King of Sports Chapter 153: The Girl Next Door


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Getting a 56 kg boxing ticket for the World Boxing Championships meant that Tang Yan's weight gain plan was successful.

For Qin Hailong, Tang Yan's performance once again refreshed his trust in him and made him full of confidence for the upcoming Boxing World Championships.

But Tang Yan was a busy man. As soon as the boxing match was over, he had to rush to Shanghai.

This time the World Swimming Championships held a great significance to the Chinese swimming team. The Chinese swimming team started training directly one and a half months in advance.

Tang Yan arrived in Shanghai one week in advance.

At the end of the Asian Games, he used his ¥1 million reward to buy a house in Shanghai. The transfer had been completed sometime last year but because he had been busy training and competing, he hadn't had time to arrange everything else.

However after Zhuang Jiajie became his agent, he had given a helping hand and solved the problem of furnishing the house.

Because it was quite close to the swimming centre where the national team was training, Tang Yan headed for his house directly.

It was a standard suite with 3 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen etc. The location was fairly picturesque, it was located on the edge of the Huangpu River. Through the north window, you could see the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower.

Currently one million could still buy you a house in such a prime location, but in a few years house prices would skyrocket as land value rose sharply in Shanghai. 

The decoration style of the house was very sporty, there were even hanging sandbags and treadmills, everything was adjusted to meet the needs of Tang Yan.

Looking around the house left Tang Yan inextricably satisfied.

Because there was still some time before the training sessions began, Tang Yan used his last two-days to lazily lounge about, reading novels and playing games.

After two days like this, a call from his mother caused ripples in his peaceful life.

"Do you remember the little girl that used to live next door when you were a kid....Bing'er."

"Bing' you mean Xiao Bing? I swear Xiao Bing didn't live next door to us?" Tang Yan's memories stayed with him after his rebirth but his early childhood memories he had long forgotten.

"Yan Bing, Uncle Yan's daughter, you remember Uncle Yan he used to drop you off at school." His mother said with a trace of annoyance.

Yan Bing!

As soon as his mother mentioned the name, Tang Yan's memories came back.

When he was a kid, him and his group of mischievous friends used to play catch the dragon's tail and knock over, often coming home sweaty and dirty.

There was no distinction between men and women. Everyone was always dirty. Due to this he suffered under his dad. Yan Bing was 2 years older than him. The girls favorite thing to do after his beating was to secretly sneak him some candy, this was enough to move his young heart so much he proclaimed he would marry her when he got older.

But this was just childish bragging. Later on, around the time he started the second grade of elementary school, the Yan family moved away. After crying for two days, he slowly forgot about Yan Bing.

In fact, this was life, time blurred many seemingly important things.

However, listening to his mom mention the name, Tang Yan felt some doubt and suspicion.

Why was she suddenly mentioning her after all these years.

"She's studying at Fudan University in Shanghai. I remember when you were young, you got on well pretty easily. If you have the chance, you should meet up with her and talk. I always knew she was a bright one and now look at her going to Fudan University the third best university in the country. Hmmm she'll do just right, she's got a good head on her shoulders. "His mom muttered.

Listening to his mom's words, Tang Yan suddenly felt a big headache set on.

Why was her mind already setting off to match making.

He hadn't had this issue when he was a little security guard in his previous life, she wasn't so anxious back then.

"Don't worry, I'll ask your dad to send you the number later. You can contact her when you have time. Hahaha I remember when she used to secretly give you candy, hahaha what a sweet girl. You were both so cute thinking I didn't see it!" 

"Yawn, ahhh look at the time, mom, it's late, I should head to bed." Tang Yan said trying to end the call before she carried on.

"Hmm, it is getting late, okay goodnight. Don't forget to message her, okay...haha."

"....Ok I will....when I have time."

Tang Yan quickly hung up.

Because of his past life, what he wanted to do after his rebirth was to make money and turn his life around. As for women and getting hitched, he hadn't really given it much thought.

As for Yan Bing, they hadn't seen each other for more than ten years. Who knew what the other person looked like now and what they were like. Plus he had the World Championships to focus on.

So when he saw the text message from his mother, he didn't even read it and jumped directly into bed heading to sleep.


Tang Yan was the first to report to the national swimming team.

Arriving at the swimming centre he got his first view of the head coach of the national swimming team, Song Xiaocheng, an energetic old man who was about 60 years old.

Song Xiaocheng had led the swimming team for three going four years. In the past few years, the Chinese swimming team had also shown strong potential in the international arena. Seeing the talented members in the team, this coach was indeed a level above the rest.

However, the swimming team was different from the previous archery team and boxing team, because there were many events, the head coach had several assistant coaches and the assistant coaches had supervisors below them. There were also various other staff members as well. 

In addition, several swimmers were selected to have one-on-one coaches, Sun Yang was paired with a coach called Zhu Zhigen.

Tang Yan having shined at the National Swimming Championships was also included in this list and the coach assigned to him was Shen Qing.

Shen Qing had moved up from his post as head coach of the provincial team to an assistant coach in the national team. This was a gamble in itself, but the benefits brought by winning the gamble would be worthwhile. 

Of course, Tang Yan didn't think much of it. Shen Qing's presence saved him a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Compared with training in the provincial team, the national team appeared to be more targeted, and the fully equipped coaching team was very helpful for the adjustment onto the world stage.

Time passed unknowingly, and the training time of a month and a half quickly passed by.  

In this time period, after maxing out what he could achieve through training, Tang Yan directly spent 6 honor points to upgrade from 60% to 70% of Zhang Shun's abilities.

This allowed him to undergo a qualitative improvement and after a period of hard work, he felt confident for the upcoming World Aquatics Championships.
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