It's up to Me Chapter 32: Black's down fall.


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Wednesday alarm went off and now was the time to bring down Black.

Sky and Beth took about an hour with makeup to look like Alex and been beaten and shot in the leg. He looked like he was near death's door.

He loaded Alex and Beth into his Van . Both were handcuffed and blindfolded.

He Called Black...

"Got the first packages were you want it?" Sky asked.

"I knew you would come threw rat. Bring them to the warehouse. " Black said.

"See you there." Sky hung up.

The three comrades left to full fill their mission.


Sky Pulled up and two men help him get Beth and Alex out of the van.

"Don't hurt the girl, your boss's order"Sky said.

The two were dragged in pretending to struggle. Sky walked in like nothing was going on in the world.

Black was waiting patiently in his office. When he seen it was Beth he smiled. The lates girl he had wore out to fast. He hoped with one would love to be tortured.

"Good job Rat, I knew I can count on you." He then looked at Poe, "Still alive why?"

"Thought it would be better for you to see the life leave his body as I finish the job." Sky smiled as he said this and Black's eyes lit up.

"Take the bastard to the integration room, and put the girl in my rest area."
Black got up, "Drink?"

"No thank you, have to keep my wit about me we have three more packages to get." Sky sat there cool as can be.

"Ready for me to take him out?"Sky said.

"Not yet, I want to have some time with the girl. Can you wait just a bit." Black poured himself a drink.

"How about this, Your men record me killing him and you can watch over and over. That way I can get the rest of my targets and get my money." Sky figured this was how it was going to go.

He would prefer to kill Black at the same time so Beth did not have to bother.

"Sounds good see you when you bring back the other two, but just go ahead and kill the last target." Black head off to his office and the room he uses to rest in.

Sky walked in and told the guard to follow. Four not bad, Alex could handle this. Sky walked over and pulled off the blindfold and as Sky turned to get a gun off the guard Alex sprung into action and killed three before the fourth could react. Sky then kicked the Fourth guard making him fall back and bam Alex killed him too. They surched the guards and took all the weapons and cellphones.

Sky then used his cell phone to hack into the warehouse to see if there were any more guards. Two more that he could find. They would be easy to take care of. He just hoped Beth was all right.


Beth laid on a bed still blind folded. She finally heard the door open and shut. She then felt a hand move up her leg and stop on her a$$.

Her body stiffened she did not like this had to play along.

"You are truly beautiful my dear. Are you a virgin?"Black asked.

"Please don't hurt me. Please, Yes yes Im a virgin. Please don't hurt me." She hoped she was convincing.

"Now where's the fun it that, pain brings out pleasure. I know over the next few days you will learn to love the pain more then the pleasure. " He then pulled her hair back and bit her lip hard drawing blood.

She cried out not expecting that. Then worked the cuffs off her wrist.

Black slowly took the blind fold from her eyes and stroked her face the used it to wipe away the blood.

"So beautiful..." he ripped her shirt open to expose her beast..."This will do nicely but I think some piercings would be better, what do you think?"

Beth still played a long she had not heard the signal from the guys yet. "No, please don't, why are you doing this to me? Why?" She let a few crocodile tears slip down her face.

Black took his thumb and wiped them a way. "Now, now lets have no tears. Tell you what... agree to be my play thing for two weeks and I promise not to kill you."

Just then Sky sent out a text that made her watch vibrate and that was the signal she waited for.

"Counter offer... You un-hand me and leave the country or die by my hand." she said grabbing the gun and knife.

Laughing Black says, "Oh this is funny, you are handcuffed little girl, How can you kill be?"

With that Beth fires her two shots at Blacks heart and then cuts this throat. He sat there a second before he realized what happened then dropped to the bed lifeless. Alex came racing in as Beth was pushing Black's body off her.

"You all right Baby?" he asked.

"And you?" Beth asked.

" Not that anyone cares but I'm alright too." Sky says leaning on the door frame.

"Beth, he was great killed 3 right away and I only had to help with the 4th one. We also got the two out side together." Sky said.

"Can we go know, I want to clean up." Alex asked.

The three leave to Alex's penthouse to clean up as the FBI clean up crew takes care of the mess.

Sky jumped into the guest shower and quickly got dressed. His time was up so he did not want to stay around. However Beth beat him to the door.

"Where are you going?" Beth put her hands on her hips.

"Mission done, I going home." He said.

"Please come meet my friends and family Sky, Please." She put on her puppy eyes that he could not say no too.

"Ok, but you play unfair." Sky walked in and sat down.

Alex was the last to join the group. He had updated his friend and family.

"Sky you joining us tonight, We would love to have you stay for a few days to thank you?" Alex asked.

" Bunny eyes already made me promise to come with you." He glared at his Prettybunnie.

"Great my driver is waiting down stairs. I just want to get my phone from the car." He said following his new friend and fiance out the door.
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