Kael Cor: A Vampire's Awakening Chapter 364: Aftermath Of A Divine Birth


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The universe seemed much more different than before, I could see more, hear more, feel more. But yet somehow I felt so disconnected from it all, like I was now just an observer, a watcher and it was my responsibility to keep watch over it.

Somehow I felt even more tired than before, as if everything I do just kept on making the weight of the responsibilities I had to bear all the more heavier, and there was no escape from it, there was only duty and responsibility.

I closed my eyes and opened them again, and in doing so the river of souls, along with it's two newly christened guardians disappeared from my sight. I could still feel them, and I knew they would be policing the river, preventing other souls from preying on each other. It's going to be a rather hard job, and I knew they wouldn't be able to do it alone, but I will take care of that later, because right now, it seems we've arrived at our destination.

I looked down and before me lay a rather large planet, it was brown and very much dead. Continents of dust and desert filled it's entire surface, and yet I could feel life from it, or rather a very twisted form of existence. And then there was a blank spot in nature, a hole that couldn't be felt or sensed, it was a feeling that I was already quite familiar with as I've come across it many times before.

Maybe it was just the nature of whatever was down there but, I think it's stupid believing that since the natural order of things doesn't recognize you as part of the universe, and all but deletes your presence from registering on whatever supernatural radar is being used to scout you; that you're invisible. The very fact that there's a blank spot in nature would be enough to draw the attention of anyone who's looking for something, it was just too weird.

"Kael! I take it you've seen the planet, I think that...….something's different about you! What happened?" Baeki's worried and surprised voice brought me out of my revelry as I turned to face her. However before I could answer, Joshua spoke up.

"It's quite funny that you can't see or feel it. He's no longer mortal."

"what do you mean by he's no longer mortal? Does he look like a spirit to you? He's standing right in front of us!" Baeki barked at him. Joshua just smiled and said to her.

"we've been fighting gods for the better part of seven years now, it's funny you can't recognize one on sight."

And then Baeki had this look of epiphany that was so funny it took all of my strength not to laugh, Joshua on the other hand couldn't keep the smirk off his face.

To be honest Joshua was not what I expected, especially from a werewolf. Maybe it was due to the influence of his element, but he was always so calm, cool and collected, completely unaffected by most situations. I had to say I'm a little jealous of that kind of disposition, it made him too badass.

"I'm just as surprised as you are Baeki, but we can worry and talk about my ascension to godhood later, believe I'm just as freaked out as you seem to be. But we have a task ahead of us, and I think we should focus on that first, is that okay with you?" I asked her with a soft smile.

"Honestly the both of you would be the death of me, I can't keep up with your choices or your antics, you're both much more worse than David. No wonder your sons are best friends, makes me scared for their future, because of our boys are just as spontaneous as you two, then it won't be long before things start getting really complicated. Anyway what's next on the agenda?" Baeki said, as we moved towards the command deck of the ship.

"I've sent out a scout ship for a little recon, while I'm sure we all would have felt and sensed whatever it is that feels off about that planet, a little more detail would be appreciated. In the main time we will prep a drop ship with a few soldiers who would go and have a forward base built in preparations for our arrival. That shouldn't take too long, so we should be down there in the next 24 hours. The rest of our people, especially the dark elves would construct a space gate here, should be a quick escape for our troops should things go sideways, and an easy way for reinforcements to reach us.

I believe we should observe the enemies and properly see what we're dealing with, and locate the ruin where the sword key is located. They may have ready found it, and any frontal assault might spook them into escaping with it. So discretion is advised, which means for now, the three of us will be playing the waiting game."

Baeki and I nodded in agreement to Joshua's plan. He was really capable, though that's be expected; he's the dean of a college after all. But either way, we just had to do as he said for now, and that was to find out exactly what it is we were dealing with.

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The feeling of astral projection, especially for a god was no different than being there in person. Besides astral projection was very dangerous for a god, and why was that? That was because without a divine body to protect their astral form, which for all intents and purposes was their soul, they're no different than a human baby and susceptible to attacks, so much so that even a gust of wind could blow them to nothingness.

He hated astral projection, but he really didn't have a choice. He was a weaker god, and was nothing more than a servant to the other dark gods, and it was because of that he was posted here, to this god forsaken planet, scouring ruins that gave even gods the creeps, searching for some sort of key! But up till now he's not been able to fine anything, and the other more powerful dark gods were running out of patience.

Well if they couldn't wait why don't they send someone else, working with these monsters, these scions of the collective was torture. He couldn't get through to them, and their drone like, single minded manner of doing things freaked the hell out of him, but he didn't have any choice, he just wasn't strong enough, and he was just a simple god with a minor domain.

There's not much damage a minor god of adventure and mining could do in a cosmic war of such scale, heck he was just a bit more powerful than those dragon kings and that was because of his divine body. Even with that, they could still kill him if they were serious enough, and yet here he was, without backup or a divine body, in his astral form, attending a meeting that was just suddenly called out of the blue.

"A new god has been born! I'm sure we all saw that message. But somehow unlike when we all became gods, nothing about his domain, or even his name was mentioned. I feel this is something that needs to be addressed."

"Please Bahamut, you're dragon god of destruction and death, yet you're no different from a whiny bitch during her period Hahahaha. So what if there's a new god! It's definitely some minor god of booze or adventure, there's a lot of those idiots running around."

"Well Balor as a woman I take offense to those crash words of yours, for a god you're no different from a bloody goat. However that doesn't mean you're wrong, so a god has been born, what's there to be worried about. This meeting is a total waste of our time, we're at war, we can't afford to pay attention to inconsequential things."

"That may be the case Morrigan, but that would be reckless. We're at war, not just with the dragon kings, but also with other gods who feel that we're on the wrong path, The so called righteous gods. We're loosing fighters from both camps, so a new god being born, even if he's a minor god means another soldier that could tip the scales in our favor. We may be gods, but we're not invisible, and numbers do matter. So stop all this pattering and listen to my words, the words of Hades! Find that god, and make sure he joins us, and if he proves to be a threat or a nuisance....kill him. This meeting is over."

And just like that it was over, a meeting his input was boy really needed in, all he had to do was stand there and look useful. But at least he was done with this farce of a meeting, who knew gods could be so…..so...mortal.

He was back in his body within seconds, happy and comfortable with the flow of power and divine essence within his veins. He had a few followers, which was why he was weak, but there were just enough to provide him with a steady amount of faith points to help power his divine edicts and skills. He wanted more, but he was quite contented with where he was, if only the other gods didn't see him as nothing more than an errand boy. But either way he was!!!

"What the hell was that!"

Even if it was just for a moment he felt it, it was an intense and powerful energy that he couldn't recognize, but he could swear belonged to a god. And since he didn't recognize that energy, it could only mean it belonged to the god that was just born, if that was the case then...…what the hell was he doing here? Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.
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