Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening Chapter 394: Castle Nyx III : 18+ Against Gravity


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I love both my wives, so it stands to reason that I do everything in my power to please them, whenever and however I can. I looked into Xaseah's violet eyes, loving the hint of gold I could see. Her eyes tend to jump through different spectrums of light, it probably had something to do with her Night elf blood, but none the less it made her beautiful. I moved my fingers over her skin as we stood in front of the bed in front of us, she was wearing armor, but with every inch my fingers covered, it slowly melted away, leaving behind a body suit that hugged her figure all too tightly. Xaseah was a war queen, while she seems a little more mellow than Asha now, I knew my Night Queen was berserker, she was always prepared.

I pulled her close to me, kissing her, whilst wondering how I was able to touch skin through a body suit. But it didn't matter, I was a little bit preoccupied at the moment. The edges of the body suit came apart under my mental prodding, and she was laid bare for me, beauty the likes which can not be compared or measured. My wife Xaseah.

There was a dull click, and the entire castle shuddered as I temporary unlocked my power dampening seal. Runic tattoos showed up in my body as my eyes took on a golden color and my hair turned dark blue and much more longer, spreading all-over the side and front of my face. I lifted Xaseah up, increasing the intensity of our kiss as I grabbed her full ass in my hands, her legs wrapped around my waist was so tightly locked, it was as if she was scared I was going to run away.

The clothes on my body faded away into nothing as I felt absolute control of my body, and hers. I pulled my head back and gave her a predatory grin as I brought it back down, this time to her chest as I pulled her up higher and took her left nipple in my mouth.


She moaned loudly and she held my tighter, her fingers digging into my hair and she pulled herself closer. I used my tongue to click and caress the little nub, loving the vibrations her body made with each click, then I shifted my attention to right breast, moving my hands to cover both globes of flesh. I but down a bit on her right breast, and then used my fingers to pull at the nipple on her left, slowly kneading and squeezing it, then she raised my head and forced me to kiss her, before untangling from me.

Xaseah was never one for foreplay and passionate romantic sex, that was Asha's domain, no, my Night elf was a beast, a hellion that would rather have me pound her into Oblivion, or ride me into nothingness and bliss. She pushed me back, but rather than talk on the bed, gravity seemed to have changed and I was laying on my back, floating in the air. She looked at me and said.

"You're fucking show off, you deserve to be punished."

And in one swift movement she impaled herself on my rigid cock. The feeling of her vaginal walls clamped tightly around my dick was beyond heavenly, even as a god there was just so much detail to sex, that I could feel every inch, every bump, and the warmth coming from her. It was taking all of my willpower to not just start pumping, but we were going at her place, and knowing Xaseah, it's going to be pretty fast.

*PA pa pa pa pa*

She started slowly, bouncing up and down in slow motions as she brought herself down to the base and raised herself up until only the tip of my dick was inside her, and then she would bring herself down again, her insides gripping me even tighter, slowly forcing me to lose control in that moment and cum. Then she slowly began to gyrate, grinding and moving her hips in such magnificent and weird ways that it completely threw me off the edge, I came, pouring my hot godly seed deep inside her and forcing me to roar out in pleasure and anger, she did this on purpose. I looked at her.

"I've waited thirteen years for you, and you have no idea the amount of dildoes, strapons, and vibrators Asha and I went through. We've gotten a whole lot better, you're the one who needs to up your game, though I must say…the feeling of your seed in me,...it's warm, and I want more."

I had no. Problem hoping my game as she put it, besides I wanted revenge, and I'm going to get it. Our body moved upwards, until we met the ceiling, there was a mosaic of Lions and dragons on a mountain, but I was not in the mood to admire art. I turned her around with her face and front facing the ceiling, and her ass sticking out to me, I brought my hand down, slapping the full and juicy piece of flesh, loving the way it wiggled and the moan it elicited from her. Then I moved forward, using the tip of my dick to rub at her entrance, slowly teasing her and loving her moans, and then I entered her again, but this time it was different.

"arghhh! Oh! Fuck yes!"

*Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!*

*Mn! Mn! Mn! Mn!*

She was trying hard to hold back her moans, but I was not having any of it as I pulled her backwards and got her into a proper doggy style position. Then I held her waist as I moved forwards, shoving my dick as deep into her pussy as I could manage, utilizing ever single inch of my Superior speed. It was just our luck that we had bodies that could withstand a lovemaking as intense as ours, if it was any other race, they would probably be dead.

"oh! Oh! Mnmmm! An!"

She was louder than I remember, but all it did was make me even more wild with my thrust, the scent of sex filled the room as she squealed and moved forward a bit, squirting and spraying the evidence of her arousal all over the room, I watched in amusement as if dripped to the ground below, then I caught her, letting gravity take control as we fell back from the ceiling and right into the bed waiting for us.

I placed her on her side, and in one smooth motion I was back into her heavenly cavern. It was slick with her juices but yet still tight enough to drive me mad. I met my waist continue it's wild motions as she turned her head to kiss me, both my hands grabbing hard at her breasts, kneading those succulent dough and fucked her with glee.

For me this was a moment, one I would not forget. Being with the one I love and who loves me back was worth more than all the power and riches in the world, this was true happiness. And we had all night...or rather we had all week to explore it, the universe can wait a while, I'll be having a sex marathon.

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