It“s Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future Chapter 891: Problem!


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Ling Lan was starting to get annoyed after spending such a long time out of the body. She knew that she should remain calm but she couldn't.

Suddenly, Ling Lan felt an extremely familiar suction appearing in her mindscape.

'F**k! It's here again!' Ling Lan felt helpless as she just allowed the suction to suck her into the learning space.

Her instructors were always so domineering and unreasonable when they wanted to find her. Ling Lan used to be unhappy about this but now, she had just given up about having any opinions about it.

Ling Lan thought Number One was looking for her but instead, it was Number Three who rarely appeared.

Ever since Ling Lan graduated with perfect mecha piloting foundations, Number Three never looked for her unless he invented new techniques from merging the techniques in this world with the skills from Mandora. 'Did Number Three create a new technique again?'

Number Three had very high standards, so he would only create top-level techniques. Ling Lan was giddy just at the thought of having more top-level techniques

Just like what Ling Lan had expected, Number Three smiled when he saw her and said, "Ling Lan, I've mastered some of the techniques in your world and combined it with my skills to create a new technique. I'm currently rectifying the technique. Come and help me test the effects of this new technique."

"Number Three, I'm afraid that I can't help you today. I must go back to my body. My comrades are still fighting for their lives outside. I need to fight with them." Ling Lan didn't want to stay here. If she was able to return to her body already, she wouldn't be wasting time by staying here.

Number Three retracted his smile and said sternly, "Do you think that I don't know what has happened to you? Your spiritual power is too high. That's why the body rejected you. The reason I asked you to come help me is to use some of your spiritual power. That way, your body will accept you quicker."

This is the same as what Little Four had predicted. Her spiritual power was too high for her power so her body rejected her conscious from entering the body in order to protect it.

"In that case, thank you for your thoughtfulness." Since Number Three gave her a solution, she would accept it.

Very soon, Ling Lan and Number Three boarded their personal mechas in the learning space. The mecha Ling Lan was operating was not an ace mecha. It was rather a standard imperial mecha of the Federation.

There was originally no data about the Federation in the learning space but Little Four was the virtual god so he found a way around it. He stole all the information regarding the mechas below the level of god-class mechas. Little Four wanted to find information about god-class mechas too but after searching through all the mainframes in the Federation, nothing about those mechas could be found. But, Little Four wasn't too disappointed as he knew that god-class mechas were the ultimate weapon of the Federation so, besides its owner, no one probably knew anything about it.

The mechas in the learning space were more advanced than the mechas of the Federation. However, her instructors told her that since she was only operating mechas from the Federation, she shouldn't play with any controls that didn't exist in the real world. That way she could get used to the mechas in the real world and not make any mistakes while operating it.

In the learning space, Ling Lan operated her mecha smoothly without holding herself back. She used all the imperial techniques and skills she had learned. One of the reasons why she wanted to do this was so that her spiritual power could be used up faster.

Number Three saw how much effort Ling Lan was putting in so he taught the new techniques that he had just invented for her. During this war, Number Three was spectating the battlefield from Ling Lan perspective which allowed him to collect data on the various top-level techniques used by the Hailiyan mecha operators. After going through them, he picked up two ultimate techniques.

The first technique was a modified version of the God-Killers' top-level technique, Helix Whirl. It was a very lethal technique but it had a major flaw. Once the opponent got sucked into the Helix Whirl, they would know that they would die soon so they would self-destruct their mechas to drag someone with them to death. This was how the team members of team 02 and team 08 killed two imperial operators when they couldn't evade the Helix Whirl. Thus if used wrongly, the result of using this technique was mutual destruction. Number Three experimented with the technique many times and finally invented the Boomerang Kill.

When using the Boomerang Kill, the giant sword would fly out of the mecha's hand and move towards the opponent. After killing the opponent, the sword would fly back just like a boomerang. This was why Number Three called this technique the Boomerang Kill. It was an exceptionally difficult technique to learn. Number Three felt that it was a 3S technique and only one step behind from becoming an ultimate technique. However, if it was really an ultimate technique, Ling Lan wouldn't be able to learn it now.

The other was a shooting art. One of the imperial operators in God-Killers was an expert in long-range attacks. He used a foldable beam attack to destroy a clueless ace mecha, flabbergasting Ling Lan when she saw this. Beams were not bullets. They couldn't use hard objects or surfaces to change the direction of a beam as beams had a high penetrating power. Besides the beam shield, nothing was able to stop the penetrating power of a beam, so this imperial operator's technique greatly contradicts Ling Lan's perception of what beams could do.

After much research by Number Three, he finally knew how this technique worked. It was very simple. The foundation of this technique was to have the following beam catch up with the first beam. The impact of the collision of the two beams would change the direction of the first beam.

Because of her hand speed, Ling Lan was able to shoot in a way that caused multiple beams to move in unison. However, she had never tried to hit one beam with another beam before. Thus, she tried to spar with Number Three using this method only, but she was unable to dodge Number Three's sword and was hit in the cockpit.

"Ling Lan, in your current condition, you'll only die if you go out now." Number Three was furious. He had never seen Ling Lan so weak before. Even if she got hit, she would at least injure him and not let him kill her so easily.

"I'm sorry!" Ling Lan's moved her mecha beside Number Three's mecha and apologized to him. "Number Three, let's start again. I'll take note of it this time."

"There is no need for that." Number Three kept his giant sword unexpectedly and replied calmly, "I already know your problems now."

"Problems?" Ling Lan was shocked. "Isn't it just my spiritual power? There are other problems?"

"I'm not talking about your conscious being unable to go back to your body. I'm saying that your operation during this period of time is problematic." Number Three was talking about her mecha piloting, not her spiritual power.
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