Journey to understand life Chapter 16: One's Need, Other's Good Deed


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She signaled Tony to sit over there and pointed towards a seat. When she sat down then she headed towards small storeroom in right corner of Biology lab. Inside she placed her handbag and came back with a stack of Biology books in her hands. She pointed towards books already kept on a table there, then placed the stack in her hands over them and started describing.
"Tony look over here, we have lots of books at school. Since years publishers gave us these sample books to us and I am working here since last fifteen years. Earlier there was only one publisher then two started coming over and now 7 publishers are there. I had given some books to students earlier too but, even then I have around thirty five biology books for Senior Secondary part one and forty five for part two. Most of the students don't get passed in part One and they leave the school mid-way so pat two books are more here.
Only because of you we realized that some students are drifted by teachers like Miss Mee-an so they don't ask for books to us while they need them so either they drop out of school or get failed. Headmistress came with an idea to collect all these books from teachers and distribute to needy students and don't you think It's a good deed.
Tony asked back her "yes Miss but there are total one hundred and thirty nine students in part-1 with science and all are there in queues in front of head Miss room, how to manage the less number of books to all the students?"
Miss Popi replied "let's see what happens".
By one o'clock everybody finished enlisting their names for free books and they found ninety seven students needs these book sets for science subjects of Senior Secondary part one.
Headmistress was flabbergasted by just looking a the number of students and conducted a meeting with students.
In Class Senior Secondary part-1
"Class, we put a notice yesterday for sample books and got names from ninety seven out of one hundred and thirty nine students. That means almost all of you wants free books so suggest something how to do this as we have some sample books with teachers meant for reading and using in exam question preparation those too provided by publishers only" announced Headmistress.
Surb raised her hand and started saying "Miss we can have it on the basis of grades in Higher Secondary"
"Sit down, next!" Headmiss words came out.
Dolly get up and said "Miss ask everybody to submit an income declaration from their parents and decide on the basis of economic situation."
"Its too much hassle, sit down next!" stated Headmistress
Ren get up and stated "Miss conduct a test/Quiz and on the basis of that test school can decide"
"That's right, even some organizations wanted to conduct some activity for science students in our school, good idea girl, So it is decided class that we are going to hold a set of activities soon to decide the students who will get the sample books from school" exclaimed Headmistress.
Then Headmistress turned to leave but Tony cried "Miss I have an idea by which all the students can have the books."
"What idea?" Headmistress frowned
"Miss we can ask those organizations to invite some guests who can donate some money to school and we can purchase more books with that and distribute to all the students all One hundred and thirty nine."
"Great" said Headmistress, turned and left from there.
It was already the time to leave for home so everybody left.
Tony waited for everyone to leave first, when everyone left then she got up and started to walk towards door. Her wound make her walk really slow.
She reached door then only Vars came to her and said "Thank You, because of your idea I would get the books because I don't have good grades in higher secondary and I wouldn't performed good at ant academic activity. Let me help you to bus stop" and offered a hand to help.
Tony held it happily and said "I am extremely sorry, but that day Miss Sun gave those notes to me to hand them over to Principal sir as she was busy. That wasn't me who took those notes from there".
Vars reached out to stroked her back and told her not to worry. Just then a girl entered Tony's line of sight. She was white as milk wearing golden rimmed glasses and brown-grey long hair with white school uniform over her slim body. She was just like a character from some fairy-tale she is white so let her be 'Snow-white'. Vars introduced this girl "Tony she is Ena our classmate".
Tony didn't saw her at the day of introduction so she said confusedly "Classmate?"
"Yes she came today only and she shares half of our way to home in bus so I asked her to join me" cleared Vars.
"Oh" said Tony and thought whatever her name is I will call her Snow-white.
Vars and Ena get along well and they were talking all the way from school to bus stop and bus stop to Ena's stop leaving Tony with her thoughts.
Tony put her head on the headrest and closed her eyes. From their conversation Tony realized they were talking about some incidence with same person. So, they both already know each other.
After Ena was gone then only Tony opened her eyes and asked Vars "you two know each other well?"
Vars didn't replied just nodded silently.
Then she felt I shouldn't ask any further but she was very curious How they both know each other and they even have common people so she couldn't stop and asked "is she your relative or something?"
Vars said shortly after a pause "No"
"Okay" Tony said and again closed her eyes like before feeling curious inside.
Women are bound to gossip and collect knowledge so is the case with Tony.
Actually that price to get passed in Mathematics exam Vars needed money and she wasn't able to tell it to her parents so she asked money from her boyfriend. His boyfriend gave her money and ended up selling her to his friend lastly. That night there were two girls in that party one was Vars and other was Ena. That was how they both knew each other very well. From there on Ena introduced Vars to her circle and her escort service.
Soon after they turned good friends and Vars also started providing her services through Ena's agency. They use to meet for work and earn lots of money. They came to same class and same school to convince more girls to join their service agency who need money.
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