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Andrei stood in front of the female knight, she was beaten up so much that the place where he's standing had some blood on it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Andrei starred daggers at the grunt in front of him.

"Huh?? What? We are fighting, fighting for the rank? You… who the hell do you think are you? Disturbing our fight and all? Sir referee, is this allowed?" the grunt looked at the referee.

The referee simply went up on stage, "Hey you, you have disturbed the battle, I know how you feel but save it for later," the old knight tried to pat Andrei's shoulder but Andrei rejected it by flicking it away which gave a slapping sound.

This surprised the other golden knights and they started to approach Andrei but the old knight raised up his hand as if telling them that it's not a problem, with this they immediately backed off. Andrei wasn't able to notice this because of his anger.

"Later? No… I have to settle this here or I would go crazy thinking about how I should kill this bastard in front of me right now," Andrei's eyes and tone became more and more hostile.

"If you insist we will have to remove you from the ring forcefu-" however the old knight wasn't able to continue as Andrei interrupted.

"No, I will report you to the higher-ups, how could you allow that man to carry a blunt sword painted in wood color to fight here huh? This is negligence! I wouldn't have bothered to come up here if he won fairly but look at what he's holding. Look…" Andrei put his sword towards the sun, "Did it shine?" the old man shook his head.

"Now tell that man to raise his sword upwards," he then looked at everyone who was watching the fight who were also dumbfounded about what happened, some of them even looked relieved looking at Andrei who was standing at the arena. "Ladies and gentleman, this musclehead over here, despite his big size have been carrying a lightweight type of metal painted in wood color, how tasteless would that be?"

"N-N-N-No!!! I'm not!!" the grunt said angrily, looking at Andrei with bloodlust "You won't get away with this you twerp," he thought, he gripped his sword so much that he wants to thrust it to the man who stood in his way, just one more battle he would have become a golden knight, the man in front of him ruined his plans. "I even bought an insurance, this is a very expensive lightweight metal sword painted carefully to look like wood, it was my investment to win the challenge, how dare he!"

The referee knight was flustered he looked at the grunt and rage and felt rage, he was disgusted, "You! There was a complaint, do what he suggested, right now! This instant! If you didn't really cheat!"

"No, you should declare me as a winner right now sir" the grunt started to look cornered and sweaty, his eyes became like the eyes of someone who was going crazy.

"Enough and do what he says!" the old knight retorted. He looked at Andrei and saw his smile under his helmet.

"What?" Andrei asked provokingly, "Are you not gonna do it? You big-headed asshole? Do you think things will go in this world the way you want it to? No! Even if you go to different worlds it will remain the same, karma will befall shitty humans like you! You are humanity's dirt that should be erased from this planet!"

The grunt dropped his sword as he looked over everyone in the arena, the knights looked at him disgustingly, and some golden knights stood up as if they were preparing for his arrest.

"No, this shouldn't be happening, I invested so much with this, no… yes it's his fault, it's that twerp's fault, if he wasn't here, I should be enjoying my victory right now. If only he didn't exist" finally the grunt snapped and charged to Andrei who was speaking with the old knight telling him on how he found out about the cheating.

"You will pay for this! I'll smack you down to pieces!" he smiled when he reached for Andrei extending his hands to him, the referee didn't have time to react. He took a knife from his oversized armor and thrust it to Andrei.

*Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* a crackling sound was heard. The knife didn't reach Andrei.

The crazed grunt was frozen, in his place and started shaking.

"Oh, it's the first time I used my stun phone case" Andrei thought.

When Andrei came to the world, he was holding his phone that had a mini stun gun phone case accessory, it was a gift to him by Ann on their first anniversary, Andrei has always liked dangerous things, in turn, Andrei gave Ann a pepper spray, which she really didn't use, at university, they have been dubbed as the weirdest but sweetest couple.

"I'm glad that deadpan woman was kind enough to return my phone," he smiles as he saw the grunt twiching in pain lying on the ground, but he still gained the strength to speak "You... dirty... bastard! You used magic!"

"Ohhh, I don't know what you are talking about, weren't you the one who used a prohibited weapon?" Andrei acts innocent and quickly throws his taser back to his pocket which was under his armor. *Whistles ♪♪♪♪*

"At least I used it to protect bleeee" he thought within his mind. But he maintained his justice face just in case.

He then looked at the referee, and the referee nodded giving his approval to deal the blow.

"Sleep time big-head! Have a taste of your own cheat," he picked up the alloy-like wooden-painted blunt sword. "May you have a nightmare for eternity" he dealt the finishing blow.


After Andrei dealt the finishing blow on the grunt's head, cheers broke out around them.

"Way to go hero hyooo hyooo!"

"I'm impressed Knight Elford, I'll let you marry my daughter!"

