King of Sports Chapter 128: 4x100m Relay


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After the swimmers were ready, they walked to the boarding platform.

There were 3 teams in the 4x100m relay preliminaries.

The Zhejiang Province appeared in the first group. 


With the sound, the swimmers all rushed into the water like dumplings.

After entering the water, accompanied by a burst of cheers from the audience, the pool became full of waves, the swimmers glided and began to kick quickly and struggled to rush forward.

The first swimmer for the Zhejiang Province was Qiu Ziyang. He started off strong, but he wasn't first.

In contrast it was Liu Boyu, a swimmer from the Hubei swimming team, who was pressing forward leading the pack.

After the 50-meter turn, Liu Boyu greatly widened the distance from the pack and Qiu Ziyang fell into third after he was overtaken by a swimmer from the Guangdong team in the next lane.

Shen Qing on the sideline was growing redder and redder in anger the further they fell behind, he had come full of confidence but at this rate he would be returning with his letter of resignation.

Liu Boyu's lead grew bigger and bigger.

When he closed in to the 100-meter mark, the second place swimmer was already a sizeable distance behind.

This outstanding performance attracted a burst of cheers from the audience.

"Liu Boyu is in great form this year! The Hubei swimming team has a lot to look forward to this year!"

The on-site commentator added seeing Liu Boyu's phenomenal performance.

Liu Boyu was the first to touch the wall and Li Yuhuan of the Hubei swimming team rushed into the water.

Liu Boyu had accumulated a large lead for him. He had already dived in and began gliding when Qiu Ziyang touched the wall.

Tang Yan was straight in, diving into the pool.

After entering the water, he was able to see Li Yuhuan's figure, but the latter had already begun to come up to the surface and began to kick forward.

After the swimmers came to the surface, the advantage of the Hubei team became even more obvious. Li Yuhuan was ahead of second place by a full body length.

They were well on their way to challenge the national record at this rate.

"This..." The onsite commentator was still bragging about the performance of the Hubei swimming team when he looked incredulously at the pool.

The screams of the audience at this time turned into amazement and cheers.

In the pool, Tang Yan like a full-powered engine was catching up with the leading two at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Left arm forward, kick with the legs

Right arm forward, kick with the legs


Tang Yan passed second place!

Shen Qing shot up from his seat.

Liu Yuhuan was well ahead. He could sense that he had already opened up a gap from second place, but he breathed out once to the right and then to the left and looked behind him.

In the 4th lane two lanes across from him, someone was fast approaching in his field of vision.

This sudden appearance left him startled. After sensing the threat, he gritted his teeth and tried to speed up, kicking his legs harder.

He was confident that after this acceleration, he could increase the gap again.

Pushing forward determinedly...

He drew his left hand up and followed by tilting his face out of the water, then he looked to his right.

He almost froze in surprise.

The swimmer in the 4th lane had caught up with his head parallel to his chest!

He screamed in his heart and accelerated the frequency of his kicks again.

Swimming fervently forward was a quick way to consume physical strength and made you prone to cramps.

But Liu Yuhuan was completely desperate at this time.

He turned his head and looked over.

The swimmer in the 4th lane was chasing and keeping pace with him!

The cheers of the audience were already like a tsunami.

Liu Yuhuan in the pool was shocked and the audience was inspired.

Tang Yan was simply crushing it. Originally, he was a solid metre behind the Guangdong team.

But within this short thirty to forty metres, he first easily surpassed the Guangdong swimmer and then began to close the gap with Liu Yuhuan.

Shen Qing was filled with excitement, completely speechless his body trembled.

Genius, absolute genius!

However, the situation of keeping pace with each other only lasted for a while, because with another push  Tang Yan surpassed Liu Yuhuan.

At this viewers couldn't help but stand up and cheer. 

However many became worried that Tang Yan's 50-meter rush was too fierce, and there would be a subsequent weakness after turning back.

In swimming competitions, this phenomenon was not without precedent. The longer the distance was, the more obvious it was. As such swimmers would deliberately retain their physical strength for the second leg of the race

At this time, Shen Qing also looked on, slightly worried.

He wasn't worried about Tang Yan's physical strength after multiple training sessions, he had more than enough faith in him for that aspect.

He was worried about Tang Yan's turn. 

Although over the past month, he had been training Tang Yan on it, training and competition were two different beasts.

Tang Yan held the lead by the distance of a head, his body somersaulted in the water, ready to usher in his tumble turn.
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