It started in the Rain Chapter 3: Encounter


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Later that day..
It was currently 8:30 at night and Xinyi was already on her way up the stairs of their apartment. As she opened the door , she notice a tall handsome looking man. Just by looking at his back she said " Damn little nugget, you look so good I could eat you right up". A blush of red spread across Sam's face and ears.

He turned around and asked Xinyi " Do I really look good?, I was thinking of going more casual". Sam wore a Notch-lapel, two-button navy blue serge wool suit With traditional interfacing made in Italy. It has a distinctive cut and an impeccable drape custom made because even though he was a little muscular , he had a more slender body than other men. This was a gift from his Mother before she left back to Italy with Sam's step-father.

" Sam you look amazing, this suits Brings out the beautiful ocean color of your eyes, and it makes your jaw line look beautifully defined". Xinyi couldn't take her eyes of Sam. "Thanks Xinyi, now get dressed so that we can meet our friends at the club. They are probably there already." said Sam as he pushed her playfully to her room.
At the Nightclub

President Lee arrived at the club dressed in a jet black suit custom made by one of his friends who owns a tuxedo store in the states. By his side a beautiful woman who had her arm locked on his accompanied him to the club.

As they were passing by a group of people had a lot to say about the CEO. "isn't this the fifth woman he brings this week?". asked one of the employees. " I thought it was the tenth." said another . The employees didn't realize they were being too loud. The moment they looked back at President Lee , their expressions changed . Fear filled their eyes, and they froze without being able to breathe or make a sound.

President Lee had given them a cold stare filled with darkness just like the color of his eyes. "Tch, if you're gonna talk make sure to know where you stand", said president Lee as he left. The woman he was with laughed and said, " President Lee I didn't know how attractive you can be at times, let me know more about you once we're alone".
President Lee grabbed the woman from her waist pulled her close and kissed her passionately before entering the VIP room. He made sure that everyone saw how powerful he could be and how powerful he actually was.

After Sam and Xinyi's arrival at the club they went to their room and had drinks with their friends . "cling, cling" Xinyi got up to make a toast. " First of all, I want to congratulate my little nugget for getting hired at his dream job". said Xinyi as she held her glass in the air.
"second of all, I want to tell you Sam that I am so proud of you. You gave it your all to succeed in life and it is finally being good to you" . Sam wanted to cry but he held back his tears. "Also know that I will always be here for you! cheers for the bright future yet to come and cheers on moving on from your past" said Xinyi. Sam hugged Xinyi and thanked her for tonight. "congratulations" everybody said and then chugged the beer they had left in their glass.

A few hours after enjoying their night everybody was drunk and ready to leave. Xinyi, I need to step out to the men's room I'll be back in a bit", said Sam as he struggled to get up and walk to the restroom . "hicc, how am I supposed to find the damn bathroom when all the doors keep moving" Sam kept saying as he slowly walked to the bathroom stumbling on anything that crossed his path.

Finally he found the Men's room , did his business and as he washed his hands he threw some water in his face." ugh, I still don't feel sober, I should go back to Xinyi". Sam walked out of the bathroom and started heading toward his room. He didn't even realize he was walking into the wrong direction . He finally ended up in front of a two door room, and since It looked like their room he ended up going inside.

"ahh!". Sam wined as he fell to the floor. " Xinyi help me up will you!" he said as looked up. He then noticed a woman on top of man. "shit I came into the wrong room" said Sam in his head. " I should quickly head out". As Sam tried to sneak out quietly, the man noticed him when he opened his eyes.

"YOU!". president Lee exclaimed as he pushed the woman aside. "what do you want? are you reporter? Ha, I knew the media was trash, but I didn't know you would stoop so low." president Lee reached down to pick up the bastard reporter who dared to intrude with his private business. but as he turned the guy around, he recognized the beautiful blue ocean eyes that stared at him with fear. At that moment he remembered the same pair of blue eyes that once stared at him with love.

Sam was afraid but after a minute he recognized those dark eyes that to him were once brighter than the night sky. Still with a little fear in his voice he mumbled "sh- Shang?".
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