Juvenile Entertainer Chapter 68: Chapter 67 Mob Of Women


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Theo simply asked if he could just wait around until the hype does down. Alice agreed but only after they took a picture. Liz and Sarah later came down and said their greeting. They then gave the magazine to Theo before leaving for home.

. . . . . .

Theo's home

Theo was now having a sandwich and apple juice for lunch. While having lunch he pulled out at the Vague magazine and took a look.

On the cover was the picture of Theo in a white double-breasted suit with Liz on his left, hugging his arm while looking into each other's eyes.

Liz was wearing a slim fit red dress that hugged her curves with black high heels. The picture gave the info of them being a loving couple.

Theo was shocked the first time he saw it back at the company. Theo was pleased with the cover, as it had shown his charm and his loving smile.

He skimmed through the winter line and the formal wear before coming to a stop. Theo had stopped cause the next page was folded.

Theo unfolded it to be a large poster of him in hot pink boxers with his exposed and glistening muscle on show. Theo was proud of the body he had worked hard for and directly decided to sign it and do a raffle in the next stream.

He then proceeded to skim through the pictures of him in underwear. After going through it all he decided to put in a draw so the kids don't see it by accident.

"Well I guess that confirms my status of being a model" Said Theo with a satisfied smile.

With that said he sat down on his sofa and watched the news.

Anchor Women "A mob of women were seen running down the streets of L.A. Lets go to Jessica, who is on the scene"

Jessica was standing on the street where a hoard of women had chased Theo through.

"Thank you, Don't be fooled by the quiet atmosphere because just an hour ago this street was anything but quite"

A few clips of Theo being chased was then shown as she continues to say "No that was not a marathon, that was a clip of females who saw their idol and chased him. Now the question is, who is this white-haired idol that caused such a ruckus"

She then walked a few steps to where she stopped next to middle age women and said "This here is one of the members of the said mob, can you please tell us what had occurred and who you were chasing"

"Yes, well what had happened was that I came early in the morning to get the Vague magazine just like everyone else in the crowd" Said the women

"Can you tell us why so many came to buy the magazine" Questioned Jessica.

"For my beloved Husbandl Theodore Smith" Said the women while showing the poster of Theo in boxer.

The poster left Jessica lost as she thought 'Well hell handsome'

"Can you tell us more about Theodore Smith" Said Jessica

"You might know him as the guy who made Frozen, yes he alone made Frozen, all of his songs on the top ten charts. He created the trend pen taping and he is the magician know as MrHood. Most importantly 90% of his earnings go to charity is also great with kids. Theo Smith is the embodiment of the perfect Husband" Said the women enthusiastically.

Theo couldn't help but be embarrassed as he watched her brag about his ability.

"Huh? That's a lot of info but how doses give away so much money" Asked Jessica

"He makes a lot of money from streams but if you are asking as in why then this should answer it," Said the women as she pulls out her phone and lets the camera focus on it.

. phone began to play video of Theo's inspiring speech "Because I Can".

"What incredible man" said Jessica quietly without noticing that she still has a mic on her.

*cough* "And how old is Theo Smith" Said Jessica

"He's 18, so he's legal and don't you dare judge me. This is love" Said the women passionately.

Jessica's Thoughts 'I couldn't agree more, with such good man age difference means nothing'

"At 18 he managed to do all that, I wonder what his background is" Asked Jessica

"Ah no from what I've learnt, Theo isn't from a rich family. Everything he accomplished was from his own efforts" Said the women with prideful look

"Well thank you, Miss, for your help in clearing things up" Said Jessica.

Theo knew the crowd was big but he didn't think it was that big.

"Kinder funny that I gathered a crowd without even setting anything up" Said Theo

Theo then decided to check his subreddit and Twitter to see if anyone was talking about the event. As he expected he found multiple fans pointing out that they saw Theo in real life.

Theo then checked what is the most searched thing on the internet.

Theo blinked a few times and rubbed his eyes before saying "Holy shit, how are the top five all related too me"

The top five most searched things on the internet were "Theodore Smith", "Frozen", "MrHood", "Thinking Out Loud" and "Tenerife Sea". In that order.

Theo was proud of this achievement but also feared that things were moving to fast for him to keep up.

Shaking his head side to side he said "That's a future problem, now I have a birthday party to plan also gotta do a YouTube video for main the channel"

Before could get up and begin doing his to-do list, he was hit by the system's notification.

*Ding* [Task: Bring life back to those eyes by doing a successful photo shoot: Completed]

{Reward: + 5 social stats}

{Reward: ×2 hand speed}

"Huh??" Theo said confusedly

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