"No, he should marry mine"

"I'll buy you a beer!"

"Thank you! Thank you!" Andrei waved back to the crowd in an awkward way, but he was too occupied that the next situation made him regret his decision not to escape as early as possible.

"I'm Elford!" someone shouted from the crowd, he was wearing nothing but his underwear and a white shirt.

"That's an impostor who stole my armor! Give it back! Arrest him!" he pointed at Andrei.

The arena immediately became silent, "Crap I've been found out" Andrei instinctively tried to run outside but his way was blocked by the golden knights.

The referee even though surprised still stood and asked Andrei.

"Who the hell are you? I'm sure you're not a bad person," the Golden Knights who saw his bravery when he fought also nodded, "but why did you steal someone's armor? Are you a thief perhaps? That explains your weird style.

Show us your face immediately and don't resist, at least you'll lose a finger or two for stealing a silver knight's armor!" he said with a serious face.

The idea froze Andrei, he remembered a scene from an anime he watched where the protagonist's hair became white after the torture by cutting off his fingers.

"I'm sorry but… I don't want to lose any of my beloved fingers so… bye!"

Andrei ran around the knights and sprinted towards the entrance, he was getting used to the armor and thought that this time he could finally get out, but suddenly he crashed face-first into something out of thin air, which made him fall down on his behind.

"What the hell, Ahhh! My nose!" he immediately took off his loose helmet, he looked behind his shoulders and saw that the old golden knight was extending his hand towards him, "what the hell is he doing," then he turned his head to where he crashed, there he saw a greenish floating barrier which he crashed into.

"No way... is that his magic?" he stared at the barrier, "How am I gonna escape then!" he tried to move but his shoulders were already held down by two knights.

"Ummm... brother, can we talk about this?" he made playful smile for them to let their guard down.

"No" they spoke bluntly in chorus.

He then looked at his fingers, "I'm sorry," but then, he remembered the plump knight being carried in a stretcher after he collapsed.

"Okay! Last resort!" He closed his eyes and pretended to be unconscious.



"♪♪Hmmm hmm hmm ♪♪ " a young beautiful girl in a white one-piece dress, with a long and blond hair, blue eyes, and rosy white complexion was lying next to Andrei happily looking at him from his side as if he was a pet.

When he tried moving he realized that his hands and feet are being tied on all four corners of the bed with chains.

The girl looked familiar, but unlike her lenient and majestic face, the face that was looking at him was so cute, "damn, what is with this cute creature? I'll hug you if you get close," Andrei thought that he as in a dream, "ah, from medieval, now I'm dreaming about S&M, should I get used to this?" he sighed.

"Ahh this is a bad dream, I should wake up" Andrei decided to close his eyes again. However he felt someone whispered so close to his ears that it felt ticklish.

"No you don't, I… won't... let... you... sleep... my... husband" the voice was sweet and mature and the breath felt warm and ticklish that Andrei tried to move away but he couldn't because of the chains.

"This isn't a dream?" he looked at the girl, and the girl simply nodded, "Are my fingers complete?" the girl nodded again and said, "As long as you don't try to escape again," and smiled.

He let out a sigh, "Haaahhhh" then the girl hugged him from the side that made him retreat.

"Heyyy!! Don't" Andrei said to the girl while trying to free himself from the ropes and from the girl. She was cute for sure, but Andrei has his tight guard on.

"Ahhh help me this is sexual harassment!" then he saw the stealth mode flat voiced girl in front of him, "Hey hey hey, stealth-flat-voiced- girl, remove her from me, her-her hands going to places" suddenly a hand moved through Andrei's upper leg "…. Ahhhh stop it!" he tried his best to resist.

Andrei was struggling as he was asking the girl standing while reading a book to help him.

"Ahh I really don't know, but calling me stealth-flat-voiced-girl is really rude you know?" she said flatly then looked at the blonde girl on top of Andrei.

"And sister, please stop it, don't defile yourself by touching that monkey" she said flatly, and then continued to read the book.

"According to books, barbarians like them have diseases that make the child you make with them lose their body parts, I would really appreciate it if you don't dirty our bloodline with that," she said as she flipped through the book.

"Come on Claire, you're no fun! He's the one who saved me you know! And he even displayed that bravery at the arena, ahhhhh I can feel that I'm falling more and more in love with him!" the blonde girl buried herself on Andrei's chest again.

Andrei couldn't help but get flustered of the sudden confession that made him blush, it's been a long time since he has been told that. It made him calm down a bit, even though physically some of his body parts are panicking.

"So, why is her majesty keeping me in this room, going as far as tying me up? " Andrei asked trying to negotiate, "Please untie me so I can speak properly with you, okay, I also have questions after all" his eyes sparkled with intelligence.

