Journey Chapter 1: Chapter 1:The boy Zern


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Sunny day in Mins Village the people in here is full of life that you can almost see the face of people that even the life of village is simple the they are satisfied.

"Mom i'm going now bye"
"Ok be careful"
"Yeah i will"

The boy exit in the house and follow the road to the forest he greet all the people that he meet and talk to them the people like him because of his personality.

"father good morning"
"good morning kiddo"

He greet his father that working in the farm.

"Kiddo going now in the forest it is to early"
"yes father i need to finish the chores before noon"
"ok be careful"
"yes father i'm already 11 i can lead my self now in forest don't worry"

His father laugh he follow the road in the deep forest his always pick in her is a herb called Mins like the name of the village because it's full of mins in the forest

Mins is need to make a potion, potion is a magical liquid that heal a wound and make it fast to recover.

"Where are you, where are you"

The boy mumbling to herself to entertain his spirit
in past hour he pick a 87 Mins and now he road again back to the village
when his going back in the village in always 12 or 1 pm the sky is blue and he can see in the edge of the landscape a tip of sword that stuck in the ground, he ask his father about that.

The sword is a legendary story that a man called hero to end the war he use a forbidden spell to end the king of the lycan. Lycan is not a man and a wolves its just a person that have a power double compared to a normal person.

The war last almost 125 years and the hero end it the lycan is now almost going to extinct but he hero save them and place them in a secret place that the hero and sage know.

When Zern heard that story he is now full of curiosity how vast is the world he live in.
its now 2 pm. Before he reach the village before he go to the house he head to the front of the village where he can sell the herb. the money he get is 2 silver and 17 copper it can now feed a normal family in a week if you can earn like this you can be rich in just a small amount of time. But the rule of the village is just a 16 years below can pick the herb in the forest so that the herb can grow more

"Mom i'm home"
"Welcome back here your food"
"Thank you Mom"

The food today is Bread and a soup with milk

"Mom i'm going to play now see ya"
"Ok don't forget to comeback before sunset"
"alright mom"

He play until sunset and go home and eat and go again to sleep it always like this in this village
But tommorow it will change like a adventurer that ready to explore the mystery of the world.
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