King of Sports Chapter 174: Choices & Sacrifices To Be Made 2


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Speeding up, Tang Yan felt soreness run up his legs as they began to strain and tighten. It was a constant reminder to him of consequences to come.

He was pushing his limit and he knew it.

However, Tang Yan steeled his mind, there was only 100 meters left. If he didn't rush forward, he would have no chance at all.

"Tang Yan! Tang Yan!"

As Tang Yan accelerated, the audience cheered loudly for him.

Although Phelps' popularity was high, compared with Tang Yan at home, the audience was obviously more willing to support the latter.

With this cheer, Tang Yan rose to fifth place and began to gain on Park Tae-hyun in fourth.

He could feel his calf tightening gradually as if a knot was forming. He grit his teeth and accelerated, and now he had to defeat his opponent and himself.

During this, the front of the pack underwent a huge change as Lochte burst out and suddenly caught up and surpassed Phelps, taking first. Sending the audience into upheaval.

Entering the final 50 meters, he carried forward his speed heading into the turn, he somersaulted over and reaching out his legs, he kicked off wall but in an instant he felt his right leg knot up and cramp up but his momentum forcefully broke him through.

Tang Yan grimaced as his face scrunched up, he accidentally took in some water as a sharp pain rang through him.

Coming out the, Tang Yan had squeezed in front of Park Tae-hyun and took fourth.

He gritted his teeth and forged ahead, he felt soreness spread to his waist and his hands. 

Still unwilling to accept his situation, he changed from 8 fetches to 9 fetches.

All the swimmers had switched into their final sprints, but at this time almost everyone's attention was focused on Tang Yan.

Because he was accelerating, accelerating madly!

"It's a familiar scene again. Tang Yan has finally started sprinting. It's a race to see if he can catch up with Biedermann in the last 30 meters!"

"Tang Yan is gaining on Biedermann. He is like a flying fish in the water! It's the last 25 meters!"

"Oh my god! Tang Yan is crazy! He is speeding up past Biedermann! He's chasing Phelps! Only 20 meters left!"

"200 meters, this isn't Tang Yan's weakness! Tang Yan has no weaknesses! Phelps is speeding up! Only 10 meters left! Lochte, Phelps and Tang Yan, all three are head for medals! "

Along with the cheers of the commentator, Tang Yan staged a shocking chase in the last 50 meters. He reached second from fifth. At this time, the gap between him and Phelps was closing at a visible rate.

Tang Yan completely forgot the feeling of soreness. It didn't mean that it disappeared, but it was transformed into adrenaline.

At this moment he had only one thought on his mind, and he needed to catch up!

For the last 10 meters, he was completely crazy about fetching water.

"The distance between him and Phelps is getting closer! Closer and Closer! 10 meters left!"

"Tang Yan has caught up! He and Phelps are almost on track! Last 5 meters! Phelps is accelerating! The American is fighting! He doesn't want to lose silver!

Many spectators stood up excitedly at this scene. Tang Yan's crazy scene quickly burned their enthusiasm.

"Tang Yan! Come on Tang Yan!" At the last moment, the commentator stood up from the commentary seat and shouted frantically at the swimming pool.

The audience's eyes were all looking towards the pool.

Then as if a lightning bolt had hit, Tang Yan was struck. 

Both his legs clammed up and his arm stiffened.

The pain was like a knife being sliced through a nerve. It shots up fast, erasing every thought from his head and paralyzing his body. 

Lochte shot forward and touched the wall.

Phelps launched himself forward to finish.

Tang Yan's eyes squeezed closed as his face contorted. He felt his legs go to lead, they ached. No matter how he moved them, they were impossibly numb.

Biedermann swept past, kicking with his all.  A look of confusion and glee across his face.

His arms were throbbing in refusal but mechanically through the pain, he paddled forward. 

To reach the finish line and touch the wall.

The audience all looked up to the display screen directly in front of the pool.

(USA) Lochte: 1 minute 44 seconds 41.

(USA) Phelps: 1 minute 44 seconds 45

(GER) Biedermann: 1 minute 46 seconds 41.

(CHN) Tang Yan: 1 minute 48 seconds 12

2 seconds!

Tang Yan lost!

He lost both silver and bronze.

After the live results were played out, the sports center instantly boiled.

His magical reversal!? 

What the hell just happened? He was so close to second! Inches from the finish. 

Why did he suddenly freeze up....


With the race over, Tang Yan leant against the pool wall. Pain was racking through his head. His face was a harsh grimace. 

Leaning on the wall he attempted to massage his leg.

A sharp pain lanced through his head and colorful spots flashed in front of his eyes, it felt like his whole body had been beaten and every movement caused some muscle or bone to ache.

"Are you okay." Phelps turned and reached out to him, seeing him gritting his teeth.

"I'm fine." Tang Yan raised his shaking hand and waved off Phelps.

"You don't look it." Lochte said also coming over from the next lane at this time.

Tang Yan didn't speak and extended his hand beginning to pull himself out of the pool.

Climbing out of the pool, Tang Yan almost fell, Phelps rushed up to catch him.

His right leg had given way.

Phelps seeing Tang Yan struggling helped him walk forward.

The Chinese swimming staff ran up, a stretcher in hand. Tang Yan was loaded up and carried out.

With that, Tang Yan, the darkhorse of this year's competition, was carried out, after a desperate race with no reward.
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