Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening Chapter 393: Castle Nyx II : Threat Neutralized


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The souls that were floating I the sir began to rush into the body the general, he was screaming, yelling so intensely that I felt the throne I was sitting on vibrate with the intensity of his screams. He was in serious pain, his souls was practically being invaded by others and being jumbled as jostled, and then pushed aside to make room for almost three dozen souls now coming in. But it was quite impressive that he retained his consciousness, and even more so for the fact that he was angry enough to start making his way towards me, broad sword at the ready.

I used my speed to move in front of him and just pushed a palm out, he was boasted backwards until his back smashed against another pair of massive double doors that appeared, sending into another hallway, where people with leaves for hair were waiting for him. I walked into the hallway and looked at the hundreds and possible thousands of soul catcher oaks, now soul catcher dryads standing at attention.

"Put him in the dungeon, let's see how long he would last sharing the same body with his deceased comrades. If you guys would excuse me, I have other trash to clean up." I said to them as I turned back heading outside the castle.

As I moved back into the hall where a massacre just happened, all I could see where bodies completely drained of their blood, the sprites would probably come clean this up as soon as they came in. A fully functional magical castle with it's own staff at the ready, the Dryads as soldiers and the sprites as caretakers, I've really outdone myself. The main doors to the castle sprung open and I walked outside again, the sun was well on it's way below the horizon on the west, which meant it's only a matter of time before night fell, however the sight that fretted me once I came outside was one of Carnage.

I had scarcely stepped a foot outside when the frozen and very decapitated head of a soldier rolled to my feet. I looked up just in time to see Teluna slap either man's head off his shoulder as spikes made out of shadows shot out if his back to impale a soldier sneaking up at him. The others were sitting at the side, watching as Teluna ran amok amongst the group of soldiers, how the heck the kid or rather the young man was able to escape from Ionite was surprising, but they were all free now and safe, and that's all that matters.

"Well you guys should let him finish up here, the rest of you come in and make yourself at home, get some rest. We're going to be driving a city soon."

I'm sure none of them had any idea what I meant, but they happily walked into the castle, with the wood sprites leading the way, completely shocked by their handiwork. As Xaseah was about to walk past me I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me, I held her waist as I kissed her softly before placing my head on her forehead.

"Are you okay my love?" I asked her softly.

"You just can't do without getting into trouble do you? Sometimes 8 wish you weren't this dragon king that you are, get you could just give this all up, this war, so that you, me and Asha can just go some place quiet and raise our children. Let someone else fight this war for us...….but I know how important this is, all of our fates are hanging on the line, not to mention the fates of our children. We have to keep fighting."

I couldn't help but see things from her perspective, she must be really tired of the whole thing, and even though we've fought our hardest we still have to raise our children in this world. But then again it was a whole lot more safer than when we were prisoners, and with other dragon Kings heading the war effort, we might have s little chance to just take a few years off and watch our kids grow. We owed them and ourselves that much, maybe it was okay to be s little selfish for once, it's not just me, Asha and Xaseah anymore. Cassiel and Michael being born completely changed the game.

"I understand my love, his about as soon as we're done playing around with this fool gods and out this dungeon in it's place, we have a vacation that lasts until the kids are like twenty. You Know, give us a chance to give them more brothers and sisters." I whispered into her ear with a predatory grin on my face. Xaseah slapped my chest as a blush covered her midnight black skin, the star dots on her skin seemed to glow in tandem with her rapid heartbeat.

"You're a king now you know, you would get your mind out of the gutter, you pervert." But even with all the berating she still pulled me closer and kissed me, and it got more and more intense as the seconds went by, and I was almost at the point of loosing control when.

*Cough* *cough*

"Please don't stop on my behalf, this is way better than those porn shows on the late night adult core channel. I mean who else can say they saw the high king and one if the high Queens going at it in public, surrounded by corpses and in front of a very scary, dark massive castle. This would be epiiiiiiiiiiiic!"

I shivered, a knuckle made of darkness stretching out of the ground and smashing into your balls would definitely turn your whole world upside down. Teluna was boasted into the sky, and I'm sure it would be a very painful flight for the young man, but he was no longer a boy..... he should handle his mistakes like a man, and the punishment that come with it. I'm sure he would be keeping his distance from now on, he crazy kid just won't change.

"And you high King, your queen has missed you so much you know, and now that you're a god I'm sure you have some really insane skills or abilities to make you very, very, very VIRILE! So you have ten minutes to show me our bedroom, I have something to tell you and *whispers*"

Well I don't really know where my bedroom was in this castle, but there was a solitary tower at the edge of the castle that had an open balcony, it would serves as an emergency bedroom in this case. I have a date with my woman, Hehehehehe.

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