Journey Chapter 2: Chapter 2:The Crystal


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Zern wake up and make preparation to go to the forest to pick the herb. again it's a wonderful day her past again the farm and greet his father and follow the road the forest.

"Mmmmm!! Mmmmm!!"

She is humming to entertain again her self now he is now in the middle of the forest where the herbs growing he pick and pick and pick but in a minute he heard a sound in the woods and see its a heads staring at him.

"A diamond rabbit"

He mumbled, to not to scare the little creature but the rabbit run away


Zern run to catch the rabbit if he catch this he will earn a 34 gold enough to feed a normal family in 3-4 years without working

"Wait!! i said wait"

Shouting while running he stumble in any kind of woods in the way his hair and clothe is now in mess.

"Wait buddy i sai- WOAH!!"

He almost fall in the cliff that in his way the. The cliff is so deep that if you focus you eyes on it you will feel that it's so deep that you will never reach but the other side of the cliff is not so long. Zern can jump in the otherside.

"BUUUDDDYYY...! where are you"

The diamond rabbit is nowhere to be found.

"I'm so unlucky"he said

He is now going to the field where is the herb is. But in corner of his eye there an a light the reflecting in the dark.

"What is that"he said

The light is in the otherside of the cliff he can take it if he will just gonna bend his buddy in the cliff and reach it and now the lights its now in his hand

"Is this a crystal"

The crystal is so shining that even gold can never compare to it

"Aaah...! is so beautiful maybe if i se-"

Before he finish the crystal merge to his hand

"Aaahww...! Aaahw..! Mom Aaahhw mom"

The boy can't handle the pain and call his Mom in help
But in just a second his vision start to blur


And his eyes start to close
in night he wake up and he see his mother and father to her side full of worry

"Zern my son are you ok"

his mother said when he see his son open his eyes

"Yes mom i'm ok"
"Kiddo what happen we see you in the woods unconscious while walking"
"i don't know father"
"it that so"

His father stop asking that his son don't really know what happen

"My son are you hungry"
"Yes mom"
"Here it some soup"

His mother help him to feed him self

"Kiddo when your done eating go to sleep ok"
"Yes father"

When his done eating his parent leave him in his room and let him sleep
In morning he wake and wash him self

"Son don't go now in the woods spend the day in the house so that you can rest"
"Ok mom"

He go out in the house to smell some fresh air the sun is high
While sitting in the chair maid of body of the tree a light is piercing to his eye he find the source and the light is reflecting is in the top of his hand

"The crystal"he said

He remember the crystal in his hand and examine he try to touch it and a mechanical sound spoke(Girl)

[Good day host what is your plan today]
"Who are you wait where are you"

While speaking he finding the source of the girl that spoke

"Son are you ok"her mother said
"Mom did you heard a girl"
"no son who's girl where"

her mother full of worry

"Ah no mom i'm just talking to myself i'm going now in my room"
"are you ok my son"
"yes mom don't worry"

Her mother still worry even he hear that his son said his alright
Zern sit in his bed

"Who are you"he mumbled

[host i'm system]
"what system so you don't have a name"
[yes you're right]
"so i i'm just the one that can here you"

This is so bizarre to a 11 old kid so Zern is now full of delusion to her self

Am i crazy
or am i curse

His now full of craziness

[host don't panic you're not crazy or curse i'm a spirit in the crystal in you're hand]
"crystal on my hand?"

He remember now the crystal and see it to herself again

"yeah the crystal"he said

Now again he is full of though

What is this a good
or evil

"So what is you're purpose"he ask
[i don't know, all i just know if you need anything i need to help you]
"Anything i want"
[yes anything you want]

Zern is now thinking what he want
think Zern think what do you want he asking herself
yeah that it i want to go to the sword

"hey i want to go in faraway can you grant my wish"
[yeah but not like instant you need to train]
[yeah train to protect you're self while you outside]
"so what do i need to to"
[first go run in 2 hours with no stop]

And now Zern go outside and start running
Zern is full of fighting spirit to accomplish his dream.
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