journey in the pokemon world Chapter 1: Chapter 1:


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Our story begin in the region of Alara where our hero Levi has finally reached ten years old .

"Levi wake up the professor Cypress is here with your first Pokemon!"

Hearing his mom voice coming from the Living room Levi directly jumped out of his bed and without dressing properly , started going down the stair rising up his hope about what could be his first pokemon.

it's been 5 years since i recovered the memories of my past life and i still can't believe i was reborn in the Pokemon world. And today i will finally be able to have my own first Pokemon, i just hope it will not be a pidgey. I don't know why but it seem like this Pokemon is on trending inside my town every kid want one .

"Levi this is the professor Cypress , professor Cypress this is my son Levi."said Levi's mom.
after exchanging greeting my mom and the professor started some small talk but i couldn't handle the suspense any more.
"Sooo professor what pokemon am i going to get ?" i asked with eye gleaming from excitation.
hearing this the professor looked at me as if she was feeling sorry for me , i even felt like there were a hint of guilt. I immediately started stressing while thinking ,*please don't tell me it's even worse than a pidgey , don't tell me it's a rattata*

well to be fair i could still go search for a better pokemon ,plus i didn't just stay in my house for the last 5 years i did some research on which pokemon i could get around my town but it's my first pokemon ever and i want him to go with me for my entire journey .

"Sorry Levi i couldn't get a pidgey you know that there are no wild pidgey in our region so we need to get them from Kanto trainers ..." explained the professor with a sight.

oh so i guess this is why all the other kid are so hyped about it , well for me it's still just a common bird but rare mean cool i guess .

" But to pardon myself i will give you a Pokédex with my new add-on inside it , but first between this three Pokemon witch one will you choose ." saying this professor cypress released three poke-ball in the air.

Seeing them i was surprised they were much better that what i expected . starting from left to right were a krabby , a boonsweet , and a zuubat .

well they aren't some god tiers pokemon but they are still quite good compared to what the other kid got plus i will own a pokedex , if i were to choose the pro and cons of each one of them it would be, that krabby is from what i can remember less powerful than the other two and there is an other water pokemon that im planing to get soon .
I just don't like boonsweet for no particular reason plus i feel like she is glaring at me since she was thrown out of her pokeball so i guess it's a no .
And finally zubat is trash at low level but crobat is quite good,in fact he might actually be the best out of all them. Plus this one look quite friendly to see me.

"professor i think i want the zubat !" hearing this the zubat seemed to understand me and landed on my shoulder and rubbed his head against my cheek .
"awww it's so cute, you should give him a name"said my mom

well i guess she is right but i've never been good at giving name , hmmm maybe peurdi wait no that was the name of my first dog i can't give a dog name to a bat , batty ? maybe? wait no, i know !

"You shall be named ... Zaztocma! like this you will have cool actual name and i can just call you zaz the rest of the time!"
"did... did he just bite your ears ? i think im seeing blood ..."said cypress
"i... don't think he like his name"said my mom
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