The girl named Claire whom Andrei didn't even notice that she was in the room came over to him, "Ohhh so Claire is your name, is it your skill or something? You know… having no presence at all?"

Suddenly, her clear eyes became dead-fish-like and talked flatly to Andrei, "I talked to you properly right? I didn't harm you right? Then why didn't you just stay put and waited for me? I even returned back your item!

Isn't that very disrespectful? Ahhh I feel offended. And after how much you made me PERSONALLY search the whole castle thinking that you might have been abducted or have assaulted one of the maids or something?

You want us to let you go? Are you an idiot? Furthermore, sorry I don't have much presence, I don't have much existence, I don't care at all, I would appreciate it if you would please ignore the fact that I have no presence at all… well how can you ignore it if you don't even notice it in the first place?"

This time instead of armor, she was wearing a black dress that reached till the upper part of her knee, it was a simple but cute off-shoulder fluttery dress, it revealed her curves at just the right places especially her white shoulders. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and was holding a book.

Andrei being scolded felt chills as he watched the girl's long retort, but he also felt a sense of happiness, as he reminded her of Ann, who gets angry almost the same way, even though it was scary most of the time. Thinking of this it made him smile a little while looking at the dead-fish eyed girl, looking down on him.

"Why are you smiling?" Claire, still in her dead-fish eyes asked.

"Well, I don't know either" he still smiled at Claire.

"Ahh I really don't know but I suddenly felt an urge to cut your fingers right now" Clair pulled out a knife from her dress and pointed it at his hand that was tied at the bed. "How many should I cut?"

"Hey hey hey, stop joking, I'm not a lizard or a ghoul it won't grow back if you cut it, believe me!" Andrei started to panic.

"Ghoul?" She asked, but still her hands didn't stop.

The knife came closer and closer to the hand, that made Andrei close his eyes, "Nooooooooooooo dooooon't!"

Then he heard cutting noises.

"Strange, I can't feel the pain," he thought as he slowly opened his eyes, the rope on his feet and hands were the ones that were cut and not his precious fingers. he breathed in relief,

"What do you take me - a delicate lady for? Of course, I'm joking" she said flatly then her eyes turned to normal shiny grey.

"Ahhhh thanks," he said as he felt each of his wrists with his hands, then the blonde girl again caught his attention who was closing her eyes while lying on his chest, with his hands freed, he tried to remove her away from him, but his hand touched something unintentionally. "So soft, what is this?" he pressed again, then he felt a faint gust of air through his air, as he looked at his side where it came from, he forgot that Claire was there, her eyes turned to dead-fish again and was holding a new knife towards him at his face.

"Ummm.. I would really appreciate it if you remove your hands off my sister" she said while still holding the one knife towards his face, and the other at his neck.

"Hiiihhh???" Andrei got flustered and raised his two hands upward. "I'm sorry I just tried to remove her from me, you also want that too right? Look she fell asleep, I guess this would be the right time, right?" he explained.

The girl's eyes turned to normal and spoke in her usual flat tone, "Then I'll do it, don't ever move, or else" she traced her neck with the blunt side of the knife, "You'll die"

"I really don't know if she's joking or not, but I can't read her expressions at all" Andrei thought still raising his hands while hopelessly faking a smile. "Go ahead, go ahead, don't mind me ahaha!"

"She felt tired and fell asleep" she stroked the face of the girl lying with her fingertips, "She didn't know that you escaped moreover that you participated in the monthly matches," she said while laying the girl beside Andrei, which made Andrei able to sit down on the bed. "She really felt bad about making you fight, when she saw your face when your helmet was removed she wasn't able to keep her majestic facade and immediately ordered her personal knights on impulse to retrieve you, which caused a commotion over the castle" this time her voice was flat but it felt like a normal conversation.

"Ahhh so that's what happened, I will have to thank her then," Andrei looked back to the girl lying beside him. She's like a girl on the age of 18 or 19, with golden hair that reach to her waist, Andrei has seen her first time in the carriage, sleeping just as she looks right now, however he didn't realize that it was her during the arena trouble.

"I have a lot of questions to ask, can we talk on another place?" he looked at the girl that was supposed to be in front of him. However he didn't find anyone, but then he heard someone opening a cabinet.

"You were there huh?" Andrei couldn't believe the effortless no-presence and low-key ability of the girl.

"Miss Claire, was it?" Andrei tried to call over the girl who took a blanket from the cabinet and covered the sleeping girl with it.

"Yes? What is it? Ahhh about the questions, yes just wait a minute" she carefully moved the girl who was sleeping peacefully in a comfortable position.

"Okay, that should do it," she wiped her forehead, "Let's go?... huh?" she looked at Andrei to only find him looking at the moon and stars from the window.

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