when it dies, it burns the souls of the demons of the lower world after some time, it is reborn from its own ashes.
reuse the skill ).
[resistance to pain (nv 2)] 0/400: immunity to poisons and normal weapons of your world,high level of resistance to pain with high performance in small bruises.
Nicolas Sarkozy

title: none
lineages: [black phoenix] (5% / 100
active-abilities: [mechanical-ss (nv-1)] [resistance to pain (nv 2), [rebirth of ashes (nv-1)]
passive: [instantaneous]
nv: 0> exp- (0/100)
[1 +15] 16
[5 +25] = 30
[10+ 15] = 25
[3+ 17] = 20
[0 +7] = 7
weapons: [sword of Olympus-sss (nv-1)] [twig (nv-0)]
p.god: [0000]
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