It“s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 892: My Path!


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"Operation? Isn't my operation normal?" Ling Lan was puzzled, as she didn't detect any problems. On the battlefield, she put up good fights against opponents who were on paper stronger than her and even defeated most of them after finding their loopholes.

"Remember your battle team formation test? During that time, your opponents were all on par with you in terms of abilities but you were able to suppress more than one person at a single time and even managed to defeat your opponents. However, ever since you entered this battlefield, you have never taken control of a fight. You only rush to the front rashly and attacked your opponent furiously." Number Three mercilessly told Ling Lan all the stupid things she did on the battlefield. "An example of this would be, when you met the group of imperial operators, you chose to harm yourself to kill your enemies. Actually, with your capabilities, you can easily control the fight and ask your comrades to cooperate with you to kill your enemies."

Ling Lan's face turned pale after hearing what Number Three had said.

"Think about it. Why were you able to fight freely during the test but so overcautious now?" Number Three asked.

"I was in the virtual world at that time. I can make bold decisions because I know that even if I am wrong, my teammates will not die." Ling Lan finally said her weakness which she buried deep in her heart.

"You didn't dare to take the gamble. You are afraid that once you fail, your teammates will all die." Number Three spoke out Ling Lan's true thoughts.

Ling Lan pursed her lips. She didn't say anything but the stubbornness on her face proved that Number Three was correct.

"Take a look at the consequences of being overcautious then." Number Three waved his hands and everything that was happening outside was shown in front of Ling Lan. She saw Qi Long's team staying back to stop their enemies so that they could escape. After attracting all the mechas, they all self-destructed, leaving only four alive in the end. Those four were then chased by many enemy mechas for a long distance, and they almost died at multiple occasions under the multiple beams shot at them but luckily, Qi Long and his two protectors found them by chance and helped them to escape.

"Only three people are left in team 03?" Ling Lan's eyes turned cold. She knew that there would be casualties but she didn't expect there to be so many casualties.

"If you have not been so cautious and used your spiritual power, you wouldn't have fainted. With your controls, you will be able to survive with more people even if some died. Think about this carefully." Number Three erased the image and continued, "Ling Lan, you're not god. Always remember this. You can't be greedy and hope to bring everyone back. This is impossible. From now on, you must understand this. You must make the right decision so that more people can go back home."

Ling Lan lowered her head in deep thought. After a few seconds, she lifted her head and started into Number Three's eyes. "Number Three, I understand!"

Number Three smiled. 'What a promising child, as expected of our best student.'

However, soon, his smile froze. "Ling Lan, what are you doing?"

Ling Lan was using her powerful spiritual power to tear apart the barrier of Number Three's space. She turned and replied, "I want to go back."

"Where are you going back to? Your spiritual power is still too high. You need to use more of it before your body can accept you," Number Three shouted furiously. 'Damn it, do you know how long it'll take me to repair my barrier after you tear it apart?'

"Qi Long and the others are still fighting. I must go back and fight with them." Ling Lan made a decision.

"How are you going to go back? Your body isn't willing to accept your conscious. Are you planning to harm your body after hurting your spiritual power?" Number Three was speechless. 'What did he say just now? She is a promising child? When Ling Lan decides to be stubborn, no one can stop her. Doesn't she know that she needs to be careful?'

"It'll have to accept me even if it doesn't want too." Ling Lan was firm. "My path is the dominating path. I will get what I want. Hence, my body has to listen to me, it cannot reject me."

'I cannot watch my comrades sacrifice themselves anymore. I'll do it even if it's stupid. I'll do my best. The result may not be good but at least I won't regret it.'

Ling Lan walked out of the crack she had just made. The next second, she disappeared from Number Three's space.

"What a stubborn child." Number Three shook his head as he smiled bitterly.

Suddenly, a black line appeared behind him. The line turned into an opening and Number One walked out of it.

"Number One, you finally came out after watching the show for so long." Number Three raised one of his eyebrows.

Number One looked at the place where Ling Lan disappeared and coldly said, "I asked you to waste her spiritual power but you start educating her instead."

Number Three shrugged. "I can't let her continue making mistakes."

"We can't say that it's wrong." Number One slowly said, "Ling Lan has finally walked on the path she decided on in the past."

"Are you saying that Ling Lan has awakened?" Number Three's eyes lit up.

Number One glanced at him. Number Three instantly motioned his hands like he was zipping his mouth shut, making sure that he was not going to ask any more questions.

Number One scoffed and disappeared from Number Three's space.

"Seriously, why are you so unfriendly even after you came barging into my space without my permission?" After Number One left, Number Three had the courage to complain. "However, if she has really awakened, we might be able to groom a god. I'm excited."

Number Three instantly disappeared from his space, because he needed to find someone to share this good news with, as the learning space was too boring. He needed to find some gossips to pass his time with.

Ling Lan returned to her calm mindscape. She tried to get back to her body but the body still resisted against her.

"I had once said that my path is to dominate. I want to live for freedom but at the same time, I want to live for myself. I'm the owner of my conscious. My body must bow down to me. Even if it gets hurt, it must listen to me without any complaints!" Ling Lan's cold voice echoed through the entire mindscape. It reached every cell in her body, letting all of them understand that they must submit to her.

"I will take control of the body. Is anyone unwilling to listen to me?" Ling Lan shouted fiercely before she finally broke through the barrier. When she opened her eyes the next time, she saw the mecha screen in front of her. Yang Mingzhi and his team had come to escort them. They were stopping the enemies behind Ling Lan.

"Little Four, give me back the control of the mecha," Ling Lan said seriously.
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