Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening Chapter 395: Castle Nyx IV : The God Of Mischief


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My eyes shot open in a second and my sword materialized, pointing right at the throat of a middle age milf with green hair and skin. She was hot, and considering I was naked in bed with Xaseah, and there was a total stranger standing in front of me, and dressed in a maid's clothes, I couldn't help but worry. I raised an eyebrow and looked at her for a while, before sending the sword back and laying back down, shuffling the head of the still sleeping Xaseah.

"So what am I suppose to call you, I can't call you the prime soul catcher oak tree anymore."

" you haven't given me a name master, and even though I now have a different form, trees find the custom of naming oneself completely foreign." She said to me as she bowed.

"Why won't you, you guys are trees." Xaseah spoke up, getting up from the bed with the sheets held to her chest.

"From now on we'll call your Greana, what do you think husband?" she asked as she turned to look up at me.

"That's fine, but why are you here?" I asked her as I got up from the bed and began to get dressed.

"Master I believe you have a visitor, the others have not noticed him, however I have. He has been sitting on a rock outside the castle for the last three days, he's shrouded with a very powerful illusion, Teluna and The have walked past him no less than 75 times during their patrols over the past three days, and yet they've not seen him. I believe he is waiting for you." I looked at Xaseah and she looked back at me, just as confused at the arrival of this unknown.

"Armor up?" Xaseah asked?

"Yeah get everyone ready for a fight, and Greana should things go sideways, get them out of here and listen to whatever Xaseah tells you to do."

"Yes master."

If there's one thing I've learnt in my time alive, it's that nothing that happens in this ever expanding universe is a coincidence, and if there's someone outside my door, hanging around for the past three days, then it has to mean something. And I think I know why this has happened, I released my deal, there was no need for me to do so, but being with a woman couldn't allow me to think clearly, which sort of made me a beacon, bringing out the full power of everything connected with me, chief amongst them being the castle. Even extremely weak people will know that this places wasn't exactly normal.

I moved to the balcony of the tower and jumped down, my seal falling back into place around my wrist as I landed right outside the gates, without even a speck of dust being disturbed. Just like Greana has said, there was a man sitting on a lot just outside the castle.

It him just sitting there, made him seem like the center of the universe in my eyes, like nothing could touch him or shake him. Be was Darke haired and handsome, a little bit on the lanky side, which made him seem like a pretty big without any sort of finesse of fit physique. But I knew that was far from the case, these man dark haired green eyes man, was a god.

"Are you just going to stand there looking at me god of souls, or are you going to join me? I've waited a long time to meet you, and I would very much prefer if you don't make our first meeting awkward." I raised an eyebrow, but none the less I felt inclined to indulge him, he didn't look like he wished me I'll.

"So who the fuck are you?" I asked as soon as my ass touched the log.

"tsk! Getting straight to the point, and with such an edge...my showing up here must have spooked you. Because I know you Kael, you like to play with your opponents, it puts you in a good mood, makes you feel strong. But this; you only do when you know your opponents are weaker than you, or when you know that such a stance is needed to win a fight, your confidence would shake your opponent's conviction, make you get into their head to cut a long story short. But I'm not like the others you've met and defeated, you have no fear yes, but your tricks won't work on me, after all I invented them." This guy was talking too much and he was smiling a lot, and he was looking into me and bringing out what seemed to be the darkest side of me, however I ignored the weird feeling I got from him and asked again.

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Oh for Christ sakes alright, you're a mood killer Kael Cor, I should flay you alive where you stand or feed you to Fenrir, though I'm sure one way or another you'll make me pay for it, you're also a god of runes after all. Well. Without further ado let me introduce myself.

I'm a juggler, clown, magician, mage, illusionist, inventor, sorcerer, schemer, and prank master of the great arts. The god of mischief; Loki of Asgard and Jotunheim."

Well I so did not see that coming, not even by a long shot, and he knew it, which was why he had that handsome looking smirk on his face. The reaction to who he was, what he was, he was enjoying every second of it, he was a man that loved the attention and spotlight, and I really hated that I was giving him what he wanted. However last I remember wasn't he a part of the dark council, which means he was unequivocally an enemy.

"Now hold your horses, I know what you're thinking, but being part of a council of dark gods doesn't mean I'm your enemy, for me it's just identifying to what sort of kind of god I am. It's like me feeling everyone I'm gay, and for your Information yes, I'm very much gay. And you look ready to eat, especially with that intense smell of sex coming off your well sculpted frame."

So this conversation just went from weird to freakishly weird, and quite frankly I didn't like the way Loki's eyes were roaming all over my body. I cleared my throat and asked another question, this time a little bit more polite, though I did make sure to shift a bit from him.

"What do you want?" he crossed his legs and closed his hands over them as he moved closer to me, I shifted, but then he moved closer again. With no other choice I just got up and faced him, staying too close to him was just not...comfortable.

"Well you're no fun...but none the less I'll get straight to the point. I'm here for two things, one to become friends and the other to warn you, and give you a little direction. It would be a great help to you side."

I didn't believe a single word that just came out lf his mouth, this was Loki we were talking about. All the movies and novels say not to trust this fucker, and I'm taking their advice. "Why would you help me?" I asked him.

"Well for one I would be playing a massive prank on the dark council and causing a shit ton of mischief, hence more power for me, second they fucking cut off my brothers left arm! No one touches Thor! So I'm going to screw them over so hard they never forget my name, and then I'll happily go and cut of Thor's other arm, and then retire on an island in one of these new Dungeon planet that keep popping up every 5 hours. The fucking universe is expanding you know."

Okay this god was Psychotic, insane, wild, and fickle. He sort of reminded of a (Joker) and a rather famous and unhinged one at that. I didn't trust him, and I didn't trust his information, but my gut says to listen, so I will.

"Well listen closely, Dracula is looking for you, he knows you're the new god, because it would be quite hard for him not to notice that his main and only domain has been intruded upon. Each God is unique, some might look human, but they're a race all to themselves, at least until now...a second vampire god has been born. You're now a threat to his power, and considering your people Respect and honor you so well, with some even outright worshipping you, it's only a matter of time before they all do.

You're a threat, and being a god of multiple major domains gives you major pull in the way the universe works. If he kills you, he'll absorb some of your power, but I hope you'll kill him instead. After all he's the reason why you were stuck in a coma for the whole of your children's childhood. He'll come to you, soon enough, but for now follow the trails the gods you're hunting left behind, what they're doing here as opposed to the planet itself is what's important, stop them before it's too late." And then he was gone, of course I could feel his energy fading away, but it was obvious I've been talking to an illusion.

"Fucking god of mischief!"

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