Juvenile Entertainer Chapter 67: Chapter 66 L.A Fame


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The song came to an end and I gave one last slow strum on the guitar, letting the sound hover in the air before it settles in the hearts of others.

As per usual they praised me with an abundance of donations and compliments.

"MrReporter245 donated $100: Hello, I'm not sure if you remember but I asked if could have an interview with you, Rose and Sophia"

"I'm so sorry, it was irresponsible of me to ask you to contact me through social media, Give me a minute to make a business email," I said earnestly apologizing for the blunder that I caused.

I didn't look into the chat log and went right into creating a suitable email that will only be used for business.

"Okay, if you look into my bio you should find my business email. I hope you guys understand not to use my business email unless it's for business. If you want to contact me for personal reasons you can use Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram. I will try to reply" I said

"Well enough about that. It's about time I get off. Thanks for joining me today and thanks to all the donors, this is good night"

After I finish streaming everyone went their separate ways with a new batch of cookies and brownies.

. . . . . . .

Narrator Pov

Wednesday Morning 9:30 Am

After doing his morning martial arts practice Theo got changed into a pair of light brown cargo shorts, a dark green colored T-shirt and black sandals.

Theo was planning to go buy the Vague magazine and see how it went. Theo also wanted to test his own fame by not wearing a disguise.

The only thing on his face was a big dark sunglasses. Theo walked into the already busy shop and noticed that there were just too many females cramped into one shop.

Theo checked other shops but they were all packed. Theo began to question if it was Black Friday or maybe it was just a special day for women.

Theo eventually managed to get into a shop that was still considerably crowed but this time he can at least move around.

Theo looked at how the crowd was mostly situated around one side of the shop and decided to search the other side. After scurrying past a few people in his search for Vague magazine, he eventually came to understand that his magazine is most likely within the crowd.

He walked towards the a male staff member that he walked passed before and asked "Hi, sorry, but can you point me to where the Vague magazines at"

"Sorry man, but if you want that, you might have to fight them" He said tiredly while pointing at the crowd of women.

Theo's Thoughts 'WoW does that mean they are my fans, that means the other shops are crowded because of me'

Coming out of his thoughts he looked at the male staff and hurriedly said "Thanks for the help mate"

"Huh, wait minute do I know from somewhere" Said the Male staff

Theo quickly shook his head and said "nope, you must be mistaken"

Saying that Theo puts his head down and attempts to leave the shop.

'Shit, Shit, I need to get out of town, if I get recognized I'll be killed' While thinking this he looks towards the crowd of overly excited women with ages that varied from 18 to 40.

Theo was beginning to understand that he had underestimated how many fans he had in L.A. As he was about to exit he was met by a young woman who looked at him in shock.

'Well shit, here we go' Thought Theo while giving a sigh

"YOUR ANGEL!!" She then proceeded to throw herself at Theo. But Theo quickly redirected her hands to the side, causing her to turn around with her back facing Theo.

Theo then moved up behind her to grab her waist and spun back around together, with them facing the crowd.

Theo looked up and saw The crowd stared in amazement before shouting "Angel/Devil/Husband"

Letting go of the women's waist he swiftly turned around and ran out. When he ran out, the crowd followed closely.

"Husband, don't go!"

"Devil, please stop!"


"I love you!"

The crowds in the other shops heard the loud screaming and came out to see the already growing crowds of women gaining more people as they chase their idol. They then promptly joined the crowd on the chase for the perfect husband.

Down the streets of L.A was a crowd of 200 to 300 hundred women chasing a white-haired handsome teen, while screaming and proclaiming their love for him.

After 5 minutes of being chased Theo decided to go all out and sprint with his full strength. Theo had done the crowd a favour by not letting them run for another 1 hour in the hot sun.

Theo sprinted his way to Vague. Going through the automatic doors and giving the guard his greeting, he walked towards Alice(receptionist) who was at the front desk.

Theo simply asked if he could just wait around until the hype does down. Alice agreed but only after they took a picture. Liz and Sarah later came down and said their greeting.They then gave the magazine to Theo before leaving for home.

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