Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening Chapter 366: Nirtan II : First Contact 1


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The ship we were on was not the ship made from the bodies of our dragons; that I had seen during our first official dragon king meeting. This was a battle cruiser responsible for scouting missions, it was not a flagship of the Speran military. And that served our purposes just fine because our mission had to be something that was done secretly, it was imperative that our enemies didn't know we were after them or even after the keys.

But now it was time to go down to the planet, but we had to take a drop ship instead and leave the main ship in orbit as not just a command center, but also as a checkpoint for any enemy trying to escape and the drop point for any of our reinforcements.

I looked out the window as the flames of reentry into the planets atmosphere licked the sides of the drop ship. For some reason I found that reaction really beautiful, and I felt as if I could just stretch out my hand and play with the flames. And so I did, with an amused smile on my face I shaped the flames into making a variety of shapes and objects, so much so it was almost as if I had given it a life of it's own as orbs with blue green eyes seemed to float out of the flames.

[DIVINE FIRE SOULS: Souls given life by the whims of a god. They're completely under his command and can be used for attack and defense.]

I was so surprised by that, yet really happy. The souls were the size oranges, blazing red fiery oranges with tiny arms, greenish blue eyes, and a body made of fire. They were floating around the drop ship in a happy manner, and based on the interested look of everyone else on the drop ship, this little guys were very much visible and a part of the waking world, looks like there was more to be explored and discovered about being a god of souls.


We were already within the planet and the burn from reentry had already faded, giving us enough visual to see as the second drop ship that came down with us was short out of the sky by a massive mass of black flesh and armor with millions of tentacles stretched out of it's body. It was those tentacles that served as cannons for the beam of black light that was just used to destroy the second drop ship. I jumped up to my feet looking at Joshua who gave me a nod and said.

"I'll save as much as I can, take care of the giant monster." And then just like the wind he embodied, he faded away into thin air his presence completely erased.

All of a sudden a storm picked up and completely covered the other drop ship that was currently on fire and very much on it's way to become nothing more than a massive heap of molten metal, flames and dead bodies. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

That storm was probably Joshua trying to salvage the situation and defend the lives of the soldiers on the ship, the armored monster the size of a ship shot a few more black beams at it, but all of them seemed to be swallowed up by the storm around the drop ship, making any sort of attack against it completely useless. And then it shifted it's attention to us instead.

I had no idea what sort of creature that was, but so far it has only been using one of it's tentacles to fire, that was all it needed to bring down that drop ship, and right now ten of it was being pointed at us. The dropships weren't just made of common steel or with a simple procedure.

Every battle technology from Spero is a perfect fusion of magic and science, combined and twisted in ways even I don't understand. Which is to say that drop ship would have withstood a blow from a starship much less the medium sized cruiser we came here in, whatever the case, this monster packed a punch, and it was throwing more than one at us.

Without warning or preparations the massive armored blob with hundreds of equally armored tentacles, started firing it's black beams of energy at us. There would not have been enough time for even the old me to prepare a defense, but I was a god and my scope of my senses went far beyond that of a mortal. I raised my hands and manipulated this new energy that seemed to have been infused in me and my soul energy ever since my ascension. And drawing from it, a massive rune circle came into existence and blocked the incoming black beams.


Safe to say the look of shock wasn't missing from just my face. It would take a serious amount of power to break through my runes, power on the level of a god, a god more powerful than I was. And to be honest it didn't make much sense, this thing, this creature in front of me was a god? How the hell was it possible? And then I decided to take a peak at it; using my newly acquired divine sense, and what I felt from it almost made me seem like I was drowning.

It was a god alright, but it wasn't alone.

That thing was a machine, a ship that was born from the fusion of a god and living technology no different from nanites. But it's mind was not it's own, or rather I would say their minds were to numerous to he able to glean anything from it. It's presence felt wrong, like some sort of sickness or infection. This….….this....this thing! Was a part of the collective, and it was so damn powerful, powerful in the sense that it's not a single being I'm fighting, but rather the entire 30 thousand of them on this planet.

That was a scary thought, but I didn't have time to dwell on it, my shields were broken through and I didn't have enough time to properly come up with a plan, But then the most peculiar thing happened. The divine fire souls I made, almost a 100 of them, no bigger than the size of an orang, arrange themselves into a concave shield like form and took the full brunt of the attack, dispersing it across the surface of their body.


These souls were born from my will, and from the very essence of flames. They weren't born from the flames of our reentry, rather it would be easier to say I had used those flames as a medium for them to come into existence. They were souls that were tied to me, to my emotions, in quite the same way, worker and soldier ants would be tied to their queen, like a hive mind. I could control them all if I wanted to, but they could collectively act on their own based on my current state of emotions and thoughts, without a doubt like some sort of automatic defense system.

It was a startling yet amazing discovery, they weren't as resilient as my shields, but they were alive, and as such they could cause much more damage than a rune circle. And if anyone of them died, their essence is recycled amongst those that remain, making them stronger, faster, sturdier and much more powerful. There's wasted energy and they all act with a singular purpose, these were the perfect soldiers, and I'm really grateful this monster helped me realize that. Now....how do I make more

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